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Can you afford a Toledo injury lawyer after a car accident?

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Ohio follows the standard fault-based system for car accidents. If you suffered injuries or losses in a car crash in Toledo, you have the right to sue the other party for compensation. It typically involves filing a third-party claim with their insurer. You would anticipate the claims adjuster to make a fair offer, but that is unlikely to happen. Insurance companies often try tactics to deny and delay claims, and it is important to have a legal expert on your side. Hiring an attorney may sound like a new financial hassle, but with firms like Groth & Associates, you can expect amazing help without spending anything right away. Here’s more about affording a lawyer after a car accident.

Free consultation for your claim

Just because someone won millions for their car accident claim doesn’t mean your case is worth as much. Each accident claim is unique in terms of facts and circumstances, and you need an attorney to evaluate the details based on available evidence. The good news is most law firms in Toledo review personal injury claims without asking for a fee. You can choose a lawyer, meet them in person, and get a quick review of your situation. Lawyers don’t make fake promises but will evaluate the available details to give you a brief overview of the expected outcome and settlement.

Contingency fee

Unlike family lawyers, who usually charge an hourly rate and a retainer fee for matters like divorces, you can expect an injury lawyer to work on a contingency fee. The lawyer’s fee is contingent or dependent on whether you recover a settlement. Car accident claims may involve extensive work, and when there is a dispute on fault, or the matter is likely to end up in court, lawyers may charge more. The contingency fee of experienced lawyers could be higher, but the contingency fee usually varies between 30% and 40%.

Understand the other expenses

Your lawyer may need money to investigate the case and gather relevant details. In some cases, attorneys need to work with medical experts and accident reconstruction services, which may mean spending more. As a client, you are liable for these expenses. Ask your attorney for a ballpark and whether they can help you with additional costs until you recover a settlement.

You don’t need to spend immediately to seek legal help for your car accident claim. Consider talking to a top lawyer before you make the first move.

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