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Bench ideas for the garden: wooden, metal, and storage benches 2022

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Garden benches that are well-made can make all the difference in outdoor spaces.

Are you looking for the best garden benches available? We’ve selected our top picks for 2022, including the wooden garden bench and metal outdoor seating.

No matter how big or small your garden is, it’s important to have somewhere to relax and enjoy it. The best garden benches will allow you to enjoy your garden year round. Take your morning coffee outside to enjoy the fresh air and take in your favourite view.

Garden benches this year are selling out fast, as is the case for most garden furniture. We’ve selected the most popular options, the ones with the fastest lead-times and those that we believe are worth the wait.

Are you looking to fully furnish your outdoor space? You want to furnish your outdoor space fully? Check out our guide to the top garden furniture. Or, you can read on to discover the best garden bench to fit your needs.


Here are some top tips to find the perfect garden bench

Wooden garden benches have a long history. Choose teak or hardwood options that can withstand the elements. These woods are strong and durable and have a high oil content. Teak wood can be left to weather to a soft silvery-grey tone or sealed with a wood preserver to prolong its life span.

Metal garden benches can be decorative and add a unique element to your garden. They can withstand the elements as long as they are galvanised or powder coated. Keep in mind, however, that metal garden benches can get extremely hot in the sun and cold in winter so outdoor cushions are a must to keep them comfortable.

A rattan sofa or garden bench will add beauty and elegance to your garden. However, rattan is not as weather-resistant than wood or metal so it will need to be stored somewhere dry and covered during inclement weather.

A garden bench seat can be used as a storage bench in a small garden. It provides space for tools and equipment to be stored away, but also serves as seating. Our small-scale garden design has more ideas.

The best garden benches


Richmond Bench, Garden Trading

This timeless, metal garden bench is inspired by London’s formal park benches. It will seamlessly blend into any kind of garden, urban or country, and it has been inspired by London’s formal park benches.

The powder-coated steel design can be ordered in ‘carbon Black’ or foliage Green’. It is designed to withstand weather and time.


Wooden Garden Bench Seat, Arbour Garden Solutions

Teak wood is the most durable material for garden benches, but it can be quite expensive.

This pressure-treated wooden seat is an economical option for a garden bench made from FSC certified timber.

You can also order the ideal size garden benches for your space. They are available in sizes from 2ft to 6ft.


Cannes Bench, Cox & Cox

This garden bench seat in rattan with wingback arms is a beautiful addition to your garden or conservatory.

A matching Cannes garden storage box is available, perfect for storing outdoor essentials. The set also includes a modular dining table.


Primrose Garden Bench, Raft Furniture

The curved armrests of this teak garden bench have a modern feel due to their linear slatted design and linear slats.

This bench seat is available in two- or three-seat versions, with weather-proof cushions.


Plank Bench, Skagerak

This contemporary wooden bench seat, made from FSC-certified teak wood by Skagerak Danish design studio is a great choice if you like a classic with a modern twist.

The large backrest was designed to accommodate a book, a cup of tea or – if you’re feeling particularly spirited – an evening aperitif.


Tanso Teak Garden Bench, Case

This bench seat is inspired by Japanese furniture’s simplicity. Its ergonomic curves and detailed craftsmanship make it easy to decide if you want it to live indoors or outdoors.

The garden will be able to withstand the elements and last for many years.

Palissade Metal Bench, Hay

Hay’s Palissade Outdoor Bench is a modern alternative to a metal bench seat. It features a fluid contemporary design with minimal aesthetics.

This versatile bench seat is available in black, green, and galvanised steel finishes. It also comes with a wide range of outdoor furniture options.


Eden Garden Storage Bench, Keter

This garden storage bench made of wood-effect polypropylene is practical and useful for gardeners who don’t have a shed to store their tools and other outdoor paraphernalia.

The lockable storage compartment can hold two adults.


12 best garden benches:

Are you looking for the best garden benches to enhance your outdoor space? An outdoor bench can be used year round, regardless of the size of your garden or lawn.

Multifunctional outdoor benches are the best. They can double up as outside seating or serve as a focal point for your garden. Some benches have hidden storage that is super handy for storing your garden’s essentials.

Are you unsure which material is best? This guide will help you decide which material to choose.

This guide will help you find the best outdoor benches for your patio, balcony, or terrace, whether you are looking for a traditional wooden garden bench or a metal loveseat.



Seats: 3

Although this contemporary wooden garden bench might seem expensive, it is made from reclaimed teak. The solid hardwood bench is built to last. This garden classic is large enough to comfortably seat three people. The geometric backrest design adds a modern touch to outdoor spaces.



Seating capacity: 2 | Material: PE-rattan and metal

The compact, contemporary PE-rattan bench seat makes a great choice for modern gardens. You can also stack them if you have more space. The Acapulco-style design gives the patio a more sculptural feel. While the grey colour is great for adding some Scandi flair, the data-merchant-data If you prefer a brighter colour, John Lewis & Partner’s Salsa Acapulco seat is available in vibrant turquoise or a two-tone sunny yellow.



