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Best iPhone 13 case 2022: Protect your new Apple smartphone

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Avoid a broken heart from a broken display screen – choose up one of the nice iPhone 13 instances from as low as £12

Given how many new Apple devices price, it’s frequently really worth spending a little greater and choosing the best iPhone case you can to better defend your funding. After all, there are few things extra infuriating than splashing out masses of pounds on a glittery new telephone, handiest to have a person encounter you on the bus and ship it spiraling to the ground.

The query is: which case ought to you choose? Between Apple’s own reliable output and the myriad third-birthday party offerings, you’re so spoiled for desire that it may without difficulty grow to be a bit overwhelming to even take into account making a decision. You need something that’s going to offer additional protection to your smartphone – in any other case, is there clearly any point? – but at the same time, you need to keep away from too much bulk. And it wouldn’t harm if it nonetheless appeared elegant.

To prevent all of the hassle of sorting the diamonds from the rocks, we’ve scoured the internet to dig out the very high-quality cases for your new iPhone 13. While every of the entries on this listing are well matched with a selected model of iPhone thirteen, all of them have opportunity alternatives for the opposite fashions we’ve protected hyperlinks for. So, whether you’ve opted for the standard iPhone thirteen, the 13 Mini, the thirteen Pro or the thirteen Pro Max, there’s something here for you.

The best iPhone 13 instances to shop for in 2022

1. Spigen Liquid Air Case: The quality low-cost iPhone thirteen case

For something strong and defensive that doesn’t break the bank, Spigen’s Liquid Air case is your fine guess. This organization but bendy case slips easily onto your new iPhone 13, with barely raised bezels across the display screen and rear cameras for added protection. In addition to this, the corners of the case characteristic what the emblem refers to as “air cushion generation”, to better take in shocks from accidental drops.

The geometric truss sample at the lower back serves two purposes, both presenting a level of grip when maintaining your smartphone and giving the case a more fashionable aesthetic. You can nevertheless use wi-fi charging pads with this example, and particular cutouts make certain that your cameras and buttons are all unobstructed.

This case is designed specially to maintain the 6.1in display of the usual iPhone 13, but you can also get a model for the iPhone 13 Mini, the 13 Pro and the thirteen Pro Max.

Key specs – Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone 13; Other variations to be had: Yes; Other colorings available: Yes

2. Tucch Wallet Case: The first-rate turn-case for iPhone thirteen Pro Max

If you’ve bought absolutely the behemoth this is the iPhone thirteen Pro Max, you probably need to cut down on other accessories to provide you as much pocket space as feasible. This pockets case does exactly that, supplying you with 4 card slots and a cash compartment tucked discreetly into the flip-lid. There’s no need to fear about skimmers stealing your card records – the case lining is RFID blocking, so your non-public information within is blanketed.

As well as providing surprise safety to your smartphone and hacker protection to your cards, the case additionally serves as a kickstand, so that you can without difficulty prop your phone up at the move for watching some TV on the train.

This specific version is best compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the manufacturer does make identical variations for the usual iPhone thirteen, the 13 Mini and the thirteen Pro.

Key specs – Material: Faux leather, thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone thirteen Pro Max; Other variations available: Yes; Other hues available: Yes

3. Humixx Shockproof Case: The great navy-grade iPhone 13 Pro case

Humixx’s navy-grade shockproof case became one in all our picks for the pleasant iPhone 12/Pro case, and the modern version offers us no reason to forestall recommending it. Weighing in at just 1.05oz, this narrow and light-weight case gives a sturdy protecting layer in your new iPhone 13 Pro without adding any unnecessary bulk.

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As nice as searching smooth and fashionable, the exterior of the case is covered with a nano-oleophobic layer that Humixx claims is completely proof against fingerprint smudges, oil stains and yellowing. The silicone bumpers are designed for max shock absorption, with Humixx stating that the case can provide protection against falls of up to 8 feet.

The model connected right here is especially for the iPhone thirteen Pro, however the producer also offers versions for the usual iPhone thirteen, the 13 Mini and the thirteen Pro Max.

Key specifications – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone thirteen Pro; Other versions available: Yes; Other colors available: Yes

4. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe: The pleasant professional iPhone thirteen case

If you’d want to have officially branded accessories in your new iPhone thirteen, this access is the one for you. Produced via Apple, this flexible silicone case adds a further layer of protection in your iPhone 13, in addition to an extra textured floor to keep the telephone from slipping out of your drawer.

