AirPods Won’t Connect To Android? Here’s How to Fix It!


It doesn’t seem like your AirPods are being paired with your Android device. AirPods can be used with Android devices, so don’t get discouraged! Continue reading to find out what to do if your AirPods don’t connect with Android.

AirPods Not Working on Other Devices?

AirPods can get confused when they are connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at once. This can cause problems with the sound quality and wireless connection between your AirPods and your phone.

You can make sure your AirPods don’t get overwhelmed by all the devices connected to them. The easiest thing to do is to disable Bluetooth on any personal technology other than your Android. The troubleshooting process should become much easier once your Bluetooth network is comprised of your Android and AirPods.

Pair Your AirPods To Your Android

Common reasons for connection problems with AirPods are that they aren’t paired to the device. It’s worth taking the time to ensure that your AirPods are connected to your Android. This will help you avoid confusion and may even lead you to the solution you seek.

Open the AirPods case, and then press the button at the back. Your AirPods will pair when the light in your case turns white.

Open Settings on your Android and select Bluetooth. Now your AirPods will be listed under Available Devices. Select the AirPods on your Android to complete the connection. After they are paired, they will be listed under the Paired Devices heading.

Reset Your AirPods

There are several things you can do if your AirPods don’t connect to your phone’s Bluetooth.

First, place your AirPods in their charging cases. Allow them to rest for approximately 10 seconds before removing them. Then, try again for a connection. You can try restarting your AirPods if that fails.

After placing your AirPods in their cases, press and hold the button at the back. For about 15 seconds, hold the button on the back until the orange light flashes. Open the case once you see the orange light. Next, pair your AirPods with your Android manually again.

Reset your Android’s Bluetooth Connection

If you haven’t been able to reset your AirPods, you may want to try restarting your Android phone’s Bluetooth connection. Go to Bluetooth. You will see a switch in the upper right corner of Android’s screen. This switch can be toggled off and on again to refresh your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.

After Bluetooth is turned on, you can reconnect to your AirPods.

Restart Your Android Device

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is to simply reboot it. This will fix any software issues that might have been causing you problems. Keep holding down the power button until a list appears. Tap restart to reboot your device. This can take up to a moment.

What if my AirPods’ volume is too low?

Android users often experience a problem when listening to audio via AirPods. The volume is transmitted successfully through the AirPods but it sounds strangely quiet.

iOS automatically syncs iPhone’s volume to AirPods so that audio remains consistent between both devices. Androids have different settings for volume and Bluetooth transmission volume.

To increase the volume of your AirPods, use to switch between the volume up and down buttons. Tap the downward arrow to open the audio control popup. After you have opened this menu, you should see several sliders. To increase the volume of your AirPods, adjust the slider label Bluetooth or Media.

This slider will change during a phone conversation and be labeled Call volumeinstead. Bluetooth devices can be set up to listen to stereo or mono audio and then transmit it as a separate mode.

How to Adjust AirPods Volume from a Samsung Galaxy Phone

The volume buttons on most Samsung Galaxy Phones are not able to change the media volume. They change the ringer volume by default. This is a problem if you want to adjust your AirPods’ volume even if there is no music playing. There is an easy way to make your volume buttons control the media volume automatically.

Navigate to Settings -> Sounds and vibrations -> Volume. Tap the switch next to Use volume keys for media. This will allow you to control the volume of your AirPods even if music isn’t playing.

Some older Samsung Galaxy phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, have Bluetooth audio controls that are different than other Android phones. Open Settings and go to Connectivity. Next, select Bluetooth. To access the Advanced menu, tap on the Bluetooth screen. Finally, enable Media Volume Synchro. This does not apply to Samsung Galaxy S9 and later.

This step is the same as for an iOS device. You should eliminate the discrepancy in volume between your Galaxy and your AirPods.

Apple Repairs Your AirPods

If you have tried everything else, it is worth taking your AirPods to a technician to be repaired.

Schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar if you live near an Apple Store. You can avoid long lines at Apple Stores by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Your device will also be examined upon arrival. A certified Apple technician will examine your AirPods and provide a quote on the cost of repairs.

You can also use Apple’s mail-in repair services if you don’t want to visit an Apple Store. 

There are no more missed connections

Your AirPods have now connected to your Android. This article can be shared on social media for your family and friends to show them what to do if their AirPods don’t connect with their Android. Do you have any questions? You can leave your questions in the comments below!


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