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A look at the best credit cards of 2022: Reviews rewards and offers

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A single credit card may not be the most suitable choice for every family, each purchase, or even any budget. To this end, Forbes Advisor has chosen the top credit cards created to be useful to the largest number of customers. Instead of choosing one of the “best credit cards” and then ranking the other nine choices, we have selected the top cards that can be used in a variety of circumstances. The star ratings below indicate the card’s overall rating for the specific category it is in. The overall star rating is found on the card’s review.

This list is only for personal credit cards for personal use. If you’re searching for an appropriate business credit card to use for your company, take a look at our list of top commercial credit cards.


To find the most suitable credit card for each category, we analyzed the advantages and costs that each credit card offers. The charges for each credit card include the annual fee as well as foreign transaction fees and the minimum amount of spending required to be eligible for the welcome deal. Benefits include the welcome deal cash rewards, other bonuses, rewards, bonus categories and balance transfer deals as well as status benefits , and other perks.

Additionally, each type of credit card is governed by specific specifications. For travel reward cards, we also looked at the amount of value you could receive from the miles and points you earn when you use them.

For cards aimed at those who are looking for credit improvement or increase the credit rating of their clients, we centered on offers for credit cards which offer the best chances to build your credit score at the least net cost.

For balance transfer cards , we examined the duration that 0% APR is available as well as the variable APR following the expiration of the bonus.

The Best Credit Cards of 2022

Its name is the Chase Freedom Flex(s m) is a new product that was introduced with a splash in the second quarter of 2020. If you pair it with a Chase Ultimate Rewards-earning card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) or the Ink Corporate Preferred(r) Credit Card you can generate a wealth of Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

As a cash-back card, it’s hard to beat since it doesn’t have an annual cost.

Rewards Earn 5% cash back for up to $1500 within categories that change every quarter (requires activation) and 5% back on travel purchases made with Chase Ultimate Rewards(r) and 3% on food and drugstores, and 1 percent of all purchase

First Offer of the Year: $100 Bonus when you purchase $500 within the first three months following account opening.

Annual Fee: $0

Other benefits and drawbacks Additional Benefits and Drawbacks Chase Freedom Flex packs a massive punch for a card that doesn’t charge any annual fees. The main drawback to this card? It’s important to set up the bonus categories that rotate every quarter and keep track of the amount you’ve spent as the categories that rotate come with a cap of $1,500, at least , if you plan to make the most of your money.

You also get complimentary insurance for your cell phone by paying your month-long phone bill using your credit card. The maximum amount of claims is $1000 per claim, and $1000 per year in total.

The card is charged an international transaction fee, therefore it’s not a great option if you are planning to travel internationally.

Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card

If you’re looking to get into transferable points, but the annual charges of the best-rated cards scare you, The Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card could be the best place to begin.

Rewards 5 points per dollar spent on travel via Chase Ultimate Rewards(r), 3 points per dollar spent on dining out and 2-points per $1 for other purchases for travel plus one point for every dollar spent on other purchases that are eligible

Welcome Bonus Points: 60,000 when you spend $4,000 in purchases during the first 3 months following the date of account opening

Annual Fee: $95

Other Benefits and Drawbacks Ultimate Rewards are versatile and useful. This is the reason the Sapphire Preferred Card makes our list even if you aren’t able to justify the Sapphire Reserve’s more expensive annual fee. It is possible to move Ultimate Rewards onto any number of frequent flier programs offered by airlines as well as hotel chains, including United Airlines and Hyatt.

A point in the Ultimate Rewards program that you earn with Your Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card is worth 1.25 cents per point when you redeem it via on the Chase travel portal or paying Yourself Back, but if you intend to make use of the travel portal, we’d advise you to consider the higher annual cost of the Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) instead since your points can be valued at 1.5 cents each , in the same circumstances. This card Chase Sapphire Preferred also offers the best travel insurance available, but they’re not as great as the Sapphire Reserve’s coverage.

These Chase Ultimate Rewards cards should be used as a family. Combining the Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card with the Chase Freedom Flex(sm) and a suitable Chase Ink business card allows you to earn Ultimate Rewards in a short time. Rewards can be shared among family members to accelerate the process.

