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25 Funny Google Street View

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The funniest, most bizarre weirdest, most bizarre and coolest images captured by Google Street View for the world to enjoy.


In addition to being an extremely useful method to determine the best way to locate an address within downtown, Google Street View can also be a source of entertainment. Because the Google video recording vehicles travel throughout the country, they occasionally capture events that are funny, bizarre or even a bit confusing.

Unfortunately, Google has also blurred out some of the earlier traditional Google Street View fakes and fake photos, such as one that allegedly showed the birth of a baby in streets (it was later confirmed to be false) and two Final Fantasy warriors battling with swords in Pittsburgh.

Here’s our pick of the most beautiful views from the streets.

1. Naughty Google


If you’re planning to exceed your speed limits, then the very last thing you’ll want to do is to take photos of yourself doing it, and then publish it on the internet. Oops, Google!

2. Privacy-conscious cow

We are awestruck by cows and we appreciate their bovine rights. We’d be pretty shocked to hear that they have a beef with being spotted by the Google Street View camera. Google obviously thinks differently, blurring the animal’s facial features so that it cannot be recognized.

3. Close-up Cat


Curiosity can cause a lot of strange things to cats However, this Argentinian cat was able to escape with the world’s attention, rather than any other thing that could be considered fatal.

See in Google Street View


4. The Batcave


From the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Here’s the set used to create the Batcave. Now you can plot your strategy to defeat Batman and the Joker while Alfred serves tea from your laptop or phone.

Explore the Batcave to discover it yourself here.

5. Horseboy


The guy is everywhere on Google Street View. Here is a picture of him walking in Italy. (Click photos to enlarge)

Check out Horseboy for Google Street View here.

6. Happy murderer

The pranksters in this video faked an attempted murder in Edinburgh. The happy face of the victim was a little of an indicator, but we think it was a good effort!

Find this happy killer within Google Street View here

7. Stunning painting


The amazing artist was caught in the process of finishing his latest piece at the London’s Hyde Park.

Check out the artwork inside Google Street View here.

8. Happy couple


The couple was captured enjoying a romantic ride on a carriage and horse during their day of wedding.

Check them out on Google Street View here.

9. Rainbow

A full rainbow was recorded by Google Street View near Dartmoor National Park here in the UK.

Watch the incredible spectrum of rainbows within Google Street View here.

10. Yoga lady

Another photo that made us laugh an amusement is the woman doing yoga along the stunning Whistable coast. This is not something you’ll often see in Google Street View.

Yoga lady is visible in Google Street View.

11. Cleaning


A Google Street View car driver is shown cleaning the camera at the Isle of Man.

Find him on Google Street View here.

12. Highland accident

It’s looking like it’s going be a challenge to pull this vehicle out of this muddy area in Scotland.

Check out the incident here.

13. Penguin riding on a Penny Farthing

One of our top picks and certainly one of the oddest Google Street Views that we’ve seen can be this Penguin sitting on the back of a Penny Farthing bike.

Check out the penguin on Google Street View here.

14. Scarecrow field


This one caused us to feel an apprehension because it appears to be the field is full of creepy creatures. Actually, there are a lot of scarecrows that are creepy. Strange!

Find the scarecrows in Google Street View here.

15. Diagon Alley

Harry Potter fans can take an excursion to Diagon Alley on Google Street View thanks to the photographs taken during that Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesdon.

Explore Diagon Alley in Google Street View here.

16. Orange men

We’re not quite sure what these two guys are doing but it’s odd!

Check out the orange guys here.

17. The Tardis


Have a look at Dr Who’s Tardis while visiting the famous police station near Earls Court in London on Google Street View.

You can see it on Google Street View here.

18. Fancy Dress Party

The group appears to be having fun at what we could only guess is a fancy dress event located in Scotland.

You can see it on Google Street View here

19. Incoming!

A massive bird is spotted near to the Google Street View camera at an alarming rate in the Galapagos Islands.

See in Google Street View

20. Panda

The adorable Panda can be seen on the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China.

See in Google Street View

21. Horrifying Pigeons

The pigeons are sure to cause you to shiver when you stroll through the streets of Japan. You’ll pass them, then look around… the pigeons are in the air. It’s so creepy.

Find it in Google Street View here.

22. Stockholm Syndrome

These Swedes have been throwing great shade on their Google Street View camera car.

See on Google Street View

23. Iceland Tea

It’s possible to get colder in Iceland If you’re planning to enjoy some tea and cake, you’ll need to wear warm clothes.

See on Google Street View

24. Sleighing it

We don’t require roads. All we need is a dog pack.

See on Google Street View

25. Russian UFO


We’re not certain what it is however all we can do is say that we’re happy for our new floating rulers.

See on Google Street View

Jon Rafman has an amazing selection of Google Street View photos, in addition, Google Street View.com offers a fantastic globe map that’s filled with links that will direct you to the exact Google Street View place.

There are funny images odd sights, bizarre views, and amazing sights, but beware: it’s addictive!

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