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Best electric scooters for kids: A buying guide for parents

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Electric scooters for children are a great way to have fun with your friends and take a ride around the neighborhood. Electric scooters are more stable than push scooters and have a motor that allows your child to scoot along without needing to lift their feet.

There are many options for children, just like there are for adults. Razor is the company that started the scooter craze back in the 90s. Razor still makes kick-style scooters but has an electric scooter range for children.

You can find excellent electric scooters for children for as low as $150. There are many cheap electric scooters available for children, so make sure you understand what you’re buying before you purchase one. We have compiled our top picks after testing a variety of models.

Which electric scooters are best for children?

Razor produces some of the most popular electric scooters for children, including the Razor E100. This scooter is designed for children 8 years old and older. It’s sturdy and will provide some thrills to your child. It is easy to assemble.

You might consider the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E8 or E10. If you are looking for something lighter, then check out this Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E8. The scooters can be folded, which makes them easy to transport if your child wants to ride it to school. They also have fun LED lighting.

It’s important to remember that most electric scooters for children lack lights or bells. So it’s worth getting at least one bell so your child can alert others. Make sure you get them the best bike helmets .

You might want to take your child on a ride as they grow up, or perhaps you just want to share a scooter with them.

These are our other picks for electric scooters that kids will love.

These are the best electric scooters available for children today

1. Razor E100

The best electric scooter for children overall


Age range: 8 to 80

Dimensions: 36 x 32.5×16 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Maximum speed: 10 mph

Distance: 10 miles

Max rider weight: 120 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Not too fast to first-time riders+ Steady battery life

Avoidable reasons

Maintenance is required for the chain-drive motor. No bells or reflectors are needed

The Razor E100 electric scooter is the best for children overall. It’s affordable and performs well, especially for younger riders. You can choose from a variety of colors to make sure your child finds the right one for her or him. The scooter has twist-grip acceleration controls, and a hand-operated rear brake.

The top speed is 10 mph. This means that your child can get to school on-time, but not too fast to risk extreme sports. The Razor E100 can travel up to 40 minutes or 10 miles. The Razor E100 is quite noisy, although our child rider loved its pepiness. The Razor Power Core (opens new tab) should provide a quieter ride. The Razor has blue LEDs that glow when you turn the throttle.

It is important to remember that the E100 does not have a bell or reflectors. This can make it difficult for your child to be safe.

2. Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing

This electric scooter is great for children and features some cool LED lighting


Age range: E8: 6-12, E10: 8-14

Dimensions: 30.2 x 13.x 7.5 inches

Weight: E8: 17.6 pounds; E10: 22.7 pounds

Maximum speed: E8: 8.6 miles; E10 10 miles

Range: E8: 6.2 mi; E10: 6.2 mi

Max rider weight: E8: 110 pounds; E10: 132 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Rugged design+Water-resistant+Multiple riding modes+Long range

Avoidable reasons

-Poor activation instructions – No side or front reflectors

There are two versions of the Segway Ninebot EKickscooter Zing: the E8 or the E10. The E8 is for younger riders (from 3′ 9″ to 4’ 9″, with a maximum weight of 110 lbs), and can travel up to 8.6 miles an hour. The E10 is for teens and older children (4’3″ to 5’3″ with a maximum weight of 132 lbs) and can reach speeds up to 10 mph. The Zing E8 costs $199 and the E10 $229.

The Zing E8 as well as the Zing E10 have a lightweight folding design, cruise mode, thumb throttle, front suspension, and a cruise mode. Both are available in pink, gray, or blue and come with a hand brake and a rear foot brake. Their LED lights on the undersides are even cooler, which our child thought was very cool. The rear fender has a reflective sticker and there’s no bell or headlight. It was not easy to set up, as the instructions are very poor. However, our child tester found it to be a lot of fun and enjoyed it. The fact that it had front suspension certainly helped.

3. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

Safety features are built into this electric scooter for children


Age range: 6-12

Size: 34 x 15×32 inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Maximum speed: 7.5 mph

Range: 25.2V/ 4 Miles

Max rider weight: 154 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Inexpensive+Safety 2-step button+Easy-to-learn

Avoidable reasons

-Small Frame -Limited Range – No bells or lights

The GoTrax GKS is designed for children aged 6-12 years old. It features a unique acceleration and braking system. It has two buttons on its deck, instead of using hand controls. To start the scooter moving, press the first button. Then kick it off by pressing the second button. To stop the scooter, lift your foot off the rear button by pressing down on the fender. It was easy for our child reviewer to understand, but the scooter would slow down when she moved her feet.

