10 Questions Recruiters Love To Ask Candidates – How to Answer It


Online job boards, LinkedIn, and company job portals are all popular options for candidates looking to find a job. Although online applications are often straightforward and accessible, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of applicants.

A job recruiter (or headhunter) is another way to find your next position. They work with companies in order to fill available positions. The strength of a recruiter’s relationship with clients is directly related to their ability to find the best candidate for the role. Good recruiters take the time to screen potential candidates by asking screening questions that will help them understand their qualifications and interviewing abilities.

To stand out as a candidate who is promising, you will need to be able to answer common questions. You’ll also need to appear professional and polished. These are the top 10 questions that recruiters ask candidates to determine if they think you are the right candidate to pitch their clients.

1. Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?


It is a common interview question that hiring managers use to gauge your communication skills and to get your views on your career. Megan Blanco is a talent acquisition manager at LoyalSource. She says, “I look for an elevator pitch which not only tells us who the individual at a very high level but also what drives and where they see their career in the long-term.”

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Marlinhawk’s North American client partner Carrie Magee said that it is important to convey how you approach your career. She’s looking to find candidates who can “pull together examples relevant to this job we’re talking about, which means they know how to convey a message to their target audience.”

Tip: Rehearse and prepare a two- to three-minute verbal summary of the career. This should include roles, accomplishments, and transitions.

2. What are your current responsibilities

Rob Paone, the founder and CEO of Proof of Talent, is focused on the recruitment of crypto and blockchain professionals. I am trying to see the key features of the job description, and then compare the two sides while the candidate talks. This helps me to mentally check all the boxes.

The “tell-me about me” question offers a 360 degree view of your professional life. However, the question focuses only on your current job. Rebecca Siciliano is the UK’s managing director of Tiger Recruitment. She says this question allows recruiters access to more information about candidates’ interests. This helps us understand what they love doing and where they will excel.”

Tip: List your exact responsibilities, and highlight the relevant skills to your job.

3. Which accomplishment is your greatest?


Recruiters look at your past work experience to determine if you are a good fit for the job. Your past work should have had an effect on the goals, priorities, and objectives of your company. This is a sign that you are able to make a difference in the future.

“When we ask the question, we want candidates to show their track record of adding value, making positive impact,” Sarah Doughty from Talentlab, Director of Recruitment, which recruits in the high tech sector. “Asking candidates about their contributions to the business validates what they believe is the true purpose of what they do.

Tip: Use examples to illustrate key accomplishments. Include context, actions, and results. These should be examples of key accomplishments that are relevant to the target role.


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