The Platinum Card(r) is a product of American Express

If you’re looking for a luxurious travel experience, and especially when you’re looking to gain access to numerous airport lounges, the Platinum Card(r) from American Express (terms apply, look up rates and charges) is a great option. It’s also packed with advantages and benefits, too.

Rewards: 5 rewards points for every dollar spent on flights directly through airlines or via American Express Travel on up to $500,000 in a calendar year. Five points per dollar for hotel reservations made with American Express Travel and 1 point per dollar for any other purchases that are eligible

The Welcome Package: 100,000 points for rewards after spending $6,000 on purchases with the card during the first six months of membership

Annual Fee: $695

Other benefits and drawbacks: Additional Benefits and Drawbacks: Platinum Card from American Express has a wealth of extra advantages. In addition, you’ll enjoy access to many different lounges at airlines like Amex Centurion Lounges, over 1200 Priority Pass airport lounges (excluding the restaurant, and enrollment is necessary) and Delta SkyClubs when you fly Delta on the same day.

Cardholders also get up to $200 worth of airline incidental credits on the airline they can choose every year (enrollment is required) and are valid for purchases like seats or checked luggage. Cardholders also receive credits to pay for the TSA Global Entry or PreCheck application fees and an annually CLEAR membership, as well as the possibility of receiving up to $200 per year of Uber credit ($15 per month ) plus a $20 bonus in December if your card is eligible to be connected with your account at Uber and is eligible to use for U.S. Uber Eats and Uber rides). The Platinum Card is also able to grant Gold status in the benefits of both Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy upon enrollment.

In 2021 In 2021, the Platinum Card included additional advantages to lifestyle with up to $300 of annual Equinox credits as $25-per-month credit on your statement, up to 300 bike credits when you purchase the SoulCycle at-home bicycle, monthly Walmart Credit for membership fees as well as an up-to $240 (doled out each month in increments of $20) in entertainment credits for subscriptions to the eligible services that comprise Audible as well as The New York Times.

Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

The new Capital One VentureX Rewards Credit Card introduced in the month of November 2021, was a major shake-up in the market for travel cards. It has benefits that are comparable to the other top travel rewards cards, but with less annual costs, making the card a good choice for anyone who travels a little.

Rewards 2 miles for every dollar on eligible purchases. five miles for every dollar for flights, and 10 miles per dollar for rentals and hotels when you book through Capital One Travel

Welcome Offer 100k bonus miles upon making purchases of $10,000 within the initial six-month period following the account’s opening. For a limited period, you can earn up to $200 in credit on your statement for the cost of vacation rentals that are debited to the account within the first year.

Annual Fee: $395

Other benefits and drawbacks: Alongside the capacity to earn substantial reward points Capital One also offers a variety of benefits, including Capital One

Venture X cards offer the possibility of earning up to $300 annually as credit on statements for bookings made through Capital One Travel and 10,000 bonus miles each anniversary.

Cardholders are granted benefits such as a Priority Pass lounge membership, access to Capital One lounges and a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fee credit upon paying the application fee on the card.

The Bank of America(r) Credit card for Cash Rewards that can be customizedIf you’re in the middle of a debt on a credit card from another and want to pay it off using an APR that is introductory or a cash-back option, Bank of America(r) Customized Cash Rewards is an excellent choice.

Reward: 3percent cash back in any category of your choice. 2% on wholesale clubs and supermarkets (up to $2,500 for the combined category of grocery store/wholesale club monthly spending) and unlimited one percent on other purchases

Intro APR Promotion: 0% introductory APR for 15 billing cycles, for purchases and balance transfers within those first sixty days. After the end of the intro APR offer at the end of the offer, a 13.99 percent to 23.99 APR variable of 1% applies. A 3% cost (min $10) is charged to any balance transfers

welcome offer: $200 online cash rewards bonus after You’ve figured out that you’ve figured it out. The Bank of America(r) Customized Cash Rewards credit card is a great alternative.de at least $1000 in purchases within the initial 90 days after the account’s opening.