Seats: 3

Sir Edwin Lutyens created the Lutyens Bench. He was a British architect who designed many English country homes in the early 1900s. He also worked regularly with Gertrude Jekyll, a garden designer and horticulturist. A variety of manufacturers now replicate the Lutyens bench (also known as a Sissinghurst or Marlborough bench). This teak option features a large three-seater frame and distinctive rolled arms.



Seats: 2

This bench was designed by Ronan Bouroullec and Erwan Bouroullec, French brothers. The bench is available in either black or powder-coated olive green, as well as a galvanised-steel option. Its timeless, minimalist curves give the garden a more spacious feel. You can mix and match 14 pieces of outdoor furniture to create a customised set for your outdoor space.



Seats: 3

This classic design is the perfect wooden garden bench. It was designed by Barlow Tyrie (the company behind the famous London Bench), and it’s a well-known sight in many public parks. While you can find a teak version further down the list, this solid eucalyptus option is more affordable. However, it will require more maintenance, such as a regular application of wood preservatives. The simple, sturdy design will fit in any garden.



Seats: 1-2

Even if your patio is small or you have a bijou balcony, you don’t have to miss out on the bench fun. A foldable design can save space and allow you to store it away when you’re not using it. This small Charles Bentley model is just the right size, thanks to its powder-coated steel construction that provides enough space for two people and a slatted seating that allows for quick drying after a downpour.



This multifunctional bench is perfect for smaller gardens. It offers seating for two and hidden storage for tools and plant pots in the storage box underneath. Although the bench’s affordable price is a plus, it is made from fir wood, which is not as durable as a softwood and doesn’t feel as strong. It will last a lot longer if it is treated with a wood preserver.



Seats: 2

This Barker and Stonehouse fibre-reinforced concrete bench chair will make a minimalist statement in your urban garden. The clean lines and sharp edges can be used to highlight sculptural plantings or offset frothy borders of grasses. You can also pair the matching Geradis concrete outdoor furniture collection with the dining table, coffee table and stool to enhance the look.



Seats: 2

Cane-Line, a Danish brand, has more than 30 years experience in designing and producing comfortable and functional furniture. Its outdoor furniture is well-known for its quality and timeless Nordic design. The two-seat bench is a good investment. It combines rust-resistant aluminium with hardwearing teak and durable teak. This will make it a long-term investment.


The bamboo-effect PE rattan garden bench features a round frame and a cocoon-shaped seating area. It is topped with coordinating bench cushions for comfort. The black lines add a sculptured quality to any space.



Seats: 3

Although the teak version is more expensive than the eucalyptus alternative, it will last longer and be more durable. Teak timber is one of the hardest-wearing hardwoods. To preserve the honeyed colour, you can either keep the teak oil on hand or let the bench weather to a silver-grey patina.



This bold design will add an element of elegance to any outdoor space. Pair with the equally eye-catching 


The best wooden benches should be both durable, beautiful, and practical. What makes a wooden bench durable? It should be strong enough to withstand the British weather without needing too much maintenance. Below are the pros and cons for some of the most popular wooden benches materials.



A wooden garden bench is the most classic look. Depending on the type of wood you choose, it will look great in a country cottage garden.

Wood blends easily into many outdoor settings because it is an organic material. However, its popularity goes beyond aesthetics.

Wood’s thermal properties make it comfortable in all seasons. It doesn’t heat up in the sun, nor does it get too cold in winter. Hardwood garden furniture is highly durable, with very little maintenance. Unfortunately, the surface absorbs water so you will need to wait for it to dry after a rainstorm (or get a waterproof outdoor cushion).


Is outdoor furniture waterproof? 

The article will provide more information. But, for a quick overview, here are the hardwoods to watch out for:

Teak has been long valued for its strength, durability, and tendency to weather to beautiful silver/grey patinas over time. This slow-growing wood is incredibly dense and has a high natural oil content, which prevents moisture penetrating the wood. It is one of the most costly outdoor furniture woods because of its slow growth and toughness to make. It is at risk of being harvested sustainably as demand exceeds supply. Reclaimed teak wood is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. Also, make sure you look for FSC certification. This will ensure that the tree was felled in a managed forest and has not contributed to deforestation.

Acacia and Eucalyptus are far more economical than teak and so they are quickly becoming a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Although the wood grain is less dense than teak they can still be used outdoors with minimal maintenance. Their faster growing habits allow them to produce more wood in a shorter time, although it’s important to check for FSC certification.

Unspecified timber – If a wooden garden bench does not specify what type of timber it is made from, it could be a softwood that will not last outdoors. It could be an oversight by the retailer so don’t hesitate to ask. However, if you find a wooden bench at a great price but a nameless wood’ build, then it may need to be replaced sooner than expected. This will impact whether the garden bench is really worth its cost.

