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Apple Launched iOS 15 with Powerful Changes

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Here is good news for the Apple iPhone users that Apple has recently launched iOS 15 which directly indicates the annual upgrade of the mobile software version. No doubt, Apple has always maintained its market reputation among its users and it has also introduced a lot of changes in the new iOS. The market of Apple devices in the market is high because it has kept in their notice every point that should be effective for the users. Before going to discuss the interesting features of iOS 15 in detail, here we will let you know the supportive Apple iPhone models for iOS 15 respectively.

Which Mobile Phone Models iOS 15 will Support?

Here is another interesting fact you will see in Apple products that it will provide their users every fresh update to previous models as well. Android is not much support here with their mobile phone models and here Apple won the game completely. The newly released iOS 15 is compatible with Apple iPhone 6S to iPhone 13 models. This release of iOS will be the last for iPhone 6S. other models of iPhone will get the new iOS update and this feature you might not see in Android phones respectively.

It is quite easy for you to get know that your iPhone is compatible with this update or not. Just you need to open the settings of the iPhone model you have and click on Software Update and there you will see the iOS notification. Download it and install it on your iPhone to enjoy the latest features respectively.

Here we will share with you the top features of iOS 15 and you will also get to know what type of interesting facts Apple has filled in this software update respectively.

Interesting iOS 15 Features You Need to Know

Following are the newly added features of Apple in their iOS for their users are as follows.

·         A Fancier FaceTime

Let’s start with the facetime application changes and iOS 15 has changed the old feature or interface of facetime with an attractive landscape video solution. This update of facetime will also focus on the face of the user and it will blur the background of the video call and any type of bad factor in the background will be hidden during important video calling on facetime. For instance, you have an urgent meeting with your client and the background look of your house is quite bad. The best solution Apple has introduced in the FaceTime app is that it will blur the background and it will only focus on the face of the person in the video calling session.

·         New Ways to Focus

Here is another interesting option you will see in iOS 15 that has added a focus option that will provide you the chance to set your preferences of notifications during work or you are at home or you are going to sleep respectively. Everything will be set as per your desire and need. Your iPhone will respond to the notifications as per your settings now. You are free to set the preferences and it will never make you feel down by this upgrade. Many people have found this update useful and effective all the way. Moreover, they have appreciated this added feature in iOS 15 respectively.

·         A Better Safari Experience

As we all agree with the statement that Safari is one of the best search engines of all. You will also see different types of changes in it. The search bar has shifted from upside to downward respectively. Isn’t it amazing? You can perfectly view multiple tabs without typing the website URL again and again. Side slide the tabs and you will have the desired website in Infront of you.

·         Improved Maps

Apple Maps data has been improved a lot and it has also added a lot of new features. Travelers will surely appreciate this upgrade. A user will see a 3D map during the use and it will also assist you by speaking and navigation will be helpful for you all the way. Maps will let you know where you have to get off and you just have to point your phone just in Infront of the location or building and you will get the suggestion by Apple respectively.

·         Notification Changes

Now you will also see that iOS has worked well over changes in notification style. No doubt, the respective change is quite effective and you might find this change effective and attractive all the way. Apple is continuously adding new and attractive features in the new updates of the iOS respectively.

·         Improved Health Application

The health app has also improved and it has added a new feature that you can better share your complete health chart with your friends and family members. This amazing feature was not added to this app but, now you are free to use this option as well. Isn’t it amazing? There is no need to visit the medical consultant if you are facing any type of health issue. You can share your chart to get useful suggestions from the medical consultant.

·         Improved Weather Application

The weather application has also been upgraded with 10 days weather updates. It has also added other features on the same page and the old theme of the weather application has been changed all the way. Many people have appreciated this change and they find it helpful and attractive all the way too.

·         Improved Security Features

As we all have the idea that Apple has always had a deep concern with its user security feature and it has slightly improved fencing around data and information of their users respectively. iCloud has also improved with a two-way verification option which is quite good and impressive for the users respectively.

Final Thoughts

All these updates are most important and users prefer to use these options regularly. A lot of other changes have been applied by Apple for its users all over the world respectively. If you have an iPhone upgraded model, upgrade your iPhone with an iOS 15 update and enjoy all these interesting features.

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