AirPods Pro deals and sales for March 2022


You’re in the right place if you’re searching for AirPods Pro discounts. This guide will show you the best AirPods Pro deals online today.

AirPods Pro discounts are increasing over the $249/PS249 retail price of Apple’s premium headphones. We’re also seeing more sales due to the rumored AirPods 3 release. The MSRP for the AirPods Pro is significantly higher than that of the previous generation’s $159/PS159, but the buds have so much tech, it’s worth spending the time to find the best AirPods Pro deals.

We’re here to help you find the best AirPods Pro deals. After spending a lot of time researching the market, we are starting to see prices drop in many regions for the AirPods Pro. The record low price in the US is $169. This was a popular sales price during Black Friday. In the UK, prices have dropped to PS169 in past years. You can score a deal if you spot an AirPods Pro on sale at these prices.

Below are the best AirPods Pro deals today. We have compared prices from top online retailers so that you can find the lowest possible price.

Get the best AirPods Pro deals now

Find the best AirPods Pro sales and deals

For the best chance of finding the lowest price on AirPods Pro, check out our comparison chart and the retailers listed below. AirPods Pro’s standard price is $249/PS249 so be sure to not pay more during your deal hunt.


  • Amazon often offers the best AirPods Pro prices around
  • Newegg: flash sales can see record price lows
  • Best Purchase Regular Discounts down to $199
  • Verizon Matches Amazon for the best AirPods Pro deals


  • Amazon Regular Discounts Available
  • LaptopsDirect – has some of the most amazing AirPods Pro deals available
  • Argos – prices often match Amazon’s iPad Pro sales
  • Very Regular sales = lower prices
  • Currys Discounts available with fast shipping and price matching
  • John Lewis – Infrequent Sales, but Excellent Warranty Guarantees

AirPods Pro: When should you shop?

The true wireless headphones were released on October 19, 2019. Since then, AirPods Pro prices have dropped to their lowest during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday. These accessory products are often subject to price drops, so it’s a good idea to shop for AirPods before Apple releases its annual September/October release window.

Is it worth the price of an AirPods Pro?

The price of Apple’s premium true-wireless earbuds, despite all the AirPods Pro discounts, is significantly higher than the standard 2019 version. If you want a more luxurious experience, the AirPods Pro is worth the extra cost.

Apple has completely redesigned the buds. They have taken consumer complaints about previous generations’ fit into consideration and designed their new model to be both ear-friendly and flexible. There are three sizes of tips, and internal microphones measure how much audio is being received by the ear to determine if the right fit has been achieved.

AirPods Pro also includes the Transparency Mode. This allows certain sounds to pass through noise cancellation when necessary. Intelligent, active sound monitoring can be achieved via external and internal microphones that adjust your noise cancellation 200x per minute.

These improvements are the most significant over previous AirPods. They also have improved fit and noise cancellation. Apple also put a lot of effort into sound quality. The audio quality has been greatly improved by custom low-distortion amplifiers and high dynamic range amps. However, the Adaptive EQ feature will make your music more enjoyable. This clever little tech adjusts the sound of your music to your ears, tuning low and middle frequencies to your ear. It can also increase the audio’s quality and richness.

If you don’t like all that, check out the below comparison table for AirPods at a lower price


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