Annual Fee: $0

Other Drawbacks and Benefits: Bank of America Preferred Rewards clients earn 25%-75 percent bonus on every reward earned. The card is subject to fees for foreign transactions, so it’s not a great option for international use.

Wells Fargo Reflect(sm) Card

The Wells Fargo Reflect(sm) Card is free of annual cost and new cardholders enjoy a top-of-the-line introduction period to pay off balances. Be aware that you have only 120 days to complete the transfer prior to when a larger rate of balance transfer fees begins.

Annual Fee: $0

Balance Transfer Promotion: Get a 0 APR intro for 18 months after the date of account opening for purchases and eligible balance transfers. A maximum extension of three months in addition to the APR introductory applies with timely minimum payment during the extension and introductory periods. An initial balance transfer charge that is either $5 or 3% of the value of the balance transfer, or the more up to 120 days after the day of account opening. Then, up to 5% on each balance transfer and an initial minimum of $5.

Charge for Balance Transfer: Fee for the balance transfer is at least 5%. Minimum 5 dollars.

Other advantages and drawbacks: To get the most extended balance transfer window ensure that you do not pay a bill late. If you do, you could lose the three-month extension for excellent payment habits. The card also offers up to $600 worth of protection for your cell phone in the event that you settle your monthly bills with it (subject to a 25-cent deductible) along with access to dispatch on the road.

Wells Fargo Active Cash(sm) Card

In a competitive market of cash-back cards with 2 and cash back cards, the Wells Fargo active Cash(sm) Card stands out due to its APR introductory offer as well as Visa Signature benefits.

Rewards Cash Rewards: 2% cash reward for purchases

Intro APR Offer – Zero initial APR of 15 months following the time of account opening on purchases as well as qualified balance transfers. After that, a 14.99 percent to 24.99 APR variable of 1% is available. Balance transfers that are made within 120 days are eligible for the intro rate, and the few is 3percent. Any balance transfers that are made later than this date are subject to a charge that can be as high as 5%. Minimum 5 dollars.

New Offers: 200 cash bonus upon spending $1,000 on purchases within the first 3 months

Annual Fee: $0

Other advantages and drawbacks Other Benefits and Drawbacks Wells Fargo Active Cash offers protection for cell phones by letting you pay your cell phone bill using the card every month. It charges a foreign transfer fee , making it not the best choice to travel in foreign countries.

This is an American Express card with the Blue Cash Preferred(r) logo

If you’re looking to pay a significant food bill and you’re in the market for a new card, you should consider the Blue Cash Preferred(r) Card from American Express (terms apply, look up rates and charges) will be your most lucrative credit card in the market, provided you don’t overspend the limit of spending. It also offers rewards for road trippers and carpoolers and offers a higher cash-back rate in gas stations.

Rewards Cash Back: 6% in U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 annually in purchases (then the rate is 1%) and 6% cash back on selected U.S. streaming subscriptions, 3percent cash back in U.S. gas stations and on transportation (including taxis/rideshares, parking tolls, trains, buses, and many more) and cash back at 1% on other purchases that are eligible. Cash back is credited as Reward Dollars, which can be used for a credit on your statement

New Offers: Welcome Bonus: $300 credit on your statement after spending $3,000 within the first 6 months.

Annual Fee: There is no initial annual fee in the first year. after which it will be $95 thereafter.

Other benefits and drawbacks: In addition to the amped-up earning on food items, you also get the ability to access Amex Offers. Savings on offers could be accumulating quickly, as long you keep track of activating and using the offer. It also comes with the protection of return as well as damage and loss to your car from rental insurance.

U.S. Bank Altitude(r) Go Visa Signature(r) Card

People who frequently dine out are able to increase their reward by purchasing the annual-free U.S. Bank Altitude(r) Go Visa Signature(r) Card. You’ll also earn better reward points on food purchases, which means that anyone who likes eating out will gain from using the Altitude Go.

