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3 Vital Questions to Consider When Launching OTT Service

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The OTT video streaming industry is on the rise. And more companies from various fields get involved in sharing videos and monetizing them.

However, launching an OTT video streaming service is a difficult process. A content provider needs to consider multiple factors and think about plenty of questions. Answers to these questions may define how a video streaming platform will perform from the very beginning.  

Let’s observe some of these questions. 

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3 Vital Questions to Consider When Launching OTT Service

#1 On-prem vs. cloud

One of the important dilemmas a content provider will need to decide is whether to deploy on-prem vs. cloud. The answer will define the level of control the provider will have over their infrastructure.

On-premise infrastructure locates at your place of business. You can control, manage, and protect it. You are in charge of it. However, the cost is usually higher.

When you choose cloud infrastructure, you trust a service provider to take care of everything so that your video streaming service operates well. You don’t need to worry about servers and other things because everything is done for you. In-cloud deployment is less expensive than on-premise. 

#2 OTT marketing strategy

Investments in a marketing OTT strategy are essential to let viewers know about your video streaming service and attract them to watch your content. It is better to use several marketing channels to reach more people interested in your videos:

  • SEO
  • Contextual advertising
  • Social media platforms 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

Choose several or all of them to test which channels your target audience use. You should utilize the same channels to attract people to your platform.

Moreover, you can create a community around your brand to have regular customers. You can communicate with your viewers via social media platforms. It is a great opportunity to connect with people and receive feedback. They can ask questions and leave comments, and you can answer them. This will help you bond. 

#3 Format

The OTT technology allows you to choose the format of video streaming you like:

  • VOD – video-on-demand. VOD content is available at any time, and viewers don’t need to wait for videos to air. Customers can access videos whenever and wherever they want. There is no common schedule, and content is available almost on any device. However, it depends on the provider’s decision.
  • Live streaming. Live streaming allows you to connect with the audience in real time. Streams are usually scheduled, so viewers need to attend the meeting. However, a provider can record the video and make it available in VOD format later. 
  • TV programming. You can stream television programs for viewers. OTT offers many possibilities here. TV programs usually have a fixed schedule. However, Internet-based streaming allows viewers to catch up with shows and programs later. As a result, they don’t skip their favorite videos.

A content provider can combine several formats or concentrate on one of them. Still, it is an important decision to make as video content format will define the way the provider will work.

Final Thoughts

The list of things a content provider needs to consider before launch is long. But we have described those issues that are important to solve as they can define how the service will operate. 

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