These hardwoods can be maintained with minimal upkeep. Each year, a coat of wood preserver should be applied. You can also read our top tips to keep your wooden garden bench in great condition in our How to Clean Wooden Garden Furniture guide.



A metal garden bench is low-maintenance and does not require the same upkeep as a wooden bench.

A metal decorative bench with intricate scroll detailing and arms is ideal for a formal or country setting. The simple silhouette of a modern garden bench will add a sense of sculpture to urban settings.

An outdoor metal bench has the added benefit of being easy to dry or wipe down after a downpour. However, metal can get very hot in direct sunlight or extremely cold in cold conditions. While powder-coating may reduce the scorch factor on hot summer days, outdoor cushions are still necessary for comfortable seating.

Metals are durable and affordable. It all depends on the type of metal you choose. You’ll find three main types of metals in garden bench manufacturing: iron, steel, and aluminium.

Although they don’t absorb water, most metals can oxidise when exposed to moisture. This is what causes unsightly, and eventually corrosive, rust. This problem is dealt with by manufacturers in different ways depending on the material.

Iron and steel are generally the most affordable options. However, steel is particularly corrosive when it comes to moisture. To protect the metal, powder-coating it with a tough, yet thin layer of paint is a good option. This protects the metal beneath from the elements and acts as a barrier against moisture. If chipping occurs, it is important to quickly repaint damaged areas to stop water getting in. Joints and fixings are also a weakness. It’s difficult to powder-coat areas where screws might damage the surface. Bubbling paint or orange streaks are often the first signs of oxidisation.

Aluminium – This metal forms a thin layer of oxidised material that acts as a barrier against further oxidation. It is more resistant to corrosion. Powder-coating is only for aesthetic purposes. It doesn’t prevent moisture from getting into joints or rust formation. The powder-coating is lightweight, making it easy to move around your garden. However, you may need to store it on windy days. Although aluminium garden furniture can be more expensive than iron or steel, it is likely to offer the best long-term value.



A less obvious option, synthetic rattan and polyrattan garden benches are becoming more popular due to their contemporary designs and relative affordability.

What we commonly refer to as “rattan” garden furniture is actually a polymer, also known as PE-rattan and polyrattan. This plastic is man-made and designed to mimic the natural look of natural rattan.

Polyrattan is more durable than natural rattan. It’s low maintenance, waterproof, and frost-resistant. However, polyrattan is not environmentally friendly as it uses recycled plastic fibres.

A rattan garden bench with good durability will need to have a sturdy frame. Most designs are woven around metal bases that can vary in quality.

Uncoated steel frames will rust quickly when exposed to the elements. Powder-coated steel is protected by an extra barrier. A rust-resistant aluminium frame will outperform any steel frame.

The price will reflect the differences in the base metal of the frames. Longer-lasting aluminium frames are generally more expensive. If you want the best outdoor furniture, don’t let price be your only consideration. Read the small print to find out what your rattan garden furniture is made from before you make a purchase.


garden wooden benches to suit every outdoor space

The sales of garden furniture have boomed. They grew by 120 percent in the first three months alone. This is because many people continue to socialise outside amid the coronaviruses and long summer nights. It is so popular that many retailers warn that supply could be limited due to Brexit and delays in imports.

It’s crucial to have comfortable, durable, and stylish outdoor seating because we spend more time in our gardens now than ever before.

Benches are the most versatile choice, and they can be used in smaller spaces.

When it comes to selecting the right bench, materials are important. Wood looks great outdoors. It is heavy and will need to be protected from the elements. However, wood can develop a beautiful weathered look over time. Forest Stewardship Council certification is a sign that the tree comes from legally managed forests that have provided economic, environmental and social benefits. You can also leave teak outdoors all year. However, it is extremely durable and expensive. Eucalyptus is more affordable and offers similar durability.

Metal is light but can rust easily and may require repainting. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on winter storage for all materials and ensure you have enough space.

Our independent reviews are reliable. Although we may be paid commission by some retailers, this does not affect our independent reviews. Through these subscriptions, we can fund our journalism. 


The Best: for minimalists

Dimensions H45cm, W120cm, and D35cm

This chunky two-seater can be used as an additional seating option without taking up too much space. This online exclusive comes with a 15-year guarantee against fungal decay and rot. The wood used is pressure-treated FSC-certified.


For graceful good looks

Dimensions H82.2cm, W135cm, x D54.4cm

Its weathered, water-resistant finish has a tactile graininess that gives it a feeling of being in the garden for years. Its simple design with circular cut-out details along the backrest makes it suitable for both traditional and modern gardens. It is made from FSC-certified Eucalyptus and has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Charles Taylor wooden garden 2 seater bench

Dimensions: H98cmxW118cmxD74cm

This sturdy, slatted 2-seater is made in the UK. Its curvaceous design encourages you to relax and enjoy. It’s made from FSC Scandinavian Redwood and treated with an oil-based preserver. It is guaranteed against rot for twenty years. The galvanised zinc bolts are long-lasting and easy to assemble. There are also a 3-seater, single-seater and many other seating options, some even with attached tray tables.

