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5 of the Best Classical Composers Of All Time: A Brief Introduction

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Classical music can be called the musical tradition of Europe. Some distinctive attributes like homophonic tunes and sheer elegance give the classical melody their rare quality. It is a typical orchestral tune that is very melodic. This article talks about five of thebest classical composers in history, who composed extraordinary classical music around the mid-sixteenth to the mid-seventeenth century in Europe.

The Best Classical Composers Of All Time

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart lived from 1756 and 1791 during the renaissance age. Music experts opine that his compositions have an affinity to the age of enlightenment. A phenomenal quality of his music is that they are as popular in the 21st century as during his era. He created more than 800 compositions, the most famous of which are The Marriage of Figaro, Clarinet Concerto, and Piano Sonata No. 11. His melody was so pleasing that it continued influencing composers for generations.

He got the honor of a papal knighthood and the Order of Golden Spur from Pope Clement XIV as an appreciation of his enormous contributions to music. Later-generation composers composed a large number of pieces of music varying yet based on the harmony of the music of Mozart.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Experts refer to Beethoven as the greatest composer born ever on earth. He was born into a family of musicians in 1770 and was a genius composer working on music till 1827, when he died. The melody he composed has a unique likeness to the compositions of Mozart, the liveliness of folk melody prevailing at that time, and the romance of the Romantic era compositions. His most distinguished compositions are “emperor” piano concert, Grosse Fuge, MissaSolemnis and Symphony No. 9 (“choral”), and Fidelio. Fidelio is the only opera that Beethoven wrote during his lifetime.

Franz Joseph Haydn

The Austrian music composer lived between 1732 to 1809. He was a prolific composer and composed over 107 symphonies plus 26 operas, all of which became popular during his time. He created the novel Piano trio, where the piano gets accompanied by two other instruments, a chello, and a violin. He also invented the String quartet, a composition involving four-string instruments like violins and violoncello.

Franz Schubert

He is yet nother Austrian classical composer who lived between 1797 and 1828. During his short lifetime of only 31 years, he composed over 1500 compositions comprising 600 songs, 20 operas, and countless piano pieces. The specialty of his melody is that he constructed them in every genre of music, like Haydn and Mozart.

Some of his exquisite compositions comprise Ave Maria and Symphony No. 9 in C Major. Even great Beethoven regarded his music as unique and said, “the spark of divine genius resides in this Schubert.”

Johannes Brahms

He belonged to Germany and lived between 1833 to 1897. Besides being a composer, he also played piano. The compositions of Beethoven bear a heavy influence on the melodies created by Brahms. His popularity is understandable from the fact that the trio of Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms, were named – the three Bs of classical music. His best compositions are the Piano quintet, Wiegenlied, and German Requiem.


Music touches the heart, mind, and soul of a listener. The melodies give heavenly pleasure. The classical music composed by the best classical composers was expensive and was only in the reach of the aristocratic and monied class at that time.

But today, a commoner can afford to listen to classical music and can relish this enchanting music often. When you are exhausted with worries and work pressure, a piece of classical music can serve as a balm and relax you.



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