Are You Using a Smart TV & a Fire Stick? (YES, Here’s Why…)


“My smart TV already supports some apps like Netflix, Disney, and Hulu. Why would I need a Fire Stick, or any other streaming device?

Your smart TV might have streaming video, music, and gaming apps but not a product such as the Fire Stick video streaming product.

What are you going to need if your Fire Stick and smart TV work together?

A Fire Stick is not required if you own a smart TV. However, it offers more content options and menu navigation as well as a faster loading time. With a smoother load time, faster loading, frequent updates and fewer trash or “throwaway”, you can control your remote.

You might want to purchase a Fire Stick streaming device even if your smart television is already setup.


What is a Fire Stick?

Fire Stick allows you to access both free and paid TV shows and movies through one interface. This is your central point for all your entertainment needs.

It is easy to compare it to an iPhone.

It is also very simple to set up and use.

Fire Stick continues to outshine smart TVs in almost every aspect.

Additional Content

Television options weren’t so limited a few years ago. Either you had cable, or you didn’t.

The introduction of premium channels like HBO, Showtime, or Starz was a major step forward. This premium content was available for an additional fee, but it was far better than cable TV.

The streaming of premium content was a new trend that began in 2000, with Netflix and other companies leading this charge.

The Hulus and Amazon Primes as well as Disney Pluses began to appear all over the world soon after Netflix’s success. This increased consumer access to great content has led to a rapid rise in the popularity of Netflix.

The way we view TV has changed drastically from one that was based on cable to one that is based upon streaming apps.

This is why smart TVs were invented.

These companies were keen to make streaming easy for their customers, so TV manufacturers began to work with them to integrate their apps into their TVs.

It was great in some ways (e.g., you could access it from your TV), but not others.

Worst of all, TV companies must negotiate with streaming service providers to allow them to place their content on their TVs. These deals can sometimes be “exclusive”.

All of this is to say that your smart television does not have all the apps.

Fire Stick is the answer.

Fire Stick, a streaming service with a large user base, is one of the most loved streaming services. Fire Stick is where streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming apps are.

Fire Stick can access many streaming apps.

For smart TVs, this is not the case.

Amazing User Experience

Original business of TV manufacturers was to produce and sell TVs (hardware), rather than software. It still does.

Vizio, Sony and LG began looking for smart TVs. They also created teams of engineers and designers to design the interface you use to launch Netflix.

These “smart” features were seen more as “add-ons” to the TV. The interfaces they created aren’t intuitive or user-friendly.

Many of these TVs can make it difficult to find streaming apps.

These streaming apps were created with Fire Stick.

Fire Stick was conscious of your needs from the start when it developed its software. You can organize the menus and apps however you wish.

Fire Stick can be used in conjunction with an iPhone.

Remote Control

Fire Stick’s remote control is an important feature.

My experience is that the remote for a TV you get when you purchase a TV has more buttons than 50.

It can be difficult to use.

Fire Stick remotes can be simple (see a theme?). The remotes typically have less than 20 buttons, but each button serves a purpose.

It offers basic functionality, such as changing volume or channel. However, it also has “quick-launch” buttons for streaming services like Netflix and Disney.

These buttons let you quickly launch the applications. It’s not difficult.

You can use the remote to organize your apps homepage and move your favourite apps to the top.

You can also download Fire Stick Remote App to your smartphone.

This is very useful because I often lose my remotes but never my iPhone.

Increased speed

Speed is where Smart TVs are slow in two main areas:

The first is the hardware side.

Most smart TVs have relatively

powering%20an%20Apple.replace%20on%20a%20regular%20basis./a> “>weak processors that are unable to keep up with streaming apps such as Netflix.

I personally experienced significant lag while streaming apps were used via the smart TV interface.

Software is considered the second speed limit.

Streaming apps focus on building and integrating their app to the most popular platforms. There are currently four major players: Roku (Apple), Amazon, (Amazon), and Google.

You are unlikely to be one of these companies.

It is slow, buggy and sometimes even freezes

Get more frequent updates

The same reason (major streaming app developers don’t spend a lot of time or resources creating their app for other people) also has an impact on software upgrades.

Software is never finished. Software is constantly evolving and hopefully improving.

They are made available to existing users as updates.

Fire Stick updates and fixes are faster than any other smart TV versions.

It’s all about you, the consumer. The majority of consumers are on Fire Stick. Fire Stick makes perfect sense to focus consumers’ energy there.

Fewer Throwaway Apps

The junk that smart TV interfaces add is a major problem.

It is not uncommon for obscure streaming apps to be integrated into the interface of a TV manufacturer.

Fire Stick allows you to have complete control over your app menu.

You see an app that you don’t want? No problem, delete it. Are you unable to see the app that you subscribed to?

Don’t worry, you can search for it and download the file. Then, arrange your menu so that it appears at the top.

Fire Stick is able to grasp simple concepts that smart TVs cannot.


In certain circumstances, buying Fire Stick or any other streaming service is not necessary.

The first is if you don’t use the smart aspect of your smart television.

If you don’t watch any streaming or cable, don’t buy a Fire Stick.

Yes, smart TV can work even without an internet connection.

Additionally, a lot of gaming systems like XBox and Playstation have streaming services that work well.

These are the best to try before you buy a Fire Stick.

Finally, you don’t have to buy an extra device by simply buying a smart TV that has FireTV built in.

This route has been taken by many TV manufacturers, including Insignia as well as Toshiba.


Can you use a Fire Stick with a smart TV?

You can use the Fire Stick with any smart TV with an HDMI port. Fire Stick offers a better experience than most smart TVs, and almost all apps are available on the Fire Stick platform.

Can you use a Fire Stick with a non-smart television?

Fire Stick is compatible with non-smart televisions. Amazon Fire Stick makes your TV smarter! You only need an HDMI port and internet access at home.


Do you really need a Fire Stick even if your smart TV already has one? No matter if you have a smart television, you should still consider purchasing a Fire Stick streaming device. Fire Stick:

  • A better interface
  • a simpler remote
  • Faster loading
  • More frequent updates
  • Apps that are less likely to be “thrown away”


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