Rewards: Four points for every dollar for food delivery, take-out and dining out, two points for every dollar in grocery stores, food delivery gas stations, and on streaming services and 1 point per dollar on any other purchases that are eligible

Welcome Bonus Points: 20,000 when you make $1,000 worth of qualified purchases in the initial 90 days following the account’s opening

Annual Fee: $0

Other Benefits and Drawbacks Other Benefits and Drawbacks: U.S. Bank Altitude Go credit card offers zero-interest on balance transfers and purchases during the initial 12 cycles of billing and then a regular variable rate of 14.99 percent – 23.99 percent. Cardholders also receive a 15-dollar annual streaming credit and do not get charged for foreign transaction fees.

Chase Sapphire Reserve(r)

A lot of trips come with non-refundable elements that are tied to certain dates like hotels or prepaid tours. If you’re not able to complete or need to postpone your excursion, you could be paying a huge amount of cash.

Alongside the possibility of earning valuable points for purchases The Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) also offers interruption and cancellation insurance for trips in case of covered events as well as trip delay insurance, lost baggage insurance, delay insurance for baggage primary rental car insurance, and many other benefits. These top-of-the-line protections made this card the top of the list of top reward credit cards for travel.

Rewards 5 points for every dollar on airfare as well as 10 points for every $1 spent on hotel and car rental when you purchase travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards(r) immediately after the first $300 has been spent annually on travel purchases. Earn 3 points for every dollar on all other food and travel purchases and 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases

Welcome Bonus Points: 50,000 after you spend $4,000 on purchases during the first 3 months following the date of account opening

Annual Fee: $550

Additional Benefits and Drawbacks The annual fee is very high. This high-end rewards card comes with $300 worth of travel credit which are automatically applied when you make eligible purchases.

Its Chase Sapphire Reserve benefits include Priority Pass airport lounge membership which also includes restaurants in airports that those on the American Express versions of Priority Pass do not offer. That means that on your flight you’re eligible to eat and drink in Priority Pass restaurants in addition to more than 1,200 lounges in airports across the globe when you sign up and pay for it, which can make your family save a substantial amount of money.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards rewards can be transferred to many travel partners like United Airline MileagePlus and World of Hyatt. Points can be redeemed on Chase’s travel portal, or through their Pay-Yourself Back feature , where the value is 1.5 cents per.

The World of Hyatt Credit Card

If you’re seeking more benefits from hotels, but don’t want to pay the huge sum to get the Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express This is an excellent alternative. The card doesn’t charge the cost of an annual fee, and provides a night free certificate every year to the category one to four hotel, as well as an entry degree in status at Hyatt.

  • Rewards:
  • Welcome Offer:
  • Annual Fee:

Other benefits and drawbacks: Every year, after you’ve renewed your credit card, you’ll receive an extra night free in Category 1 through 4. Hyatt properties. This alone could easily be used to offset the annual charge for the credit card.

The second category 1 to 4 night free certificate is earned by having spent $15,000 or more annually on the card.

The card is the base Hyatt Discoverist status. It will also give you five credit nights towards earning higher levels of credit. You’ll receive 2 nights of credit per dollar you spend with the card per year. It is possible to achieve the highest-quality Hyatt Globalist status simply by just spending on the card, but the majority of customers do not make the huge amount required to earn this.

Cardholders of the Hilton Honors Aspire Credit Card will receive:

The Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express* offers top-tier Diamond elite status within the Hilton program, which includes upgrades breakfast at hotels that are participating as well as late checkout benefits.

Rewards Earn Rewards: Hilton Honors bonus points at participating resorts or hotels within Hilton Portfolio. Hilton Portfolio, 7 points per dollar for eligible purchases, flight tickets booked directly through the airlines, as well as American Express Travel, car rentals directly through certain car rental companies as well as U.S. restaurants and 3 points per dollar for any other purchases that are eligible.

Welcome Offer 150,000 Hilton Honors bonus points after making purchases of $4,000 within the first three months after opening an account.

