4 Ton AC Unit – Outdoor Condensing Unit


These are the top price options for your 4-ton AC unit (also known as the outdoor condenser). These 4 ton AC units are available to replace an outdoor unit in an existing system.

The cost of cooling only (direct cool) or heat pump outdoor condensing unit can be viewed from 13 to 18 SEER for your home or workplace.

You’re in the right spot if you already have a split system and are looking to replace the outdoor AC unit.

Do you need a complete split system that includes an indoor furnace and air handler? Take a look at the different options:

  • AC Unit and gas furnace combination
  • AC unit with electric furnace air handler
  • AC unit heat pump and indoor air handler
  • Package units for heat pump and AC
  • AC units for mobile homes

AC Unit Sizing Tips

A 4 ton unit will cool between 2000 and 2400 square feet. For assistance in sizing, use our free system sizing tool. Most people will tell that you need to have 500-600 square feet living space per ton of cooling.

Don’t rely on this range alone. HVAC contractors use more specific sources of sizing information.

When sizing your heating and air conditioning system, you must consider the following factors: square footage, insulation, quality of windows, etc.

Properly sized AC units will provide greater equipment life and better comfort.

A large air conditioner can cool your home too quickly and will “short-cycle”. Short-cycling is when the system cycles on/off too often. An excessively large system will cause your home to heat up faster than it should.

(E.g., installing a 5 ton AC unit when a 4 ton system would have been more efficient.

Frequent cycling can negatively impact the equipment’s life and reduce humidity removal. It will also increase the cost of your monthly utility bills.

A local HVAC contractor can visit your house and help you with the sizing.


Goodman is the number one selling brand of heating and air conditioning systems worldwide. Their reliability and affordability are what they are well-known for. They know the importance of stocking replacement parts and have them available at all facilities in the country. They are always available for you when you need them.

AC Direct and Goodman have been working together for more than two decades. They maintain a strong relationship. This trust is a foundation of our relationship. We appreciate their efforts to ensure that we provide the best service possible and at a reasonable price for our customers.

They support our online business model with very competitive prices. However, they offer excellent value in terms if superior equipment longevity, reliability, and factory support.

Direct Comfort

Direct Comfort is owned by Goodman and manufactured right here in America. Direct Comfort products provide reliable comfort all year round.

Direct Comfort is different in that they aren’t sold by local HVAC dealers. They are sold online through an exclusive network of independent internet resellers like AC Direct.

AC Direct provides homeowners with the information they need to make informed online searches for the best home comfort value.

AC Direct is a leading network for HVAC equipment.

AC Direct and Direct Comfort are the best online HVAC suppliers in the country. They have been providing high-quality products since 2001.


Rheem was established in 1925 by Richard and Donald Rheem, brothers from Emeryville CA. Rheem, headquartered in Atlanta GA, is one of America’s largest manufacturers of cooling and heating systems.

Innovative Products that have won awards

Rheem is a pioneer in the development of innovative heating, cooling, and water heating technologies.

Rheem has a long history of innovative solutions that have won awards. They continue to provide advanced comfort, cost savings, and experiences for customers, just as they have done for nearly 100 years.

Rheem has been an active sponsor of the Nascar Sprint Cup Series Series and Xfinity Series since 2007 through their Rheem and RUUD water heater brands.

AC Direct has been able to see Rheem’s dedication to innovation and quality from a bird’s-eye perspective for nearly 20 years. We look forward to continuing the journey with Rheem manufacturing, offering our customers the most recent advancements in heating/cooling directly to their homes.


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