Dobbies bench planter box

Bench dimensions: H40cm x W170cm x D35cm.

This elegantly slatted Scandi style is made of extremely durable, pressure-treated Acacia wood and comes with a 1-year warranty. This is a great choice for contemporary patios, balconies, and patios. The planters are built in at both ends, giving you additional growing space. You can fill the planters with ready-to-potted plants, but they aren’t lined. Choose fragrant varieties to create a tranquil oasis. This planter is available now in stores and will soon be available for purchase online.


Bramblecrest lutyens-style bench

Dimensions: H104cm, W165cm, D60cm

This design icon has been a garden staple for more than 100 years. It features a rolled armrest and a curved back. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Edwin Lutyens designed the original, the “Thakeham benches”. The three-seat teak version is a focal point. It can be appreciated best from far away, making it a good choice for larger gardens.


Garden Vida slatted garden bench

Dimensions: H82cm, W120cm, D62cm

This design is simple and elegant. We find it charming. The striking black powder-coated steel frame curves down for the legs and armrests. The slatted hardwood seat offers room for two. It’s simple to assemble, requiring only a spanner or screwdriver.


Homebase steel bench in black

Dimensions: H75cm, W119cm, D50cm

This steel two-seater is sleek and elegant in a matt black finish. The trellis-effect textured backrest, made of PVC, allows for more comfortable seating positions. This dark finish will stand out against a bright background. It comes in four pieces and is lightweight so it’s easy for you to manoeuvre into place.


AFK Garden Furniture cottage arbour

Dimensions: H210cm, W136cm, D81cm

You can add a touch rustic luxury to your home by snuggling up in the snug interior. The roof and side panels protect you from the cold winds and passing rains. The curved back supports the spine and provides comfort. There are many colour options, but this green colour is our favourite. It has a country feel and is very soothing. This relaxing retreat is our most expensive selection. It’s best suited for larger plots that don’t dominate the landscape. Go grand with matching square planters (PS54.99, Duxbury Home And Garden), available separately.


Notcutts Windsor eucalyptus benches

Dimensions: W120cm

This twin-seater will look great in any outdoor setting, and is reminiscent of a classic park bench. It is made of durable eucalyptus and has a gently curving backrest and large armrests. This allows you to relax and take in the scenery around you. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to assemble.


Vernon metal bench in sea pine

Dimensions H87cm x HTML55cm

This is a romantic movie, with twin hearts. We think it has the makings of a love-seat. It’s practical, but not impossible to use. It is so lightweight that you can lift it with one hand. The seat also has little holes to let rainwater out. The soothing shade blends well with any planting plan, and the open appearance lets you see beyond the garden’s glory. Do you need more seats? You can order matching chairs (PS29, Diy.com). You want more softness? You might consider a bench cushion (PS13, Diy.com).


Bench Models: Wooden, Steel and Plastic

Garden benches are now available in high-quality, affordable options. You can choose the garden bench that best suits your needs. There are many benches available with different prices and seating capacities.If you’re unsure about which features are best for you, we recommend that our buying guide be reviewed.

Let’s start by introducing our top two products, which we believe are worth more than most other models. The Robert Dyas Garden Fence bench is our top pick. This bench offers comfort and durability at a reasonable price.

The Keter Storage Bench is our second choice. This bench is durable and has a compartment to store items that you might need while relaxing in your garden. Overall, a great design that is well thought out and can be used in all weathers. This is particularly important given the UK’s extreme weather.


Wood For Outdoor Benches

We’ll show you the best woods to use for your outdoor bench, whether you want to make a new or resurface an old one.

Most outdoor benches are made from pressure-treated pine or cedar. These species are difficult woods and require regular maintenance.

Softwoods such as pressure-treated pine and cedar are porous and have an open grain structure that can absorb water almost like sponges.

These woods are resistant to decay and can last for many years if they are properly maintained.

People find outdoor maintenance too difficult so they neglect their bench as shown below.

It can be difficult to remove the old stain from an old bench such as this one. These benches are often neglected and the paint or stain on the majority of them is peeling away.This happens when the wood is not protected. Wood that has been exposed to rain for a prolonged period of time can become saturated and are often unsuitable to sit on.These softwoods can also give off splinters, and eventually be attacked by wood boring bugs which can make them uncomfortable to sit on.

Are Composite Plastic Lumbers Good for Outdoor Benches

We’ve had too many homeowners complain about exterior lumber to sell plastic lumber.

We get complaints every week from homeowners who have had a composite deck installed over a decade ago and need to replace the entire deck as it is failing.It can be difficult to remove the old stain from an old bench such as this one. These benches are often neglected and the paint or stain on the majority of them is peeling away.

