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Best Tattoo Machine: A Guide for Beginners

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First of all, here are some aspects you should consider:

  1. Find out if you want to buy a rotary, coil tattoo machine, or pneumatic configuration.
  2. Review the most popular brands you also like, such as Cheyenne, Bishop, Stigma, Inkjecta, FK Irons, and Neuma.
  3. Check out reviews from professional tattoo artists and read reviews that only received 3 stars so that you can familiarize yourself with the limitations of the machines.
  4. Shop from trusted sellers or suppliers to find the best quality and value in the market.

Finally, take a couple of minutes to check out some of these resources:

  • What are rotary, coil, and pneumatic tattoo machines?
  • How to set them up.
  • Tattoo designs & ideas for lining and shading.
  • Accessories to improve the performance of your tattoo gun.

If you are already skilled with these machines or understand how they can help you on your DIY project, then you are ready to take a look at the wide variety available.

Considerations when Selecting A Tattoo Gun

The first consideration for tattoo artists is acquiring the best tattoo machine specific to their work. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing, so here are a few points:

Buy one machine at a time

While beginners may start with one or two, the need to own various machines becomes more profound as your skills grow as a tattoo artist.

Having a range of machines enables you to produce high-quality tattoos because you can use various techniques that a single device may not be able to accomplish.

Overall quality

Each machine you purchase must be of high quality. The risk of a machine breaking down during tattooing could potentially cause significant damage to a client’s skin.

Sturdiness is an essential quality of tattoo machines, but by far not the only one. As a tattoo artist, you need efficient machines that are easy to tune, adjust and maintain.

Comfortability and durability

A complex machine will likely give you a hard time as you try to figure out how to work with it comfortably, especially during long sessions.

Artists should not only look for comfortability but also consider a machine’s durability. You’ll want it to perform just as efficiently a few years later as when you purchased it.


The performance yardstick depends on the one you are using and the type of tattooing work you are doing.

The two (2) most popular classifications are coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines. Both types have different performance levels depending on whether you are outlining, shading, or coloring tattoos.

Investing in a cheap or expensive equipment

A decent tattoo machine is always going to cost you more.

You will find high-end machines (including customized ones such as the ones created by Lauro Paolini) that you might not be able to afford just yet. You will also find devices that are so cheap that the quality will be questionable.

The way to find the right one is to consider sturdiness, efficiency, durability, effectiveness in outlining or shading, and of course, your skill level.

An important thing to remember is that cheap does not always mean poor quality. There is now a wide range of brands, like the Dragonhawk brand, that provides affordability and efficiency with a modern design to provide the best support for tattoo artists.

Best Tattoo Machine Guide Wrap Up

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tattoo artist, it can be overwhelming trying to buy tattoo machines and their accessories.

Beginners are significantly more prone to making mistakes because they haven’t had the experience of how different machines perform, their power and speed, efficiency, weight, and voltage requirements.

The most effective way to make an intelligent decision when buying a tattoo machine is to thoroughly research the various details and specifications so that you understand which option to buy.

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