Is Sony VR possible on a computer?


A candid assessment of the possibilities for PSVR on a PC

NOTE>This article will explain whether you can use your PSVR with a computer and how it is used most commonly.

Officially, a PSVR cannot be used on a PC. This means that this functionality is dependent on third-party software support, and is constantly subject to change. PSVR functionality on a PC is not guaranteed.

Is it possible to use PSVR on a PC?

Yes, you can. But there’s a catch. It’s because third-party software such as Trinus.

Trinus PSVR allows you to play non VR games on PSVR using Trinus’ conversion process. Trinus PSVR can be used to connect your PSVR with SteamVR in order to play traditional VR games like Half-Life: Alyx.

Software like Trinus PSVR does not cover all bases when it comes to using a PSVR with a PC. You’ll need one controller to complete VR tracking. However, other software such as PS Move Services will also be required to get them up and running.

PS Move Service allows you to manage PlayStation Eye cameras and PlayStation Move controllers on your PC. This app can be used in conjunction with the PSVR to create native VR experiences.

You can use your PSVR on a PC with all the components installed to accomplish almost any VR task that any other headset for PC can.

How to use PSVR on a PC

The setup process will vary depending on the hardware you have and your goals. There are some steps that everyone who wants to use PSVR on a PC must follow.

You’ll first need to connect your PSVR and have it recognized by your computer. You will need to download software such as Trinus PSVR and follow the onscreen instructions.

After your PSVR has been connected and is recognized by Trinus you can use Trinus to play non-VR VR games in VR. You can either choose from pre-made profiles or customize the experience.

You’ll have to adjust to VR games that are not VR. Some games will be easier to convert than others.

Trinus can also be used to play VR games on PC using PSVR. Trinus can help you play VR games that support a keyboard or mouse in VR.

You will need to set up your controllers in order to enable full VR tracking. You will need additional software depending on the type of VR you are using (see PS Move Service). This allows you to use PS Move controllers in conjunction with PSVR.


What are the signs that my computer is VR-ready?

Check the minimum hardware requirements of your VR manufacturer and ensure your computer meets these specifications. Other tools such as SteamVR Performance Test can be used to verify that your computer is VR-ready.

What can I do using my VR headset?

You can also use your headset to watch VR movies, videos, or meditate. You can also use the PlayStation VR headset to view movies via the built-in Bluray player or streaming apps. Select Settings Screen Size > to choose your preferred viewing experience.


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