Can You Plug a Flash Drive Into a PS4?


How to use a flashdrive on a PS4

Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives can be handy. They make it easy to transfer files from one location to another. Here’s how you can use it with the PS4.

What are the uses of a Flash Drive for a PS4?

It is not easy to connect a flashdrive using the PS4 software. Accessing the flash drive can only be done through layers of menus. Two types of USB storage devices are used by the PS4: portable storage for saves, games, and apps, and extended storage for apps and games.

How to set up a Flash Drive for Extended Storage on the PS4?

A flash drive can be used to increase system storage for applications and games. A flash drive must support USB 3.0, between 250GB to 8T.

  1. Connect the flash drive to the USB port at the PS4’s front.
  2. Select Settings from your home screen.
  3. Select Devices.
  4. Choose USB Storage Devices.
  5. Select Mass Storage.
  6. Select For Extended Storage.

After you’ve completed these steps, your flash drive will automatically connect to the internet and be available for downloading apps or games.

How to copy and save data to or from a flash drive on your PS4?

A flash drive can be used to back up your saved games. t’s simple to do but you need to be able to identify the right menus. This is how it works.

  1. After plugging the flash drive into your PS4’s USB port, go to the Home Screen and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Application Data Management.
  3. Select Saved data on USB Storage Device to copy the flash drive’s save data to the PS4

    Select Copy to system storage.

    Choose the game from where the file is coming.

    Choose the appropriate save file and choose Copy

  4. Select Saved data in System Storage to copy saved data from a PS4 to a flash drive

    Select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    Choose the game data that you wish to copy.

    Select the game file that you wish to save, and then select Copy.

How to save screen captures from your PS4 to a flash drive

Although the PS4 can save video and screenshots, it can be difficult to access them from the hard drive. To save these files, you can connect a flash drive to the PS4 so they can be used elsewhere.

  1. Select Settings from the Home Screen.
  2. Select Storage
  3. Choose the storage device. In this example System Storage.

    You can also use flash drives or other hard drives as extended storage. To capture your screen, you will need to choose System storage.

  4. Select Screen Captures
  5. To capture a screen, select the game that you played. Next, press the Options key on your PS4 controller. This will open a new screen that displays a list of screen shots.

    It doesn’t matter which game you used to capture the video or screenshot. Your screenshots are stored in the All directory. You can take a screenshot from the PS4 menus or a video, and it will be stored in the Other directory at the bottom.

  6. Save the screen capture that you like. To open a menu, press Options with your PS4 controller. Select Copy To USB Storage.
  7. Select the screen captures that you wish to copy and then select Copy.

Why won’t my USB storage device connect to my PS4?

There are several reasons your flash drive may not connect to your PS4. These are some things you should check.

  • Make sure you have the most recent update for your PS4 to be able to copy data.
  • You can check to make sure your flash drive fits within the USB port’s narrow space.
  •  Some USB flash drives may be too large to physically connect.
  • To check if it is connected, go through the steps.
  • Verify that the flash drive works on another device, such as a computer.


How do I format a flash drive to play on the PS4?

Formatting a flash drive is easy. Simply plug it in to your computer, then open file Explorer. Click the right-click to start formatting. Select Format in Windows. Next, choose the ExFAT option. On a Mac OSX computer, open Disk Utility. Select the flash drive and click Erase.

How can I update my PS4 using a flash drive?

First create a folder on your flash drive called PS4. Next, create another folder called Update within that folder. Next, visit the PS4 software update page and download the update file. Save it in the Updatefolder with the PS4UPDATE.PUP. Connect the flash drive to your PS4 and turn it on. Next, go to Safe Mode 3: Update System Software > Download from USB Storage Device.


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