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A Complete Guide on How Much Does Cash Em All Pay

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The android app market consists of thousands of apps claiming that you can make money simply by doing the things you already do in your daily life, i.e., playing games or taking surveys.

Most of them end up leaving people with disappointment coursing through their veins. Seeing as it is hard to find how legit these apps are, we decided to do it for you! In this article, we will be focusing on one of such apps, Cash’em All.

What is Cash’em All?

Cash’em All is an application on the android play store which falls in the category of a reward app. A reward app is one that claims to reward you for accomplishing certain tasks. In this case, with Cash’em All, you can earn money by installing and playing sponsored games.

Cash’em All is operated by JustDice Gmbh, a corporation that operates a number of similar apps. The app currently has 50M+ downloads and is available worldwide. The app is completely free to download and, on average, has a 4.2-star review.

How do you turn gaming into money?

With Cash’em All, you have a wide range of games that pay real money available that suit diverse tastes and skill levels. You can choose whatever suits your tastes and skill set and start playing.

According to the Cash’em All app description, you make money for every second that you play the game. How it works is that by playing the games, you earn virtual tokens.

The more games you play, the greater the time you spend on the app and the more virtual tokens you earn.

With sufficient tokens in your wallet, you can trade those tokens for gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Psn cards, Steam gift cards, vouchers, and coupons, or you can simply cash out using your PayPal account.

What about in-app purchases?

We know how frustrating it is to download a money making app, only to find out that to make that money, you first have to spend yours on in-app purchases.

You might be wondering, “okay, if the app in itself is free and if such a great range of games is available, surely the catch must be that you have to pay to download the games.” Well, you can put your fears aside because all the games available on Cash’em All are free!

How does it work?

Cash’em All developers have contracts with the developers of the games featured on their app. Whenever you download a game through the app, Cash’em All receives a commission from the developers of the game. In turn, part of the revenue is shared with the participants through virtual tokens and cash rewards.

According to the app description, you can start earning as soon as you start playing the games. There is no waiting period involved. Currently, their offer wall contains various game types such as Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Arcade, and many more.

How to register?

This app is only available for android. First, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of usage as well as the privacy policy, as you will not be able to continue onwards without it.

After registering via email, Facebook, or Google, the app demands access to your usage app in order to track your virtual presence on the app. It also asks for some personal data and devices or other IDs.

No data is shared with third parties, and you can also request for your data to be deleted. After registration, you are given some free virtual tokens as a welcome gift which can be cashed as an actual reward.

How much is the virtual token worth?

This is a question that depends on your location and currency value. After downloading the app, check the payout section to see how many virtual tokens you need to cash out a certain amount. This may look different for different payout sections.

You should choose the one which suits your needs. Once you have chosen a payout section, such as PayPal, divide the total number of virtual coins demanded by the real cash award provided. This way, you will have an exact amount of money earned per virtual token.

Virtual tokens associated with games

Every game offers a different number of tokens per minute of play. Once you have chosen the one you want to play, the total number of tokens gets added and then rewarded at the end of the play.

However, the number of tokens earned cannot be unlimited. If anything, as you keep playing, the reward and token will diminish gradually as you keep playing the same game till, eventually, it becomes zero. After that, you will have to find a new game in the list provided by Cash’em All. The coin-to-minute ratio per game does not remain the same.

Social impact:

You can earn extra by clicking on the invite to your friend’s option. 250 virtual tokens are awarded per person invited. Moreover, whoever you refer to, you will be earning 25% of their earnings too! Vice versa, the person you referred to, will be earning 25% of your earnings.

Cashing the tokens:

Once you have enough tokens under your belt, click on the payout option and select an egift or PayPal. However, before you get paid, the app will demand a selfie. According to the terms and usage, this measure is taken to ensure that the bonus and tokens are being cashed by a real person.

Of course, this is a requirement not many will be comfortable with. Even if the app claims to protect your data, leakages are always possible. In case you choose PayPal, you can exchange 12669 coins for £1.

Therefore, 1 coin equals roughly £0.000079. Some people report errors in cash withdrawals, while others leave very positive reviews. But, when you uninstall the gaming apps, you might also lose the points earned through the specific app.

In conclusion, Cash’em All is an excellent app to use in case you are a habitual gamer. However, the payout is low, and you may encounter problems during cash withdrawal.

At the same time, it does not take too long to earn. You cannot expect to earn too well, but at the same time, it is a good way to utilize your gaming and mobile time.

A lot of it heavily relies on luck. So, try it out, your luck might just be good for the day, and you may end up earning money for something you already do. Otherwise, do not set your expectations too high.


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