Blockchain in Healthcare: The Future


Any connected device can participate in transactions. Each block records the data that each connected device has. This allows for data parity through comparing all blocks.


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Hashing allows you to compare and record data. Each block is assigned a unique identifier, which can be changed based on the content of the block. The hash will then also change.


Blocks are stored in chronological order. Any attempt to modify one block will cause another block in the chain to detect a shift.

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Blockchain is accurate, secure, and a catalyst to utmost accountability. It makes it nearly impossible to manipulate, falsify, or mimic data. Blockchain opens up many possibilities, including the possibility of sharing, storing and accessing data between connected parties.

How Blockchain Is Impacting the Medical Industry

The Blockchain is extremely secure and accessible to everyone. It can be used in many ways for healthcare access improvements and cost reduction.

Futureproofing technologies can be combined with compounding nature data, innovation to further foster an era of growth.

These pioneering companies have already laid the foundations for a blockchain revolution.


The inability to securely share and access patient data has created serious problems for the medical sector. This technology will enable healthcare information systems to work together within and outside of their organizations to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare.

Chronicled Uses blockchain technology to connect medical facilities and trading partners. Blockchain allows for trust and collaboration.


HealthVerity purchased Curisium in 2020 to create a platform for contract negotiation. Both in terms of complexity and how time-consuming and cumbersome they can be,

Curisium simplifies the process and permits payers and providers alike to take part in secure and efficient contracting arrangements.


My role as chief health officer at Ever was created from scratch to encourage innovation. It has an EHR system that can be easily and quickly applied to existing hospital networks. The Ever Network is an integrated platform that connects more than 170 hospitals and 5 million patients. It provides an integrated but modular software suite. It’s designed for secure and trustless data exchanges, big data collection and analysis, and artificial intelligence-powered tools and features.

Ever was founded in 2017 and modernized Thailand’s healthcare system by providing data-driven, patient-centric, blockchain-based communication and data security. This is possible thanks to a flexible, future-proof blockchain foundation.


Blockchain networks enable organizations to achieve transparency and privacy. They are able to conceal sensitive patient data, and allow sharing and access when needed. To target a blockchain-powered network, an attacker would require vast computational capabilities. This severely restricts the frequency, effectiveness, and possibility of attacks.

This advantage is used by hospitals to create patient-centric apps. This allows the company to have greater control over their health.

Future Lightening With Innovation

The foundation of growth, modularity, and innovation is the most striking feature of Blockchain technology.

BIS Research reported that Blockchain integration in Healthcare could save more than $100 billion per year in IT, operations, and support costs.

Companies around the world have developed many innovative and creative solutions to blockchain problems. But this is only the beginning. While laying the foundations for a data-driven future that will allow for medical breakthroughs of unprecedented magnitude,


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