Annual Fee: $450

Other Benefits and Drawbacks The high annual cost could be well worth it if you take advantage of that 250 Hilton resort credit as well as the $250 incidental airline credit to an eligible airline you pick every year. Cardholders also receive an unbeatable weekend-night certificate every year, each time they renew their card.

The Aspire gives you an automatic top-tier status that makes it an excellent choice for you if you only stay in Hilton hotels frequently but not enough to earn the status.

You’ll also be able to get the Priority Pass Select membership with access to more than 1200 airport lounges around the world once you’ve signed up to the program. However your membership won’t give you accessibility to Priority Pass restaurant locations.

The card also offers protections for purchases and travel such as baggage insurance to cover damaged, lost or stolen baggage , as well as protection for return.

United Club(sm) Infinite Card

If you’re a frequent United traveler, and especially when you want the ability to access United Club lounges and lounges, the United Club(sm) Unlimited Card could be the best choice for you. Even if you don’t value any of the other benefits offered by the card, the card can be the best way to get the access you need at United Club lounges.

Rewards 4 points per $1 when you make United(r) purchases 2 miles per dollar on other trips, on meals, including qualified delivery services and 1 mile per dollar for all other purchases

Special Offer for Welcome: Up to 80,000 miles of bonus miles upon spending $5,000 on purchases during the first three months following the time of account opening

Annual Fee: $525

Other benefits and drawbacks: The most impressive benefit of this card Chase United Club Infinite Card includes a complete United Club lounge membership. This lounge membership includes accessibility to Star Alliance lounges when you are traveling with an Star Alliance member airline same-day. You are able to bring in up to two guests. Accessing the United Club lounge membership through this credit card is much less expensive than purchasing the lounge membership.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy Premier Access which includes priority check-in and boarding, and your second and first checked bags are free on flights with United as well as a credit toward fees associated with TSA PreCheck and Global Entry.

The card also offers protections for purchase and travel such as cancellation and trip delay insurance, damaged and lost baggage insurance delayed baggage insurance primary insurance for rental cars purchase protection, an extended warranty , and much more.

Aeroplan(r) Credit Card

Another new player to the market is expected in 2021 The Aeroplan(r) Credit Card is a great method to earn miles when you’re willing to step a little outside your comfort zone and discover programs that aren’t located within the U.S.

Rewards 3-points per $1 spent on take-out, dining and delivery services as well as grocery stores. each dollar that is spent through Air Canada including vacations and cruises. 

The Welcome Package: 2 flight reward certificates good for as much as 50,000 points after spending $4,000 on your card during the first three months after the date of account opening

Annual Fee: $95

Other benefits and drawbacks: The Aeroplan Card provides up to $100 credit on your statement to cover Global Entry TSA PreCheck, or NEXUS fee each year for four years. It’s just the one U.S. card we’re aware of that offers an application fee reimbursement to the NEXUS.

Cardholders will receive the first as well as second bags at no cost for them as well as up to eight other passengers while traveling with Air Canada. The card doesn’t charge charges for foreign transactions and also provides protection against trip delays, cancellation or interruption of a trip delay in baggage delivery as well as damaged and lost baggage, as well as an accident waiver for auto rental damage.

Although this card offers excellent mileage and other benefits, prospective cardholders need to spend some time learning all about the Air Canada Aeroplan prior to submitting an application.

Explore it(r) Students Cash Return

It is a great card for students. it(r) student cash Back is a special combination of high earning rates as well as a welcome bonus that is not usually found on student credit cards. If properly leveraged cardholders could earn significant cash back.

Rewards 5 percent cash back on purchases made every day at various locations each quarter, such as Amazon.com and grocery stores and restaurants, gas stations, and more. Pay with PayPal up to the maximum of the quarter at the time you are activated. In addition, you can earn an unlimited cashback of 1% on any other purchase

Welcome Offer: Get an unlimited cashback match. Discover will automatically match any cashback earned by the end in the initial year. The maximum reward and maximum spend are not fixed.