The GKS is lighter and quieter than other children’s scooters. It also has a 150-Watt motor mounted on the hub. It has a 6-inch rubber tire, which makes it more bumpy than air-filled tires. Its range, which can go up to 4 miles, is also shorter than other scooters. The rear fender is not equipped with reflectors or bells, and it doesn’t have lights or lights. It’s an excellent electric scooter for kids starting out.


4. Razor Power Core E90

Best budget scooter for kids


Age range: 8 to 80

Dimensions: 32.9 x 31.75 x 12.9 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Maximum speed: 15 mph

Distance: 5 miles

Max rider weight: 120 pounds


There are many reasons to buy

+Easy assembly+Motor does not require regular maintenance

Avoidable reasons

No reflectors, long charge times

Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter is affordable and the best for kids. It can cruise for up to 70 minutes and tops out at 10mph, just like the E100. It has push-button acceleration, a hand-operated rear brake, and retractable kickstand so it can stand straight without tipping.

The Razor E90’s motor is slightly less powerful at 90 watts. It will be slower to accelerate than E100 and have difficulty climbing hills. The E90 is also without a bell or reflectors, just like the E100.

5. Razor E300

An electric scooter that is sturdy enough for seniors


Age range: 13 to 64

Dimensions: 42.5 x 40x 16.5 inches

Weight: 43 pounds

Maximum speed: 15 mph

Distance: 10 miles

Max rider weight: 220 pounds


There are many reasons to buy

+250-watt motor+Made for older kids

Avoidable reasons

-Uses noisier chain drive-No reflectors or lights

The Razor E300, a step-up electric scooter designed for teenagers, is an option if your child has outgrown the Razor E100. It is designed for children aged 13 and over. The motor has a stronger 250-Watt power, a maximum speed of 15 mph, and can carry riders up to 220 lbs.

Razor’s E-series electric scooters have a similar design. It has a solid steel frame with a curved deck and covers the rear wheel. The larger, 9-inch pneumatic tires should offer a more comfortable ride even without suspension. Razor also sells the E300s seated model for $50 more. There are no reflectors, lights or bells on the E300s as well as the E-series electric scooters.

6. GoTrax GKS Plus

This scooter is fun to ride and has light-up effects.


Age range: 6-12

Size: 34 x 15×32 inches

Weight: 20.9 pounds

Maximum speed: 7.5 MPH

Distance: 7 miles

Max rider weight: 176 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Lights on deck and downtube+Safety 2-step button+Easy-to-learn

Avoidable reasons

No bells or reflectors-Short range

The GoTrax GKS Plus looks very similar to the regular GoTrax GKS. However, this model has LEDs embedded into the downtube/deck, making it cooler and more visible in dark conditions. You can change the color of the LEDs but you cannot choose between a red, white, gray, or pink model.

GKS Plus has an innovative safety system. To get the scooter moving, your child must press down on two sensors located on the deck. Once they lift one foot, the motor of the scooter will stop.

7. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro

The best electric scooter for children sitting down


Age range: 13 to 64

Size: 50 x 30x 18 inches

Weight: 62 pounds

Maximum speed: 15 mph

Distance: 10 miles

Max rider weight: 170 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Kids can ride along with their parents.

Avoidable reasons

A bit of maintenance is required for a chain-driven motor.

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro electric bike is a great choice for stylish kids who like to be seated. It comes in a range of colors, and has a cubby to store books, jackets, or other items.

The Pocket Mod is a similar Vespa that you would see zipping through the streets of Paris and Rome. It features a twist grip throttle and rear suspension, making it a comfortable ride. Although the 12-inch tires are slightly larger than the norm, it’s still able to maintain a top speed of 15 mph for 40 minutes.

8. Razor Sonic Glow

A scooter equipped with sound and lights


Age range: 8 to 80

Size: 34 x 32×14 inches

Weight: 25 pounds

Maximum speed: 10 mph

Range: 55 minutes

Max rider weight: 120 pounds

There are many reasons to buy

+Built In LEDS+Built In Bluetooth Speaker

Avoidable reasons

-A bit more expensive than other scooters designed for children

The Razor Sonic Glow is an electric scooter for children that features bright LEDs and a Bluetooth speaker. You can blast your favorite songs as they ride along with you. The deck and steering tube are synced to your music so they can also jam to your music.

