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40 white bed design that Show Colour is Not Boring

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Even if your parents refused to allow you to paint your bedroom walls in a neon green or soothing purple colour as a child you must admit that there is something very relaxing and grounding about a white space for sleeping. It’s no surprise that hotels and spas use white linens and limit the amount of accessories. We have the solution for you, whether you are struggling to get enough sleep or simply want your bedroom to feel more like a place you would choose to stay on a luxury vacation.

For those who need to unwind at the end of the day, white bedrooms are the best choice. Those who are sensitive to stimulation. We promise they are not boring! We’ve collected 40 images of our favourite white bedrooms to prove it. These photos will give you valuable styling ideas and inspiration. You may be able to see the difference in these spaces, even if you swear you won’t skimp on colour.

Green Touch

Although we love adding plants to our bedrooms, in a mostly white space, a little bit of green can really make the room shine. Bing of Chez Vargas gave life to a sunny corner by adding a tall fiddle-leaf fig. If you prefer to have as few green friends as possible, more plants are better. However, one large tree can make a big difference.

Basket Case

Abbey, an Instagrammer, updated her white shiplap walls by adding woven baskets to add texture and dimension. The room is made cosier by adding a cream-colored rug to the top of the existing carpeting.

White Light

A dramatic light fixture is essential! Claire, an Instagrammer and blogger from The Green Eyed Girl, kept her bedroom’s white colour scheme intact and chose a large pendant light that adds personality to her space. You’ll get compliments on your piece if you put away the boring, builder-grade fixture.

Glam Accents

Make sure that your bedroom’s built-ins aren’t too busy by using glass or silver-toned accents. It creates a glamorous look that is easy to replicate in the home of Natalie, an Instagrammer and home stylist.

A Touch of Texture

If you don’t like the look of all-white bedding, you can choose a bedspread that has a little texture. A comforter with a little frill can add romance and charm to your sleeping space.

White Seating

As Jen and Manny, Instagrammers, place armchairs at either end of the bed if you have the space. This is a great option for people who love to read in the evenings, but don’t want to fall asleep.

Mirror, Mirror

The bedroom of Chey and Brandon, the DIY couple behind Scully House is decorated with an ornate mirror. It draws the eye in, while making the space seem larger. White is a great colour choice for small spaces because it doesn’t add visual clutter. Those living in small apartments might want to consider moving the hue up.


More blankets are better! Add a thick knit blanket to the end of your bed (also in white) Keep the colour scheme intact and allow for maximum lounging, as Linette of Sweet Creek did.

Simple and serene

You don’t want to clutter your home with throw pillows if you prefer a minimalist decor. Instead, go for something simpler like Meghan on Instagram. Your bedroom should be calm and clutter-free.

Mix and match

Blogger Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog used a mint colour for her bedroom walls. However, the white curtains and bedding that she chose make a statement. Accessories can make a big difference if your walls are already painted in another colour.

Go Grey

Many people have grey or neutral beds and don’t need to sell them if they’re being used to add white to their bedroom. Michelle from Acorn Hill Home shows that grey and white look great together, especially when there are silver accents.

Stripes and white

You don’t have to keep your white bedroom completely free from pattern. Interior decorator and home stylist Katie of Brony shows how a striped rug can make a space look great in contrast to a space that is otherwise filled with solids.

Bright Brick

Do you have a brick wall that is behind your bed? You can paint it white. Meg Leonard Co’s design, Meg, shows that even industrial spaces can be calm and airy.

High-End Colours

Feeling luxe? You can make your bedroom feel luxurious by creating a throw pillow arrangement. Add a small amount of animal print to it, like Michelle did. These little changes will transform your white bedroom into an elegant retreat. You don’t have to stick to dark colours when designing a space with historical appeal.

Play with Pattern

You don’t need to have white bedrooms without any pattern. This one is by Braxton Cole Interiors. A bench covered with the fun “graffito” fabric by Kelly Wearstler adds a stylish finishing touch.

A Rad Rug

You can add some personality to your walls by using a patterned rug like Abby, an Instagrammer and photographer. You can find Turkish and Turkish-style rugs at an affordable price in a variety of sizes and shapes. They will add warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

Beyond Site and Mind

You can make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel retreat by hiding clutter, choosing plain white bedding and placing a plant next to your nightstand, as Melissa Tovar, an Atlanta blogger, did. You will feel more relaxed just by looking at this space.

A Little Light

A sconce can be a great way to keep your bedroom bright and airy, while still providing enough light for you to read in bed. In Macey’s bedroom, a modern black-and-gold fixture stands out against the muted wall colour. You can also rent sconces. Just make sure you purchase plug-in options to allow for simple installation and removal.