Annual Fee: $0

Other benefits and drawbacks There are drawbacks and benefits to Discover. It isn’t as popularly accepted as Mastercard, Visa or even American Express if you plan to use it abroad. This can be a disadvantage for students who are studying or traveling abroad. The bonus categories for the quarter may be unsuitable for the way you spend your money, so that you won’t maximize the potential of earning every quarter. It is important to be sure to activate the bonus every quarter.

Card Visa(r) 1 No Annual Fee

If you have a bad credit score however are still eligible for an unsecured credit card, you ought to consider this card Petal(r) 1 No annual fee  Visa(r) Credit Card that is issued by WebBank, a member of the FDIC. If you are applying to get the Petal credit card, more than an account with a credit history could be used to determine the eligibility criteria for a credit card, which could allow more applicants to be approved for Petal than other cards.

Rewards Cashback: 2% to 10% on select merchants

Welcome Bonus: This card will not include a welcome offer

Annual Fee: $0

Other benefits and drawbacks Additional Benefits and Drawbacks Petal 1 card does not charge foreign transaction fees , and cardholders can avail a second collision damage waiver for auto rentals when renting vehicles.

Explore it(r) Secured Credit Card

If you’re brand new to credit, or have committed mistakes previously, then you could require a secured loan to build or improve your credit. As a condition of a deposit Discover will grant you the same credit limit, if you’re accepted. A majority of secured credit cards will do this, however this Discover it(r) Secured Credit Card adds rewards to the mix.

Rewards: Get 2 percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants for up to $1,000 worth of combined purchases per quarter. In addition, you can get cashback of 1% on any other purchase

Welcome Offer Unlimited Cashback Match Discover will match the cashback earned by the close of the first year.

Annual Fee: $0

Other advantages and drawbacks Additional Benefits and Drawbacks it(r) Secured Credit Card is among few secured credit cards that offer cash back on purchases which makes it an excellent choice in building your credit score and earning reward points. It is possible to have the maximum amount of credit limit of $2,500 when you put up a deposit of $2,500. Discover will examine your account to determine if it is ready for transition to an unsecure card and will issue a reimbursement of your security deposit which will begin within seven months.

As with any other good secured card The Discover it(r) Secured Credit Card will be reported to all three credit reporting bureaus.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card *

This Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card* is always a top card. The recent growth in the amount of time we rely on Amazon for our daily needs is a good reason to consider it. If you’re spending the majority of your money on shopping using Amazon and other companies that are part of the Amazon ecosystem, you could be rewarded for it.

Rewards Cashback: 5% in rewards on Amazon.com as well as Whole Foods Market with a Prime membership. Prime membership. You can also earn 2percent cash back in gas stations, restaurants and drugstores, and 1percent on any other purchase

New Offers: Amazon.com gift card instantly upon card acceptance

The Annual Cost: $0. when you join Prime. Prime membership

Other benefits and drawbacks: If you’re not a frequent Amazon and Whole Foods shopper, this card is probably not the right choice for you. This $119 cost associated with Prime membership acts as an annual charge. If you’re already paying for it then there’s the benefit of having no extra cost for carrying.

Rewards can be redeemed as Amazon credit, with no limit. But, you are able to use your cash back to purchase the equivalent of a statement credit or direct deposit into a checking or savings account when your rewards balance is 20 or greater.

This card comes with many benefits that make it ideal for travel, such as no foreign transaction fee as well as travel accident insurance and the insurance for baggage delays. Additionally, it comes with perks such as Visa Signature’s luxury Hotel Collection and Concierge Service.

How Does a Credit Card Work?

A credit card may be used to purchase products or services in person or on the internet. When you apply and get approved for a credit card you’re provided with a line credit dependent on the credit scores of your, as well as other aspects such as your income.

One advantage of using a credit card instead of using cash or using a debit card could be the fact that it can be used as a temporary loan. When you use credit cards you’ll need to wait until the end of your period of billing to repay from your bank account the amount charged to the credit card. Additionally, you can earn rewards such as travel rewards or cash back with certain types of cards, as well as additional benefits such as travel and purchase security. However, in the event that you do not pay for the full amount the charge was made to your credit card you’ll be charged an interest rate on purchases that could be costly over the course of time.

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