This happens when the wood is not protected. Wood that has been exposed to rain for a prolonged period of time can become saturated and are often unsuitable to sit on.

These softwoods can also give off splinters, and eventually be attacked by wood boring bugs which can make them uncomfortable to sit on.

This hardwood is strong and resists boring insects. Ipe wood is not susceptible to splintering and won’t get as hot as plastic lumber.

It is naturally slip-resistant, flame retardant, scratch-resistant, and mould and fungi-resistant. It is also dense enough to not absorb water.

Ipe wood is a top choice for decks and other outdoor projects, such as benches made of outdoor wood.

View our current Ipe wood prices

Ipe Cumaru wood has similar properties and is almost identical in durability. The only difference is that the colour ranges between a yellowish brown and a golden tan.

This hardwood is strong and resists boring insects. Ipe wood is not susceptible to splintering and won’t get as hot as plastic lumber.

It is naturally slip-resistant, flame retardant, scratch resistant, and mold and fungi-resistant. It is also dense enough to not absorb water.

Ipe wood is a top choice for decks and other outdoor projects, such as benches made of outdoor wood.

The same outstanding properties can be expected from Ipe.

This wood is low-maintenance, resistant to wood boring insects, and naturally resists rot and decay.

Cumaru wood can also be cheaper than Ipe wood by up to 40%. The Cumaru Wood Price can be viewed here.

Tigerwood Exterior Lumber

Also from South America, this beautiful wood is extremely durable and beautiful. Tigerwood has a 30-year lifespan.

Like the other woods, Tigerwood is resistant to mould, mildew, and wood boring insects. It also doesn’t splinter. This wood is also low-maintenance and can be used for siding, benches, fences, fencing, and other exterior projects.


Garapa Wood

Brazilian Ash, also known as Brazilian Ash, is an extraordinary exterior hardwood that has a fine-grain that ranges from light yellow to warm golden.

Garapa is naturally resistant against rot, decay, and insect attack. It has a lifespan of 30+ years. Garapa’s exterior durability makes it an excellent choice to build outdoor benches, decks, and other structures.

Massaranduba Wood

Also known as Brazilian Redwood Massaranduba, it is more durable than California Redwood and requires less maintenance.

Massaranduba is actually 7x more difficult than California Redwood. Massaranduba has a Janka hardness of 3190, whereas California Redwood has a Janka toughness of 420.

California Redwood is a softwood. To prolong its life span and prevent decay, it needs to be sealed annually with a water sealer.

Massaranduba, like the other four exterior hardwoods we recommend, is naturally resistant to decay, rot and wood boring insects.

Massaranduba has a 30-year lifespan and is low-maintenance exterior hardwood. Massaranduba is ideal for exterior wood benches, decks and siding, among other projects.

These beautiful outdoor wood benches were made with South American hardwoods.

the most popular Outdoor Benches of 2020

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor bench to decorate your garden, patio, or porch? Our top picks will help you find the perfect outdoor bench for your garden, porch, or patio. Continue reading!

Sometimes you just want to relax, read a book or simply take in the fresh air while taking in some fresh air. What a better way than to sit on your favourite outdoor bench!

Outdoor benches can be used for more than just relaxing. Some can also be used for recreational and fun activities. Others use them to host a picnic. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top outdoor benches so you can choose only the best.


How do you choose the best outdoor bench?

However, we did find some drawbacks to outdoor benches. These drawbacks are quite common, so be aware.

You’ll be amazed at the selections. Next, we have the top ten benches. These rankings are based upon extensive research and exclusive data that is only available on our site. Let’s take a look at them. We may be compensated for purchases made (indicated by #ad), but this is at your own expense.

Which of these will you use in your outdoor space and why?


What’s Inside?

  1. Best Porch Bench
  2. Best Patio Bench
  3. Outdoor bench with storage
  4. Metal Garden Bench
  5. Teak Bench
  6. Best Outdoor Wooden Bench
  7. Plastic Outdoor Bench
  8. Small Outdoor Bench
  9. Curved Outdoor Bench
  10. Resin Garden Bench


Best Porch Bench

This is a nice bench that has a coastal touch. It is simple and comfortable to sit on. It is weather-resistant and durable thanks to its eucalyptus hardwood construction. It’s a beautiful piece that you can relax on at the end of the day. It looks great in outdoor decor.

It is made of durable, weather-resistant eucalyptus wood and can comfortably seat two adults. It is also very light so it can be moved easily.

Cons: Liquids can leave streaks on the surface. Paint finishes aren’t as durable.

Best Patio Bench

Cast iron benches are the best for patios for two reasons. It will withstand all kinds of elements, which is important since many patios don’t have cover. The Celtic Knot backrest design is visually appealing and very interesting. Comfort is assured by weatherproof cushions

Pros: Cast iron frame is heavy duty and durable; looks great in any space; simple to assemble; feels strong.