Beaded Beauty

A chandelier can also be a great way to give your bedroom a bit more style. Kay selected a beaded piece that complemented her farmhouse-style space.

Cool Crystal

White crystal chandeliers, such as the one Patricia used in her bedroom, are also great solutions. They draw the eye up instantly.

Pops of colour

You don’t have to be afraid of using pops of colour sparingly. Light greens and pinks are great choices for adding colour to white spaces. Eunice , an Instagrammer, layered two small pillows on her bed to add a little charm.

Fun Photos

You will always look great in white spaces with black and white photos, whether of you and your loved ones or favourite celebrities. You can group a few of them above your bed, like Jess from Figtree Farm did. They’ll make your space feel bright and cheerful every time you enter it.

Curtains: Think Big

White curtains cover the entire wall of this primary bedroom designed by Cathie Hong Interiors. The arrangement looks modern and trendy when paired with modern pendant lights.

Soft sheepskin

Sujata, an Instagrammer, has a great tip: don’t forget the cosy factor of white sheepskin. It can be placed on top of your bed, or to your side, so you can warm up your feet when it is cold.

It’s down to earth

Natural furnishings add an earthy touch to your home. Designer Sophie Flinders bedroom has a wooden bed and nightstand that add a boho feel, but they are light enough to not overwhelm the space.

credit photog

Alanna Dunn, interior designer, has already created a beautiful arch in her bedroom. These special elements can shine in white paint, allowing them to speak for themselves.

Sparkling Ceiling

There are many ways you can make your bedroom feel more special by changing the ceiling. Deborah McDonald, cofounder of Vintage Society Co. added white planks. This gives her bedroom a vintage, cosy feel.

Kiddie Haven

White bedrooms are not just for adults. They can also be beneficial to children. Deena, an Instagrammer from Candidly Deena, shows how sophisticated and sweet a white space can be for the younger generation. The space feels personal and child-friendly thanks to frames of family photos.

Be Blue

Blue accents can be used to add some colour to a room that is white without affecting its tranquillity. Amanda, Fashionable Hostess blogger, integrated a blue headboard and rug into her main bedroom. However, the pieces don’t distract from her white walls, bedding, nightstands, and other decor.

French Feeling

White is the dominant colour in French country style spaces. Maison de Cinq blogger Sheila designed this French-inspired bedroom. It features a charming end bed bench, vintage-looking artwork with white matting, a beautiful white chandelier, and gorgeous white wallpaper.

Oasis for Guests

Blogger Yvonne from Stone Gable kept her white guest room simple and clean. She chose sconces that have small shelves-like bases to hold water or small trinket dishes. No need for bulky nightstands.

California Cool

Peggy Haddad Interiors’ bedroom has a West Coast vibe thanks to its use of patterns, black and white photography and laid-back linens. A personality-filled plant and a fringed throw blanket add vibrancy to the room.

Grab some Gold

Gold touches add a touch of glamour to white bedrooms. This bedroom was designed by Kevin, an interior designer blogger. A gold lamp adds fun and function to the space. Who wouldn’t love a little whimsy!

Fun and Fresh

If you’re looking for playful accessories, your bedroom doesn’t have to be serious. Jenica of A Slice of Style put some quirky fur stools near her bed. They can be easily moved around and are extremely comfortable. They’re also very useful for putting on socks and tights, and lace up boots.

Grab It

We see again how well gold and brass pieces can be paired with white. A brass mirror hanging above the bed like Courtney, blogger and decorator, did make a great finishing touch. It will allow light to reflect beautifully throughout the room.

Be Curvy

Instagrammer Laura’s bedroom is enhanced by a curved headboard and nightstand. This proves that even neutral furniture can add visual interest and elegance.

Combining Old and New

Angela’s bedroom features curved furniture once again. The white sleigh bed is paired alongside a modern nightstand to keep the space on-trend.

Embrace Boucle

Boucle is also very popular at the moment. We see it on sofas, benches, couches, and headboards. The oversized Boucle headboard by Damien LangloisMeurinne’s interior designer studio adds an artistic touch and plenty of cushion to this space.

Zhush Your Bed

An all-white bedroom has a hotel-like feel that is one of its main attractions. You can make your bed look like a 5-star resort every day by changing the settings. After a long day, you’ll be grateful that you finally got to relax and get into bed.

Try Shades

Like many white bedrooms, this bedroom by Jenn Pablo Studio features several shades of the colour, such as vanilla, crisp white and ivory. Boring a space is the opposite of having variety within a colour family.

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