The Sonic Glow’s brushless rear hub motor is 80-watts and can propel it at speeds up to 10 mph. It also has a rechargeable 24V battery that can power the scooter for up 55 minutes. This scooter looks great.

How to pick the right electric scooter for your child

These are the three things you should consider before purchasing an electric scooter for your child.

How large is your child? Most electric scooters for children have a maximum weight of 120 pounds. Your child might weigh less than 120 pounds, but a bag filled with schoolbooks could push it over that limit.

What age is your child? We recommend electric scooters for children 8 years and older. Non-electric scooters are recommended for children younger than 8. As your child gets older, an electric scooter may be more important to them. They may also not want to ride the same scooter they used as a child.

What distance does your child need to travel? Consider how far your child will need to travel to get an electric scooter. You’ll need a scooter that can travel a greater distance so your child doesn’t have to push the scooter back home.

Safety tips for children

Always wear a helmet

A poll by the University of Michigan found that 59% of parent believe their child uses a helmet when riding a bicycle, skateboard, or scooter. Don’t let your child be one of the 61% who don’t have a helmet. You can equip your child with a helmet such as the Razor V-17 youth multisport helmet, the Bell Rally children’s helmet or the Woom Bikes USA children’s helmet (opens new tab). For full coverage, the Woom helmet is a great choice. It extends above the temples and back of your head.

About half of all states require that children under 17 years old ride bicycles with helmets. Nearly all states have laws regarding helmets for low-powered bikes, such as electric scooters.

You can also consider purchasing a pair knee and elbow pads for your child. Make sure you get wrist guards. If your child will be riding near the sundown, reflective gear is a great idea.

Add bells, lights, and horns

Many electric scooters for children lack lights or bells to keep them safe. You can still add safety measures, but they are not expensive and easily accessible online or in a local bike shop. We recommend that you add a bell to your handlebars. Check out our picks best bicycle lights that will fit most scooters.

Today’s top Acmor Classic Bike Bell deals and Vont “Scope” Bike Light deals

Reduced price


Every day, we check more than 250 million products to ensure the best price

Don’t buddy up

Children love to have fun. But remind them that it’s not a good idea to ride with a friend on an electrical scooter. Each scooter has a maximum weight limit. Even if your child or a friend are under this number, it makes it more difficult to balance and steer the scooter.

Be sure to check the local laws and regulations

Consumer Reports (opens new tab) found that over 1 in 4 electric scooter riders were not fully aware of the traffic laws. Check with your local government if you aren’t certain. Most e-scooters can’t be used on sidewalks. Instead, they must use bike lanes and share the road as cars. You can map out a route to avoid busy intersections if you are worried about your child riding through them.

Hand signals can be learned

It is never too late to learn the universal language for hand signals. You’ll need the DMV-required signals to turn left, right, and stop when you ride an electric scooter. Make sure your child is familiar with these signals and how to use them. This will keep them safe on the roads. It can be difficult to use a hand signal while riding a scooter.

Do not carry extra weight

On the way to school, your child will likely take a backpack with him. However, they should be aware that a backpack or sweater can cause the scooter to lose balance. Consider an electric scooter with storage space or a basket if you need to transport cargo.

Check for defects

Before electric scooters can be used on the roads, they need to be assembled. You will need to attach the handle to the base for models such as the Razor E100 before your scooter can be rolled. After the scooter is assembled, make sure you do a safety check. To ensure everything is in order, first inspect the assembly visually.

Next, charge the battery fully and then take the scooter out for a test ride. You should test the throttle and brakes by pushing hard. Contact the manufacturer immediately if you discover a defect in the product after it’s been driven around the block.

Learn how to ride correctly with your child

Because the wheels of electric scooters are smaller, they are less tolerant to bumps and potholes that cars. Take your child around the block to practice before they go out on their own. You can teach them how to safely jump, accelerate, decelerate and brake, maneuver around bumpy sidewalks and stick-in the road, and how to use the brakes. Safety instructions are often included with scooters by manufacturers so that your child can learn how to drive it.

How to test the top electric scooters for children

They were put in the hands and used by children! To see how easy the scooters are to use and how much fun they are, we let some kids aged 7-10 try them out. All children ride under adult supervision and are equipped with safety equipment. We ask them their impressions, and if they can be gotten off the scooters, we do.

We also take into account how easy and long it takes to assemble most scooters.


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