Cons: Not all cast-iron parts are tubular; top-heavy so it could tip over.


Outdoor bench with storage

Outdoor benches are not often equipped with storage. This bench is a rare find. It has hidden storage underneath that can hold up to 70 gallons. This furniture is made of polypropylene and resists rusting, peeling, and denting.

The seat has hidden storage; it is made of durable, UV-protected plastic. Everything was well-matched and there were very simple instructions.

Cons: There are no lateral supports at the bottom of the bench to prevent it bowing out.


Metal Garden Bench

This bench is lightweight and mobile in an antique bronze finish. It doesn’t require maintenance and is very easy to assemble. It’s very sturdy and can hold up to 225 pounds.

Pros: The bench legs can be adjusted at the base and are lightweight in an attractive bronze finish that is great for accentuating any patio.

Cons: Main screws are easy to rust


Teak Bench

This bench is made of finely sanded teak hardwood and has a banana-shaped design. It will look great in your garden or patio.

The pros: Made from teak hardwood, known for its strength.

Cons: Wood dust


Best Outdoor Wooden Bench

This masterpiece is both beautiful and sturdy. This bench will be a treasured possession for many years. The bench is initially unpleasant but will soon disappear.

Pros: Made from Acacia wood, all pre-drilled holes and two dowels perfectly aligned; well-constructed bench.

Cons: Strong smell at first.


Plastic Outdoor Bench

This bench can be converted from a bench to a table quickly and easily. The polystyrene slats are quick to drain any water. An extra one can be used to make a picnic table.

The pros: converts easily from bench to table; steel frame with a powder-coated and rust-resistant finish; tilt adjustment mechanism; strong, can hold six adults simultaneously.

Cons: people with shorter legs find it difficult to sit.


Small Outdoor Bench

This small, portable bench has retro etching and is simple. It is made from Acacia hardwood with a cappuccino brown finish. For a more comfortable and relaxing sitting experience, the footrest is included.

Its design blends with any décor theme, contemporary or conventional; Acacia wood makes it strong; and a footrest.

Cons: You may experience uneven legs.


Curved Outdoor Bench

A classic, yet elegant looking bench made from aluminium and iron. This furniture features slanted legs to distribute weight better, and foot pads to protect the floor. Armrests provide more comfort.

Pros: Made of aluminium and cast iron; lightweight but durable; easy to assemble; feels very solid.

Cons: The assembly instructions are a little unclear.

Resin Garden Bench

The furniture is elegant and simple. It is easy to assemble, can be used indoors or outdoors, and can even make a complete table with two benches.

Advantages: easy and quick assembly; can be used as a single-sided or double-sided table. It is lightweight and portable.

Cons: It’s a bit narrow when it’s set up like a table.

About the Potting Benches 

You don’t have to worry if you are looking for potting benches or gardening tables, but don’t know where to start. Here’s a list of the top-rated products on the market. Different types of gardeners will find different features in these potting benches.

Potting benches should be comfortable enough to support a person standing. They are often used for tasks such as transferring seedlings. It can be used to store potting soil, pots and other tools.


How can you choose the best potting bench?

When researching our selections, we noticed that many benches share some common features. These are important points to know.

Are you ready to find the perfect potting bench for your backyard gardening or chores? These are our top picks. Some links are provided for convenience and can be found at #ad As an affiliate site, we might be compensated for any purchases.

Which of these plants will find a new home within your garden or backyard?

Is there anything inside?

  1. Gardening Bench
  2. Garden Work Bench
  3. Cedar Potting Bench
  4. Best Outdoor Potting Bench
  5. Metal Potting Bench
  6. Potting Table with Sink
  7. Outdoor Potting Table with Storage
  8. Potting Station
  9. Potting table with wheels
  10. Foldable Potting Bench


Gardening Bench

This potting bench is made from 100% fir wood. It has large working spaces and the top has a metal sheet covering that resists corrosion. The side hooks are also included. This is a great tool for any great gardener.

Made of weather-resistant wood. It has lots of storage. A metal countertop that is more durable than wood. Lightweight but very strong. Very easy to assemble.


Garden Work Bench

This potting bench can be used commercially. This bench can be used as a potting bench or a workbench in your workshop. It is weather-resistant and has plenty of work space.

It was easy to assemble; the steel is strong and durable; a great bench for light duty; plenty of storage space; no sharp edges.


Cedar Potting Bench

This potting bench will allow you to tend to your plants without much pain.The bucket can be easily removed. Excellent for outdoor work.

It is practical for your garden, backyard, or home lawn soiling. Made of cedarwood board, it is extremely durable. There is a sink and a hook on each side. Large tabletop space.


Best Outdoor Potting Bench

Splitting the top of the potting table allows for an extended work area. It has ample storage space to organise gardening tools.

Expandable sliding tabletop. It’s great for hiding clutter and keeping it organised when you don’t have the time.

