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AR-15 Barrel: Different Types And How To Choose One

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The barrel is the most important part of the gun after the trigger and firing pin. In an AR-15, the part is highly customizable and can be modified for different purposes. Since AR-15 can be customized in more than one way, the barrel is no different, as various options are available in the market. However, if you know the basics of the barrel, you can cut or modify it according to your style and usage.Similarly, you can build a customized rifle using an 80 lowers receiver. 80 Percent Arms has 80% lowers for sale, which you can use to customize and build your AR-15 rifle. Following is a complete guide to different types of barrels and choosing the best one. 

Types of Barrels

Before delving into details, it is important to know different barrel types. Depending on your usage, there are three types of barrels to choose from. The main difference is in their length and weight, which massively affect the fire performance and bullet speed. Following are the three types;

  1. Lightweight Barrels

As the name suggests, they are lightweight barrels and can be used for multiple purposes. For example, if you want to enjoy the rifle at a gun range, this type of barrel is the ideal choice. They are also inexpensive and have a great life, which makes them suitable for casual gun enthusiasts. However, due to its lightweight, it cannot handle rigorous firing routines. For its length, experts suggest using a 16″ or 20″ inch variant for better fire accuracy. 

  1. Mid-Weight Barrels

This class of barrels is also known as general-purpose barrels due to their reliability under extreme conditions. Since it has more weight than a light one, it can handle extreme firing situations. However, this barrel type is a bit expensive, but the performance is worth each penny. Like lightweight ones, 16″ and 20″ inch length is ideal for this barrel type as they would help in accurate shooting and sustained firepower. Remember to shoot in short bursts with this barrel type, as heating can deform its shape. 

  1. Precision Barrels

As the name suggests, these barrel types are built for precision and are generally used by military people. The barrel type can sustain extended fire periods without worrying about overheating and other such issues. However, this option is more expensive than the previous ones but the rewards justify the price.


The length of the barrel is significant to its performance. Most barrels are 16” inch in size however, they can be altered according to usage. For example, a 7″ to 10″ inch barrel is ideal for close quarters however, if you want accuracy over longer distance than a 20″ inch barrel, is perfect. The barrels can be cut or extended easily, but you must define the purpose beforehand. 

The choice of barrel mainly depends on your usage; however, there is potential for mistakes while making a choice. Therefore, consult all the barrel types against your usability to make a perfect choice. 

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