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7 top technology challenges in 2020

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The covid19 outbreak pressured organizations around the arena to adjust to a brand new truth that is itself nevertheless below creation. Although economies are timidly reopening, they accomplish that even as keeping an eye at the epidemiologic evolution to form therefore. And despite the fact that the destiny continues to be unknown, one issue is positive: as people alter to this “new everyday”, wherein the maximum mundane sports circulate to the online sphere, generation adoption will preserve to skyrocket.

This poses possibilities for corporations to increase new digital techniques or even find new business streams. Still, it additionally involves a few demanding situations and dangers that executives ought to maintain in thoughts.

That said, here are 7 generation demanding situations that corporations will face inside the 2d half of 2020 and onwards.

1. Information security

As virtual turns into the default, companies must be extra vigilant within the detection and prevention of cyber threats.

According to the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, 26% of the executives surveyed said that they had seen an growth inside the quantity, severity, and scope of cyberattacks considering that March. Similarly, as far off paintings turns into the brand new norm, sixty one% expressed notable challenge about assaults concentrated on their work-from-domestic personnel.

Phishing assaults, malspams, and ransomware attacks disguised as legitimate programs related to COVID-19 are the most commonplace assaults, affecting not simplest far off employees but additionally end-customers.

2. Cloud computing

The COVID disaster has boosted the adoption of cloud computing. In the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, 59% of the respondents said their cloud utilization could be better than deliberate earlier than the virus outbreak. In a duration of uncertainty, wherein employees do business from home, cloud computing has been crucial to renew commercial enterprise as traditional.

Although its blessings are well-known– scalability at the rush of a button, accessibility from any device at any location, pay-in line with-usage pricing– there are nevertheless a few worries that haven’t vanished and that executives nevertheless need to have in mind. The listing consists of protection and privacy issues, control complexity, supplier lock-in, performance, and get entry to pace.

3. Integrations and upgrades

To stay competitive, organizations need to constantly check and enhance their methods and era. But customizing current programs or ageing systems takes money and time. The only solution is to integrate new gear with present legacy technology, in preference to rebuilding from scratch.

However, if no longer carried out with the right training and management, it can impact the adoption of the new product.

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four. Automation and robotics

With the sudden urgency to go digital, companies that had already invested in RPA, BPM, and different automation techniques were in a higher role to stand the brand new commercial enterprise demands. Companies still relying on legacy tactics were pushed to the restriction and exposed to their inefficiencies and reliance on manual processing.

In times of disaster, in which organizations want to cut costs, automation may not be a priority. But one thing that this crisis suggests us is that automation subjects.

However, executives need to be careful when imposing RPA, and other automation generation, mainly in terms of safety and, as automation solves more complex business tasks, employee adoption.

5. Artificial intelligence and device getting to know

We’ve been hearing approximately AI’s energy and its disruptive abilities for decades, but AI has now hit the mainstream. From facial reputation to language translators and assistants like Siri and Alexa, it’s far already a part of the new everyday.

But agencies are also bringing AI into business operations to automate tactics and decorate their purchaser and employee enjoy. AI can loose employees from extra arduous and time-consuming responsibilities to attention on innovative and innovative projects. The technological mission is how organizations will manipulate the connection among personnel and AI machines, as the latter will replace the need for certain talents and boom the call for for others.

6. Skills gap

As the current Speed of Change: How Fast Are You document confirmed, each enterprise leaders and laggards are tormented by talent shortages and expertise gaps that restrict the fast adoption of the current IT architectures wanted for agility.

21% more of the laggards described hiring “full-stack builders” as difficult or very hard. Leaders have less of a project hiring full-stack developers because of the techniques and tools they use and due to the nice of the work they get to do. Rather than running on keeping legacy structures alive, they get to work on new initiatives.

7. Business continuity and disaster healing plans

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans have been around for a long time, but with corporations going through staffing shortages, and unavailable employees and services, they’ve received new significance in 2020.

Although international pandemics aren’t that common, herbal failures, human-made disasters, and security threats like malware assaults are quite not unusual, and organizations need to be geared up to ensure a clean recovery process and continuity of operations.

Overcoming generation issues

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