Another Galaxy S7 Catches Fire, Samsung Investigating Incident


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is hot and the news about it is becoming more frequent. This could be a concern for the company.

There have been many cases of smoke-emitting devices being reported online.

The latest incident, which saw the smartphone set itself ablaze by its owner, follows a Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 that released smoke inside a car.

The victim was a student at North China Conservancy and Hydropower University. As she slept, her Galaxy S7 started emitting smoke.

Galaxy S7 Fires

The incident occurred on March 4, while the victim was asleep. While she was sleeping, her phone caught fire from her mattress.

According to reports, the victim was purchased the device by her friend in September 2016. According to reports, the victim’s friend bought the device in September 2016.

The owner of the device also uploaded a photo of the charred Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 to Weibo. 

The Galaxy S7 is not the only one in the news. Shaunique Lamb was driving when she was struck by smoke.

Daniel Ramirez sued the company after the Galaxy S7 exploded. This caused third-degree burns. She was able to get a refund and a new device.

Why is this so difficult?

A smartphone can catch fire if it is overheated. An unstable device can also cause an explosion.

These cases are becoming more frequent every day. It is also a good idea not to leave your phone in bed at night.

What Does Samsung Say?

After the tragedy, the Galaxy S7 owner immediately contacted Samsung China customer service. Samsung might ask the owner to send the damaged device to be examined.


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