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About this CISCO price increase event

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In the past few days, I believe that everyone is more concerned about the price increase of Cisco certification examination cost. News was finally confirmed today. The discussion in the QQ group was fierce and turbulent, and there were even words of protest and strike. Here, I would like to express my personal opinion. Views are for reference only.

First of all, there is no change in the price increase this time compared to the previous (last year) price. At the beginning, many places abroad raised prices, but China did not. Considering the recent RMB exchange rate, it is natural for China to increase prices now. Of course, the new CCNA exam cost is beyond the expectations of many people, and I think it is too unreasonable to double it!

Secondly, I don’t know how much the CCNP test costs for everyone, just take my personal experience as an example. Before the price increase, in Guangxi, the CCNP single subject was 1,200 Yuan, and 892 was 1,800 Yuan. According to the central parity rate of RMB against the US dollar of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange today, the exchange rate is 100:687.36, which is about 6.88 Yuan for 1 US dollar. In this way, the new single-subject examination fee is 150×6.88=1032 Yuan, which is lower than the examination cost of the test center before the price increase, so there is nothing to complain about.

As for the 892 exam cost, which everyone has a lot of opinions on, you should think about it this way. It was originally a two-in-one, so don’t fix the original 187.5. If the two-in-one just doesn’t make you cheap, why do you have to complain? Originally, 892 was launched to re-certify the CCNP. Recently, everyone is used to memorizing the question bank, and saving US dollar 62.5 is too accustomed to saving. It’s better to think this way. Many people want to take the exam in different places. After the two-in-one exam, even if the exam cost is not saved, the cost of transportation, accommodation, meals and time will be saved, so there is nothing to complain about.

In the end, the purpose of saying so much is not to discuss mathematics with everyone, but to tell everyone that you should read books, and you should prepare for the exams. Can everyone protesting here immediately change Cisco’s decision to raise prices? I don’t think it’s likely. Don’t disturb your study state and waste your time for some things that are nothing to worry about. It’s not worth it. Take your time and study hard.

 New price after price increase

 Double the price of CCNA!

 CCNP’s 901, 812, 825, 845 rose 20% per door

 CCNP’s 642-892 price increased by 60%

 CCSP rose 20% per door

 CCIE written exam rose 11.11%

 CCNA 802 was US dollar 125, now US dollar 250

 CCNP 892 was US dollar 187.5, now US dollar 300

 CCNP 901 was US dollar 125, now US dollar 150

 CCNP 812 was US dollar 125, now US dollar 150

 CCNP 825 was US dollar 125, now US dollar 150

 CCNP 845 was US dollar 125, now US dollar 150

 CCIE 350-001 was US dollar 315, now US dollar 350


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