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7 Social Media Marketing Tips For Interior Designs, Every Real Estate Agents Should Know

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We dwell in a society driven by social media. Today, social media is not just a medium to interact with each other but also a platform to promote your business and create a massive audience base. Many businesses and brands prefer to showcase their products or services solely on social media sites than any other marketing platform. Many businesses are using social media channels as they find the vast number of options and tools to market their products and services rightly. 


However, even today, sectors such as real estate are far behind in using social media marketing. But, little they may know that no other marketing technique can help them sell the properties and designs as seamlessly as social media sites. Moreover, since social media sites are home to many people, they can easily approach the right audiences.


So, if you are a real estate agent, this post can be a great help for you. Through this post, we will introduce you to the seven social media tips for interior designs, which every real estate agent should know to attract the right client.


  1. Be clear on your goals


Social media sites are where you will find a large array of the population belonging to different age groups. Therefore, making it a perfect spot to meet new people and target an audience base for your business. The foremost step is to identify what you want to achieve with social media sites when it comes to social media marketing. It’s vital to have a social media presence these days, but it’s even crucial to have your presence strategically. With the help of social media marketing, a few goals which can be achieved when it comes to interior designs for real estate agents are:


  • Revealing your design portfolio
  • Forging yourself as an expert in your domain
  • Attracting new clients
  • Engaging existing clients
  • Creating brand awareness and visibility
  • Showcasing your work
  • Hiring suitable candidates for your business
  • Receiving feedback from clients on completed projects


Once you know about your goals and objectives, it will be much simpler to attain the expected ROI for the effort made. 


  1. Knowing your target audience


After knowing your goals and objectives, it’s important to know what your audience is expecting. It is essential to work with the client to know their desires, needs, taste and pain points. And with the help of social media interactions, you can pretty easily do that. All you have to do is approach the audience and ask them about their requirements and ideology. Then, you can choose to create polls or use a voting scheme to know your potential clients better to serve them the best.


  1. Create multidimensional content with video marketing 


The best part about using social media platforms for real estate social media marketing is that you can present a single topic in various ways. For example, you can create a video or a blog post and whatnot out of a single interior design project. Besides, one project can get you many stories starting from aspects like lights, colour and shades to textures and more. The whole idea of being multidimensional in real estate marketing is to think out of the box. To expand your thinking, you must consider how you can display your story and promote it to benefit your business or brand. When you document every detail of your project using notes, video, and audio, you make a repository of stories to be forwarded and shared with your audiences on social media sites. 


For real estate social media marketing, videos are important. Using strategies like real estate video marketing on social media sites, you can achieve lots more than you can think. But, it’s vital to keep in mind that your real estate marketing videos should be short and crisp while enabling the viewers to get engaged instantaneously. 


  1. Content optimization on YouTube


YouTube is an amazing social media platform with features like upvotes, downvotes, subscribe, comments etc. On YouTube, you can make an impressive motion graphic video with static or still images of your ideas and work by adding audio and visual effects to build a concrete client base. This way, YouTube lets you connect with the audience and let them know who you are and what you do, which alone images and blog posts cannot help out with. 


  1. Don’t forget Instagram


Reach out to your target audience with your interior designs using Instagram! This social media site allows you to put 30 hashtags on each post to help connect with suitable audiences. In addition, you can use complimenting hashtags for your posts and follow popular professionals and influencers in the interior design market to take inspiration and ideas. Instagram is flooded with all sorts of content. Therefore, you should create exceptional content to attract and engage your audience. The prime notion behind success on Instagram post maker is that your posts should be fewer sales driven and more driven towards creating connections and valuing your audience or clients. 


  1. Reddit for interior design topics


Reddit is a well known social media site that features a massive interior design community. With thousands of interior design related subscribers, Reddit works well to attract audiences corresponding to interior designs. In addition, you can find niche Subreddits for minimalistic and interior designs on this site, including the Subreddits related to before and after photos and videos. Also, it is a great place to receive comments and feedback on your designs and ideas while helping others with their queries and questions. Therefore, Reddit is a suitable site to drive traffic to your site and create marketing intel. 


  1. Analysis and evaluation


Social media marketing is one aspect. Measuring and evaluating your performance is another. You can improve and work upon your marketing techniques with social media analysis. The evaluation process provides insights into your work and the scope for improvement based on the feedback received from the followers on social media sites. No matter which social media platform you use for marketing, evaluation and performance-related tools are available. These tools use a data-driven approach for result measurement based on feedback. 




Social media sites provide a pool of opportunities for every kind of a business, even for interior designs and real estate. However, since people spend the majority of their time on social media sites and are convinced to purchase after seeing the products and services on these sites, you must, as a business or brand, be able to keep them convinced and engaged. Through these interior design tips for real estate agents, we hope you can build a large audience base while catering to your existing clients effectively to gain benefits.

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