Are AirPods not working on phone calls? Here’s the Fix!


Your AirPods are not working properly when you try to make a call using them. Either you can’t hear them or you can’t hear them. This article will explain why your AirPods won’t work on phone calls, and how to fix it.

Are You Using The Tile App?

The Tile Bluetooth tracker is small and easy to use for keeping track of misplaced items. Install the Tile app to locate and set up Tiles. Although Tile is a great tool for finding lost items, it can sometimes cause problems with AirPods.

Close the Tile app and then re-open the call. You can also check this discussion thread at Apple’s website for information from others who have experienced similar issues.

Place your AirPods back in their case and try again

Sometimes, the easiest solution is often the best! We recommend that you place your AirPods in their charging cases for a short time. Next, you can use them to make another call.

If your AirPods don’t work again after you have completed this step, it is likely that you had a minor connectivity problem. Allowing your AirPods to rest for a while may allow them to establish a new connection with your phone.

Turn Bluetooth off & back

Similar to our previous suggestion, you can turn Bluetooth off on your iPhone and then back on to fix minor AirPods connectivity problems.

Open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth. To turn Bluetooth off, tap on the switch labeled Bluetooth. Next, tap the switch labeled Bluetooth to turn it back on. To see if the problem persists, turn Bluetooth back on and then use your AirPods to make a call.

Disconnect your iPhone from Other Bluetooth Devices

Are you currently connected to other Bluetooth devices with your iPhone? It’s possible that the Bluetooth connection is interfering with your AirPods connection. Your AirPods will be less likely to interfere with other Bluetooth devices if you disconnect your iPhone.

Open the Bluetooth tab within your iPhone’s Setting. To disconnect your iPhone with another Bluetooth device, click on the “Disconnect” button. Next, tap the blue icon beside the device that you wish to disconnect. Next, tap Disconnect.

Use your AirPods as a Bluetooth Device

If your AirPods don’t respond to phone calls, it is possible to reconnect them completely to your iPhone. You can do this by first removing them from your Bluetooth device and then reconnecting them to the iPhone.

Go back to Settings and then tap Bluetooth. Next, tap the blue icon beside your AirPods. Scroll down and tap Forget this Device to completely disconnect them from your iPhone.

Open your AirPods charging bag when you are ready to connect them. Follow the prompts on your iPhone to connect your devices.

Factory Reset Your AirPods

To resolve any software issues with your AirPods, a factory reset is the final step. This will restore your AirPods back to their factory settings. After the reset, you will experience the same sensation when you attempt to reconnect your AirPods to your iPhone.

Place your AirPods into their charging case and then close the lid. After waiting 30 seconds, open Bluetooth Settings on the iPhone. Tap the blue icon next to your AirPods. Tap Forget this Device and confirm that you wish to permanently forget about your AirPods.

Keep the AirPods charging case lid closed. Press and hold the setup button at the back of your case. For around 15 seconds, keep holding the setup button. After that, the status light should flash amber and then turn white. Your AirPods should then be completely reset once the status light turns to white.

Keep your charging case lid closed and connect your AirPods to your iPhone. Follow the prompts to reset your AirPods. You will need to reset your AirPods settings if you have changed them before the reset.

All AirPods are welcome

This article should have helped you resolve the problem with your AirPods not connecting to your phone when you call. We’d love to hear from you if there are any other solutions that we haven’t covered in this article. Thank you for reading!


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