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California requires workers comp

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Workers who are hurt or become ill due to their work are covered by workers’ comp benefits.

California was one of many states that adopted workers compensation laws in the 1910s. In order to qualify for benefits, employees who are injured do not need to prove that their illness or injury was caused.

Each state has its workers’ comp insurance law. California businesses owners can find some helpful information here.

California requires workers comp

California Labor Code Section3700 requires employers to offer workers compensation benefits to all employees.

California’s workers compensation benefits include all workers, even part time workers.

California’s workers’ compensation law makes it illegal to not have insurance.

An employer that cancels workers compensation insurance in order for another company to provide insurance will get a prorated refund.

California Workers Compensation Benefits

California offers five benefits for workers comp:

  • Healthcare
  • Temporary disability benefit
  • Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits
  • Death benefits

California Workers Comp Insurance – Where can you get it?

California employers have to purchase workers’ comp insurance through either a licensed insurable or the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

The California Department of Insurance has information on California insurance companies selling workers compensation insurance. You can also find online comparisons of the rates offered by top 50 California workers compensation insurance companies.

Workers’ compensation coverage is sold by the State Compensation Insurance Fund on an unprofitable basis. Private insurance companies may refuse to offer workers compensation to businesses.

California’s Top 10 Largest Workers Comp Insurance Companies


California Workers Comp Insurance Cost

Workers Compensation insurance costs vary from one insurance company to the next. In addition to cost, consider the quality and accessibility of claims adjusters.

It all depends on the industry you work in and the history of workers’ compensation claims.

According to Cerity workers comp insurance costs for California range from 40c per $100 for a low risk job in clerical work, to $33.57 to cover high-risk labor occupations.

How to file a workers compensation claim

If you are injured or ill, notify your employer immediately.

Employers have to file a claim within a day after receiving information about an employee’s injury.

Employers Must Post Workers Compensation Requirements

California employers have to post a sign at work containing information about workers’ comp and the best places for medical attention for any injuries sustained on the job.

Failures to post notices can result in a misdemeanor, a civil fine up to $7,000 and/or a criminal conviction.

Workers compensation pamphlets must be provided by employers to explain employee rights and responsibilities.

What if I don’t have workers compensation?

It is illegal to deny workers compensation coverage.

  • Up to one year in jail at the county jail
  • A fine equal to twice the amount paid for workers’ compensation premium. This would have covered uninsured periods

Employers must pay all expenses incurred by employees if they are injured or sick at work.

California Workers Compensation Claim Problems: Where can I report?

Employees and employers can receive assistance from the Division of Workers Compensation regarding workers’ compensation claims. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Information and Assistance Unit of Division of Workers Compensation.

Also, the California Department of Insurance handles workers’ compensation issues such:

  • Audit disputes
  • Broker-agent handling
  • Notices to cancel and not-renew
  • Classification disputes
  • Dividend plans
  • Failure to provide loss history reports
  • Insurance fraud
  • Insurer compliance
  • Rating errors
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