Built-in magnets make connecting to a MagSafe quick and smooth, even as additionally taking into account quicker wi-fi charging with a Qi-licensed charger. Apple additionally claims that the case has been through lots of hours of testing during production, designed to maximize the case’s capacity to protect your iPhone 13 from scratches and drops.

As with the other entries on this listing, Apple’s Silicone Case is to be had for all models of iPhone thirteen. Linked here is the usual iPhone 13, but you may also get the case for the iPhone thirteen Mini, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max.

Key specifications – Material: Silicone; Shockproof: No; Compatible with: iPhone 13; Other versions available: Yes; Other shades available: Yes

5. LeYi Military Grade Case: The exceptional armored iPhone thirteen Mini case

For absolutely the exceptional level of safety for your iPhone 13, LeYi’s Military Grade case is the one for the activity. The rigid polycarbonate outer layer is paired with a softer TPU interior for long lasting hybrid safety. Rounding out the layout are the non-slip rubber bumpers and the tempered glass display protectors ( are covered as general).

If you do happen to accidentally drop your smartphone, the raised bezels maintain the display screen and cameras from making contact with the ground, and the difficult outer shell is purportedly anti-scratch, so there’s no worry about ruining the slick matte end. On the return of the case, you’ll additionally discover an integrated kickstand that may swivel 360°, perfect for propping up your smartphone for a piece of Netflix, and a metal plate for easy connection to a MagSafe or wireless charger.

This model of LeVi’s armored case particularly suits the iPhone Mini 13, but there are also alternatives available for the usual iPhone 13, the thirteen Pro and the thirteen Pro Max.

Key specs – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone 13 Mini; Other variations available: Yes; Other colors to be had: No

6. Mous Limitless four.0 Walnut Case: The maximum fashionable iPhone 13 Pro Max case

This state-of-the-art case from Mouse is like any other that formerly appeared on our high-quality iPhone 12/Pro case roundup, and yet again, today’s generation gives us no motive to withdraw our advice.

The brand’s effect-soaking up AiroShock generation strains the interior of the case, designed to shield your telephone from accidental drops. Pulling the whole lot together is a simple but fashionable walnut panel on the returned, lending your telephone a touch of sophistication. Crucially, capability isn’t sacrificed for fashion here, as regardless of the walnut panel, the case is fully MagSafe compatible.

The model featured here is designed specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Mous also produces identical design suits for the iPhone thirteen Mini and the 13 Pro, however the case for the usual iPhone thirteen is out of inventory at time of writing.

Key specifications – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane, walnut; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone 13 Pro Max; Other versions to be had: Yes; Other colorings available: Yes (various patterns)

7. CLKER Shockproof Cover with Phone Grip: The maximum flexible iPhone thirteen/Pro case

Attachable earrings and pop-out grips for the back of your cellphone have been around for some time now, with plenty of cases along with them to make preserving your telephone more cushty. The twist right here is that, in preference to a hoop or a grip, you’ve got a multi-purpose strap that offers you a wider range of use.

As well as imparting a cushty and supportive grip when maintaining your cell phone, the strap may be folded in several approaches to double as a convenient smartphone stand, with options for holding your phone in portrait or landscape mode, in addition to a barely willing name-friendly convention mode. On top of these features, the case gives the anticipated surprise-protection, with a TPU bumper and raised edges to shield your display from unintended drops.

This case is designed to fit both the iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Pro. There is a choice for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, however the supplier has confirmed that there are presently no plans to release a version for the iPhone 13 Mini.

Key specs – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone thirteen, iPhone 13 Pro; Other versions available: Yes; Other shades to be had: Yes

8. Ted Baker Talleu Mirror Case: The first-rate dressmaker iPhone 13 Mini case

For an elegant case that protects your smartphone from drops and scratches, you can’t do tons higher than this artsy quantity from Ted Baker. A sleek black folio cowl with a pastel floral design, this situation is each fascinating and complicated.

Despite its looks, this example is tough-sporting, too, with sufficient surprise protection to defend your telephone from accidental drops. The case is also compatible with QI wireless charging, and even comes with an available mirror tucked within the cover, making it clean to make certain which you’re presentable earlier than FaceTiming your gran.

The version linked to here is specifically made to match the iPhone 13 Mini, but there are options available for the same old on the same website.

Key specifications – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane; Shockproof: Yes; Compatible with: iPhone 13 Mini; Other versions available: Yes; Other colors available: Yes (various styles)

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