Can a Smart Plug Turn On a TV? (Most likely NOT, here’s why).


After setting up my first smart socket, I connected my smart TV to it. It said, “OK Google TV On!” Well, not nothing. My TV’s “standby” light turned red to indicate that my TV was ready for turning on.

I had not considered standby mode and began to wonder if a smart plug could actually turn on my TV.

Can a smart plug turn on TV?

You cannot use a smart socket to turn on a television. Today’s TVs automatically go into standby mode if they are turned off. Smart plugs cut the power completely so that if you turn on your TV using a smart plug it will only go into standby mode.

Because TVs automatically go into standby mode after they are turned off when they are turned on, they cannot be fully powered down unless they are physically unplugged. Smart plugs shut off the power completely so you effectively unplug the TV each time you use them to turn off the TV. When you turn on the TV via the smart plug, it will go into standby mode. However, you will still need to manually turn it on.


Bummer man.
What does “standby mode” mean?
TVs with tubes and valves back in the day could take several minutes for them to turn on if they were not turned off.

That’s right, many minutes. It was a real drag.
Even these old-school TVs were able to be quickly turned on using a remote.
Older TVs were less fortunate. They used a lot more energy and kept the TV on standby quickly.

Televisions don’t have tubes or valves anymore, but they still have standby mode.
Standby mode is a modern TV that has an LED lit. A small circuit is then powered on and waiting for a signal from the remote to turn on TV.
It is very affordable to keep modern TVs in standby mode. This is why almost all TVs have it.

Your TV will turn on faster for a better viewing experience.
Can I disable “standby” mode?
You can turn off your TV’s standby mode to make it turn on with a smart plug.
This is not possible on all TVs, so make sure to check the specific brand and model.
For TVs that allow you to change more frequently than , you’ll find it under “settings”.

You should turn off standby mode so that you can use your smart plug for turning on your TV. Your TV will just skip the standby mode and simply power on.
Alternate ways to turn on your TV without using a smart plug
If your TV does not have the option of turning off standby mode, then you will need to find another way.There are many options.

Google Chromecast and Amazon Alexa

You can use Google Chromecast with your Google Home. Getting started isn’t that easy.
To help you get started, I have created a step by step guide to turn on your TV using Chromecast.

You can also use Amazon Alexa to turn your TV on.
Alexa can work with a variety of TV models and makes. Alexa works well with my TCL Roku TV. It was simple to set up.

This detailed article outlines everything you need about using Alexa for turning on your TV.


Most TVs can’t be turned off using a smart plug. This is because TVs these days are in standby mode and can’t be fully turned off.
You can try to turn off standby mode in the TV’s settings. Your smart plug will turn on the TV and power it on automatically, bypassing standby mode altogether.
You can disable standby mode on your TV by using Google Chromecast or Amazon Alexa.


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