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10 Pro Tips for Better T-shirt Designs 

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T-shirts are not just an outfit nowadays. It has become a symbol of expression on many subjects. Everyone loves it when they have a t-shirt designed on the basis of their taste. But impressing all the audience is no easy task.

It will help if you follow some pro tips for better t-shirt design result. The process often remains the same for everyone who is involved with T-shirt design. It could be Illustrator or Typographer.

Your t-shirt design with infinite possibilities should always follow a certain path. Along the way you can understand your design concept, and the process will be briefly discussed in this article. Hover down to learn more.

Some Pro Tips for Better T-Shirt Design

Your idea of ​​making the best t-shirt design may be chaotic in the initial stage. But things can go the other way if you know the right way to implement them. We have some pro tips for you to help with these terms.

  1. Select Your Audience

There are always two sides to a meaningful t-shirt design. If you’re talking about culture, community, or any other concept, there’s a clear distinction to be made for your audience. It would be best if you have a clear idea about the target audience along with the design.

For example, if you are designing a T-shirt for crypto enthusiasts, not many people will stand by you. Hence, you need to select your audience base and act as per the demand.

  1. Follow the Latest Trend

Every T-shirt print is meant to tell a story. It can be about feelings, culture or tradition. Live Themes always comes with new exciting themes. In the digital age, we call this a social trend. This is not something you should always follow.

But if you really want to stand out with your t-shirt, there is no other way than to follow the trend. Pay attention to details and load colorful designs with true artwork. You can take the help of social platforms to stay updated on these terms.

  1. Study Your Design Theme

There are so many designers out there, and only one in ten succeeds. You can never take a break with your skill development. Consistent study of your designs will benefit you in your knowledge of the subject.

Some people think that designing is just a splash of color along a few lines. But things are much more complicated and when it comes to the real game there is a demand for creativity. Design themes rate the highest to make you successful in your venture.

  1. Sketch Your Concept

You can try different ways to note down and graph your concept. The actual picture presentation cannot be done in one go. The piece has to follow the first step of sketching the design. This way, you will have a physical presence of your thoughts.

You can use traditional pen and paper or use any number of applications to do the task. The actual work will be more satisfactory once the design is started in this process. Take your time and make sure you have the best formulation of your assumptions.

  1. Think On Print T-Shirt Look

There is a huge difference between web and actual tee placements. Bright screen can deceive you and make you choose wrong combination. It would help if you had an open eye for the world of fantasy. The artwork will go well once you have the true picture in your mind.

In addition, you can also keep some cheap paper substitutes and print them to check. The visualization will be clear, but it may add some extra cost to your budget. So, keep that in mind too.

  1. Design Simple But Gorgeous Piece

T-shirts should have a design that is easy to understand for the general public. It would be best to give due care to add more details to your creative approach. A T-shirt is never meant to be glamorous.

They are casual attire and settle on a simple touch. But T’s actual artwork has to be grand enough to impress others. The audience should feel the urge to get one for them too.

  1. Color Combination of the T-Shirt and Design

A t-shirt designer should have all the tools they need for a color variation check. Besides, you don’t need much other than software like Adobe illustrator. You can try out the different color combinations and select the right one for you. 

It can be a game-changing move from your side to mark the best tee show possible. Sometimes the colors are also the symbol of different sentiments. You also need to keep that in check and place the shade on your best interest.  

  1. Use Right Printing Papers for The T-Shirt

Printing paper comes in lots of different qualities. There are also some variations depending on the color of the t-shirt. To drag out the bright shine of the design on your t-shirt, you should always call for premium printing papers. 

If you think about the cost, then that is also a win-win situation for you. Sometimes, cheap printing paper even damages your whole t-shirt or needs many to follow through. But the top-class printing paper is believed to cut out the discomfort in full.  

  1. Need A Professional Design Cutter

Every illustration that you create is not meant to get in a rectangular shape. In fact, most modern design demands cutting in an accurate shape. It is not wise to believe in hand cutting when you are headed for large-scale printing. 

A proper design cutter can be a solution for you. The number of potters needed will vary on your daily demand and work pace of the gadget you choose. Most tee design cutters are automatic and don’t demand much of a hassle.   

  1. Get A Printer from A Good Source

After the design, it is the printer’s job to slide out the best print of your design. Even the best of your design will seem dull when you work with the wrong printers. Here in London, printers Canary Wharf  are very careful about t-shirt printing. 

If you are from London, you can choose from one of them. If you are from any other place, you should find the best printer from your location. Premium quality printers need to be your priority by all means. Premium quality printers need to be your priority by all means.

You can go through different reviews and even call the manufacturers for information. Treat the printer selection as an important chore and give enough time before you pick one for daily needs. Your tee art love always affects how you deal with your printer sourcing. 

Final Verdict 

You already know some of the pro tips for a better t-shirt design. I hope you have understood what you need to follow to create the best out of your artwork. Printers and the procedure of making the design is the main remark of the article.

Give importance to your patience and learn with care whatever you like. Do you have any other tips that you often follow? If that is true, then don’t forget to share them with us. We appreciate you for reading this far. Please keep coming back as we upload new posts on a daily basis.

META: If you are searching for some Pro Tips for Better T-shirt Designs, this article is for you. We have discussed a total 10 tips you will love. Let’s have a look.

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