Metal Potting Bench

Although the potting bench is easy to assemble, it can be heavy and bulky. This bench can also be used on windy days. The bottom shelf can be adjusted to fit any use. It is ideal for backyards, balconies, decks, porches, or patios.

A heavy-duty metal frame with a bottom shelf. Lightweight but strong; the top can be adjusted to any height. Heavy items can be placed on the bottom shelf without worrying about it falling.

Potting bench with sink

The unit does not require assembly, meaning that it doesn’t require any tools to be built. It is easy to use and sturdy and made from painted pine wood. It is not waterproof, but it can hold soil.

Made of galvanised tray and painted pine wood; provides a comfortable height for the potting or repotting of plants. The zinc bucket has plenty of space to hold soil, and the shelf beneath allows for easy storage.

Outdoor Potting Bench with Storage

You should be cautious when using this product as it might produce splinter regularly. It is sturdy and has three shelves. It is the perfect bench to plant flowers, vegetables or herbs.

Solid wood construction; durable and strong; large work surface that can be used for various tasks in the garden; hooks on the sides are useful to store small tools. It is easy to set up and doesn’t move around as you work on it.

Potting Station

The unit features an upper shelf that can be used to organise your supplies. It also has a storage cabinet for extra tools. The unit also features hand tool storage and is weather-resistant.

The metal tabletop is easy-to-clean; the door enclosure can be used as a small cabinet for maintaining supplies; there is ample storage space.

Potting Table on Wheels

The wheels on this potting bench allow for mobility. You can organise your items in any way you like with the interchangeable shelves or bins. You can organise your equipment by placing slots on the cart.

You can interchange shelves and bins, and arrange them according to your needs. The cart has wheels that make it easy to move around the yard. It is lightweight, portable and strong.

Foldable Potting Bench

This foldable potting bench is finished in natural stain to enhance its appearance. It has two shelves and a hanging bar that can be used for tools. This bench can be used for gardening, but also for garage or workshop use.

Large work surface, lots of storage space underneath for pots; folds flat for easy storage in the off-seasons; easy and quick to assemble.

Looking for the best coffee benches?

With so many options for different types of tables , choosing the right coffee table can be difficult. It all depends on what decor style you want and your budget. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to select the right style.


This list of top coffees, with a variety to choose from, will help you quickly make the right choice. We’ve pre-selected the most popular products and created the top ten list. We spent a lot time researching the best products, and we tested them wherever possible. We have created a list with the top stores so that you can view all details (availability being an important factor).


  1. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table
  2. Clear Glass Round Coffee Table, Pewter
  3. Round Metal Base Coffee table
  4. Emerson Rectangular Modern Mod Swivel Coffee Table   With Glass
  5. Modern Rotating Wood Coffee Table
  6. Modern Charlize Coffee Table
  7. Modern Coffee Table in Silver
  8. Sauder Oak Lift Top Coffee Table
  9. Mainstays Lift Top Coffee Table Sonoma
  10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alymere lift top coffee table
  11. Tangkula Glass Coffee Table
  12. Ameriwood Home Carver Square Coffee Table


Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

Walker Edison’s farmhouse-style coffee table is our favorite choice. This farmhouse-style coffee table is a great piece of furniture because it’s both simple and elegant. This product is available with matching styles in the TV console, entry and side tables. This allows you the freedom to mix and match furniture.

This coffee table, made from real wood, will add a beautiful touch to your living room. An area rug should match the table.


Clear Glass Round Coffee Table, Pewter

Clear-glass round coffee table in clear glass is always in style. This table is simple, uncluttered and has clean lines. This table is a classic example of the round table made from glass. It is versatile enough to be used in modern settings. A strong, powder-coated steel frame supports the round glass top for added durability.

The things you love

The table comes with glass sleeves that are tempered for safety. This table is user-friendly and easy to clean. With accent seating, you can mix and match your furniture.


Round Metal Base Coffee table

This is Kate and Laurel Mendel’s next selection. This accent piece is perfect if you are looking for a unique piece. Rose gold cage supports the glossy round top. The top measures in at 30 inches and can be used in small or medium-sized living spaces.

The things you love

Because of its sleek lines and glossy blue top, this round coffee-table is great for modern homes. This colour is not distracting and will add a calm and elegant touch to any space.


Modern Mod Swivel Coffee Table with Glass

The Emerson Rectangular Swivel Coffee Tables add style and class in any space. It doesn’t rotate by itself as some might think. The table is also easy to assemble thanks to the secure packaging and lack thereof of many pieces. It is small and can fit in tight spaces. This modern coffee table is constructed of sturdy wood and high-quality materials.


Modern Rotating Wood Coffee Table

The Great Deal Furniture Haring Square Rotating Wood coffee table is a contemporary-contemporary design that has a feel of the late 60’s. This stunning design is versatile and can go with any decor style. The rotation is smooth. This combination is both practical and beautiful. It is slightly higher than the floor so that you can use it for eating and other hobbies. This table offers many great features. It is fully assembled so you can still enjoy it even if your tools are not available.

