AMC Announces Negan and Maggie’s ‘Isle Of The Dead’ Walking Dead Spin-Off


Update – I swear that I didn’t have any insider information. This was just an honest guess. AMC has announced that a Negan AND Maggie spinoff will take place in Manhattan.

The Walking Dead is continuing to dig into its comic-based Commonwealth storyline. Last night’s episode was about Eugene, a conspiracy-stricken character. It turns out that everyone conspired against Eugene. A populist revolt is brewing in the region. However, a few high-profile characters have disappeared, one more than others.

At least we know where Maggie and Lydia are. The Walking Dead already suggests that the Hilltop’s remnants will find themselves in a conflict with The Commonwealth. The show also buried Negan in an unknown place.

Following the events of several episodes ago, when Negan sees Maggie surrendering Reapers to him, he realizes he shouldn’t wait for her to kill himself so he runs.

This is the comic “ending”, where Negan rides off into the sunset after the Whisperer War and never comes back, even though he flash-forwards a lot. This should technically be the last time we see Negan on The Walking Dead, if the source material is being used.

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AMC has plans for future projects in the Walking Dead universe post-season 11. I believe they will create a Negan spinoff.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan loves Negan more than any actor I’ve ever seen. He jumped at the chance to play it sight unseen when it was first cast. AMC also has a strong relationship with Morgan. They gave him and his wife their own series about the pandemic, where they had other actors join them in chats on Friday Night In With The Morgans. AMC is also close to Norman Reedus who will be getting his own series with Carol’s Melissa McBride.

This topic has been discussed before. Morgan spoke to TVLine in fall 2021 about possible spin-offs of Negan.

He said, “There have been discussions with me and my network people.” “We’ll see. “We’ll see.

“I sort of know how this season has been so far and we’re opening up windows here and there to allow for more Negan stories.”

This is a departure from comics. However, AMC knows that Negan has become a fan favorite character and Morgan is willing to continue playing him indefinitely. It is possible that a Negan spinoff is being planned even though Negan is not currently on the main series. He may not be for a while. It is possible that he will return, and it could lead to a spin-off. Take my word for it.

If true, it would mean that The Walking Dead universe after season 11 could be the Daryl & Carol show, Tales from the Walking Dead or the anthology series Fear the Walking Dead. I expect this to end in another season or so, then there is the possibility of a Negan spin-off. The Rick Grimes movies are still a mystery, but I believe they should bring him back for an actual series. You could even do a Rick and Negan series. That’s a great idea, but it’s a different day.

Trust me. I know how AMC works. If they can make Negan spin-offs happen logistically, then you can bet that they will.


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