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5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Reputable Plumbing Contractor

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Plumbing systems form an integral part of modern homes. They help supply clean water to buildings and drain wastewater from the same properties. When you want to install a new plumbing system or repair the old one, there are several benefits to hiring a reputable plumbing contractor. For instance, they’ve got the right tools for the job. Therefore, they’ll ensure the task is completed properly and guarantee long-lasting solutions.  

Another great benefit of hiring a professional plumber is to maintain your safety. There are real dangers of doing the plumbing work yourself, especially if you aren’t trained. It exposes you to electrical hazards, poisonous chemicals, and flammable products. Hiring a plumber helps you avoid coming into contact with these dangerous materials, thus ensuring you maintain your safety.  

However, you should find the right service provider. You can achieve that by asking the following questions before you hire them.  

  • Are You Licensed, And How Long Have You Been In The Sector? 

A license is one of the important things you should inquire about from your preferred plumbing contractor. Most states require anyone who wants a plumbing license to be a high school diploma holder, then proceed to vocational training and earn a certificate. This makes one an expert in the plumbing field. Ensure you avoid hiring someone who claims to be a professional plumber but doesn’t have such qualifications and an operating license from the state government.  

It isn’t just enough to inquire about qualifications and licenses. You should also be concerned about their experience. A plumber with adequate experience will offer better services and long-lasting solutions than inexperienced ones. Experience increases with time. This is why you need to ask your preferred plumber how long they’ve been in the sector. Make sure you find a provider who has provided plumbing services for a reasonable duration. You can learn more about plumbing contractors on Instagram and other online platforms.  

  • Do You Have Insurance?

Professional plumbing companies offer training on safety to their technicians more often. Therefore, such individuals are less likely to sustain injuries when working. However, sometimes an accident may cause plumbing technicians working on your property to sustain some injuries. 

When someone suffers damages when working on your building, the state’s law requires you to compensate them. You should pay them for the physical pain, settle hospital expenses and compensate them for lost earnings. But you can avoid that by hiring a plumbing contractor with insurance. If something goes wrong or an accident happens, the injured technicians will contact their insurance provider for compensation. As such, you can save money.  

  • Where Are You Located?

A reputable plumber should have a physical location or office. This is important because you may want to visit them to talk to them face-to-face. Avoid hiring a plumbing contractor who can’t provide their physical location and address. 

In connection with that, it’d be a good idea to find a plumber with an office near you. You may experience plumbing problems at any time. And a delay in providing solutions may cause damage to your property. A provider within the locality will take the least time to reach your premises to address the problem.  

  • Do You Offer Warranties On Your Work?  

A good plumbing contractor should provide a warranty on their work. Sometimes the plumbing issue you had can re-occur just a few days or weeks after fixing it. And that may cost you extra money since you’ll have to return to the shop and buy new materials or parts. Besides, you’ll be forced to pay the plumber again for the work. For that reason, ensure you hire a plumber who can warranty their work. This way, they can work on your systems without asking for extra payments, especially if it’s an issue they had previously worked on.  

  • Can You Provide A Few References?

One of the best ways to know whether you’re hiring a reputable plumbing contractor is to seek the opinions of past clients. Most customers are honest and will provide genuine opinions regarding the plumber they’ve previously hired. This is why you need to get references from your preferred plumber. Once you get their contacts, ask them about their experiences with the plumbing contractor. A good plumber should have much more positive feedback than negative.  


Consider hiring a professional plumber if you want some plumbing work done on your property. Such companies or individuals will likely provide permanent solutions to your plumbing problems. They’ll also help you to save money since you won’t have to buy the required equipment. But you should find the best provider in the region. You can achieve that by getting the right answers to the questions outlined in this article.  

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