Modern Charlize Coffee Table

Modern home owners will appreciate the Charlize Glass Coffee Table. Clear instructions are included with this beautiful piece. The majority of the parts have already been assembled, which is something many people don’t realize. Insert the glass panels and place felt pads. This item weighs 75 pounds. It may require two people for transport to its destination.

Modern Coffee Table in Silver

Modern designs need strong shaping and symmetry. Both of these are achieved by the SILVER contemporary coffee tables. This unique base is great for sparking conversation. It’s a striking piece of art guests will love. You can use it as a focal point of any living space, even without other furniture. You can also get magazine racks with the handmade product.

Sauder Oak Lift Top Coffee Table

A regular coffee table works well enough. But a lift-top coffeetable can do so much more. Simply flip a switch and your coffee table can be transformed into a small desk or dining room. That’s quite a lot.

It’s always a source of joy to see furniture that has both high aesthetic appeal and great utility. This is the Sauder Oak Coffee Table.

It’s made from compressed cardboard, not from oak. But it’s of good quality and a reasonable price. Even though assembly can be difficult, this table is worth the effort for its ability to double as a lift up dining table. Under the base, there is plenty of storage.

Mainstays Lift Top Coffee Table Sonoma

In the past five to ten-years past, affordability was not a problem when buying a lounger or other furniture. But times have changed. Mainstay is a furniture manufacturer that makes affordable furniture. This coffee table has a fully extended top that makes it comfortable to sit down or eat. You can open the top of this coffee table to reveal hidden storage spaces for books, magazines and phones. The lightweight composite wood construction makes it portable and easy to use wherever you want. Easy to assemble, the legs attach directly to the top of the tabletop.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alymere Lift Top Coffee Table

This piece by Ashley Furniture is majestic, noble, grand, and regal. Brilliantly handcrafted, this is one of the strongest lift-top tables that you will ever find. It’s made from wood, veneers and cast resin. This table has everything you need, including two built-in drawers as well as a fixed shelf. This table is perfect for cocktail parties and will amaze your guests with the amount of work that went into it. The price is prohibitive at $400. It requires a number of industry tools that you might not have around the house.

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

This table received a rating of 4.4 stars. This clear table is a popular choice and can be used in any type of decor. It is virtually unbreakable because of its thick, heavyweight glass.

Its strength makes this practical. It can hold books, laptops, and dinner plates.It is easy to assemble because it comes in a single piece.

It is less than 14 inches high. It will fit in any room but some may find it too small. It all depends on the customer’s preferences and needs.

Ameriwood Home Carver Square Coffee Table

Ameriwood Home Carver, a square black coffee table with brown wood grain top, is modern and stylish. The storage shelf can hold magazines and books and keeps the tabletop clean and tidy. It is quite heavy so it requires some assembly. The effort and time spent to assemble the table would be completely worth it when you see it in all its glory. You can use it as a small pantry table, since there are two drawers that can hold crackers, bread and other kitchen items.

   Garden wooden Bench Reviews

Robert Dyas Garden Bench is a simple, elegant design that will suit any garden. It is made of FSC-certified eucalyptus wood that ages well and is resistant to rot. However, it can be finished off with a coat varnish, which is optional but highly recommended.

This bench can be purchased knowing it is safe to use and that the wood was harvested in accordance with environmental friendly guidelines. We know that this is as important as quality and comfort for those who care about the environment. You will need to use quality wood for furniture that is outdoors most of the year.

This garden bench can hold a maximum of three people and weighs in at 21.6kgs. Its robust nature will withstand all seasons.

To avoid any damage to the wood, it is best to keep the bench dry during autumn and winter. However, this rule can be applied to all wooden products except those that are treated with oil, varnish, or paint every year. A wood sealant can help protect the wood over time. We recommend this if you plan to keep it outside over winter, and you want it to last many years.

The bench measures 63x146x88cm and is less than 5ft in length. It has a seating area measuring 132cm. This allows for 2 to 3 people depending on their sizes. The bench comes flat packed. It will take approximately half an hour to assemble so don’t waste too much time. To avoid any frustration during assembly, make sure you read the instructions. Do not try to over-tighten the wood with an electric screwdriver.

                    Our recommendation

If you are looking for a bench that can be used in a standing position, the Robert Dyas Garden Fence Bench will suit your needs. You may need pillows to make the bench more comfortable. It can comfortably seat 2-3 people, making it ideal for small gardens and patios. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your bench looking great for longer. The wood will not warp or split if it is sealed and covered during the wet season. It is lightweight so it should be easy to move it to storage. The garden bench is easy to assemble and has a simple design that appeals to most people. It also comes at a reasonable price. This model is a good option for those looking for wooden benches.


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