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Apple acknowledges AirPods Pro issues, will replace those that crackle and rattle

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Are your AirPods Pro earbuds making bizarre noises?  You’re now no longer imagining it  and you’re now no longer the best one.

Just some months after Apple commenced delivery of the AirPods Pro, a few customers commenced noticing that one or each in their earbuds had been damaged or crackling. The noises could reportedly worsen each time the consumer moved, and could from time to time best broaden after months of use.

Apple didn’t say an excessive amount of it at first, however could generally update crackling earbuds in case you took the time to hit up support. A few oldsters right here at TechCrunch have had the rattle rear its head on our personal AirPods Pro buds… best to have it pop up once more with inside the replacements.

It appears the hassle has turned out to be great sufficient for a respectable acknowledgement: nowadays Apple released an “AirPods Pro Service professionalgram” (as initial mentioned via approach of means of Mark Gurman) notably for swapping out noise buds.

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A newly posted assist web page outlines the capability symptoms, each of which advocate the problem has to do with the noise cancellation system:

Crackling or static sounds that boom in loud environments, with workout or even as speaking at the phone

Active Noise Cancellation now no longer operating as expected, which include a lack of bass sound, or an boom in history sounds, which include avenue or plane noise

Apple notes that handiest devices made earlier than October 2020 are affected, suggesting they’ve constantly the problem in devices now coming off the line. The assist web page time and again says defective devices will be “replaced” instead than “repaired” — so for the maximum part, it seems like turnaround has to be quite quick.

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