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Card Payment Machines UK For Small Businesses

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In today’s cashless society, accepting card payments at your store or stall is essential. Fortunately, there are a variety of lightweight, affordable and user-friendly card payment machines UK for small businesses to choose from.

These include mobile card readers that connect to an app, as well as portable and countertop card machines without needing a smartphone. Some also come equipped with features like barcode scanners or receipt printer attachments.


Zettle by PayPal is an affordable card reader and payment app that makes it simple to accept card payments. With its low-cost hardware and no monthly subscription fees, this solution may be suitable for many businesses.

This app works with a range of accessories, such as docks and receipt printers, to enable an in-store point-of-sale setup tailored for your business. Furthermore, it supports custom gift cards which can be issued either physically or through email invoices.

In addition to cash and credit cards, it supports contactless payments as well. Customers can tap their card or device for any amount up to PS100 with ease.

Its software is free to use, and its transaction fees are competitive: 2.29% + 9 cents for card-present transactions and 3.49% + 9 cents for keyed-in transactions. These rates are significantly lower than those charged by other POS systems, plus there are no monthly contracts required.

You have two options when it comes to accepting card or contactless payments: through a card reader and mobile app, or with an integrated terminal with touchscreen and phone support. The most expensive option, known as The Terminal, comes with its own pre-installed SIM card for data connectivity.

There are four kits to choose from, ranging in price from $249 to $699 depending on which package you select. Each Kit includes a Reader, Dock, iPad stand, Smart Printer and thermal rolls for printing.

The Zettle app is the cornerstone of any point-of-sale system, offering top notch software with comprehensive functionality for businesses. You can track invoices, sales and refunds with ease and search for old receipts to gain insight into your business performance in just seconds.

With the app, you can manage inventory and add new products to your store. Import a product list from a spreadsheet, organize items by category, then upload photos and descriptions for each item.

Another useful feature is a product library, where you can group similar items and monitor stock levels. The app automatically synchronizes inventory changes with QuickBooks Online and e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

Zettle app is free and compatible with a range of devices, including iOS and Android. Its customer service team are available weekdays from 9am-5pm; however, please be patient as they may take several days to respond via email.

The app is an ideal way to begin taking payments, but there are some essential features missing that could make it unsuitable for certain businesses. Most notably, there’s no pay-by-link function which enables you to send customers an instant link so they can pay directly from their mobile device.

Barclaycard Business

Barclaycard Business provides a selection of card payment machines to businesses in the UK for lease. This includes desktop and mobile options suitable for small businesses and freelancers alike, as well as virtual terminals for telephone orders and mail orders.

These machines are an ideal way to accept debit and credit card payments, expedite checkout times, and reward customers with loyalty programs. They come in various shapes and sizes – from compact ‘integrated’ devices (pictured) to large countertop units – so you can find one that suits both your space requirements and needs.

These machines offer convenience and accept most types of cards. Furthermore, they come in an array of designs and finishes so you can find one to fit your budget as well as brand requirements.

Businesses with fixed checkouts will find a desktop card machine to be ideal. These come in various shapes and sizes, and can be connected to the point-of-sale (POS) via WiFi or Bluetooth. They’re suitable for retail outlets like supermarkets and newsagents, as well as food markets.

They can also be used to accept ‘contactless’ payments, such as those made using NFC technology found on iPhones and Android phones. Furthermore, the machines can be connected to a printer for receipts and e-receipts – an added convenience for customers who wish to print off their purchases.

PDQ machines can be an invaluable asset to businesses that sell on the go, such as taxi drivers, tradespeople or sole traders. They’re usually very portable with Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi capabilities so they can be taken anywhere.

If you plan on taking payments while traveling, make sure your machine is PCI compliant. A non-compliant machine could leave credit card data vulnerable to hackers and must be replaced if stolen.

Another disadvantage of these machines is their cost – there’s usually a monthly minimum fee, plus transaction and refund fees are fixed amounts each. If you deal with high volumes of transactions, these expenses can quickly accumulate and become an expensive burden on your finances.

If your business is larger, you might want to explore using a different card processing company for better rates and additional features. If unsure, request a quote for an estimated cost before making any commitments.

Barclays business credit cards typically offer interest-free periods and rewards, as well as being used to cover travel and marketing expenses. The best ones tend to be co-branded with airlines or hotels, making them the ideal option for business owners who travel frequently.

Tyl by Natwest

Tyl by NatWest is one of the UK’s premier card payment machines for small businesses. It allows merchants to securely accept payments in-store, over the phone or online – with next day transactions directly into their business bank accounts.

The card machine is a portable touchscreen terminal with integrated point of sale (POS) software for accepting cards, processing refunds and monitoring sales. It’s manufactured by Clover Network whose parent company is NatWest, so you can expect excellent support when needed.

In addition to its basic product library, the Flex terminal also includes Clover apps for reporting, managing orders and adding employees with various user permissions. Through the Clover App Marketplace, users can expand their terminal’s capacity with additional Clover apps.

Visa, Mastercard and Amex card payments can be accepted; however the fees for these may vary. Furthermore, it provides a free browser dashboard to monitor sales and chargebacks – though unfortunately there isn’t a smartphone app available for convenience.

When customers use their card to make a purchase, they are automatically redirected to an hosted payment page on the merchant’s website. This eliminates sensitive card data from being stored in the store database, decreasing the risk of fraudulence and chargebacks.

The extension integrates the NatWest Tyl payment method with Magento 2. It offers merchants a fast and simple way to accept card payments online, plus supports generating credit memos and processing refunds from the backend.

Setting up the Tyl payment method on your website is as easy as selecting it from the available options during checkout. Your customer’s order information will then appear in My Order section and Sales > Orders grid in backend, while full payment information is returned to your store.

Once a customer has made their payment, Tyl processes the transaction and emails them a receipt within an hour. In case the transaction is not approved, customers can dispute it in writing.

Tyl’s portal, updated every hour, makes this possible. Additionally, the loyalty app features a loyalty app so you can send offers and discounts directly to your customers.

Tyl is supported by NatWest, a major UK bank known for its excellent customer support. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks such as the absence of an experienced team to assist new merchants.

Additionally, it charges custom authorisation fees on its Over PS50K plan as well as a PCI compliance fee. This plan is more affordable than Zettle’s 1.69% but slightly pricier than SumUp’s 1.5%.

Zettle offers a dedicated account management team, while Tyl is more of a rental service that allows businesses to rent card machines for however long they need them. While this can be convenient for companies with busy cashflows, Tyl can also deliver frustration when there are issues with the service.

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