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Christmas Poster Designs To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

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Businesses are looking to make a profit during the Christmas season, so every Yuletide advertisement and every Christmas poster must be unique enough to generate sales.

 Penji is the best way to stand out among the rest. Penji is a trusted service provider that can manage all of your holiday graphic design needs.

 Penji is also feeling generous this holiday season. These free Christmas images and illustrations are available for you to download for your marketing campaigns.

These Holiday posters might be of interest to you as you search for marketing inspiration.

1. Nespresso

This ad will make you crave a hot cup of coffee in the colder months. It is perfect for the season because of its colour palette.

2. Tide

This simple but clever poster depicts a pen that accidentally released a tree-shaped liquid in its breast pocket. The subtle message is that the product can clean up after holiday chaos.

3. Bath & Body Works

This Bath and Body Works advertisement features the classic Holiday colours of red and green. 

The festive tone is enhanced by the inclusion of white and gold elements on the product packaging.

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4. Costco

The supermarket giant released this ad in 2017. It is simple but very effective.

 The background is a sparkly silvery grey and complements the red colour of both the sidebar and the Christmas ball.

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The ad for the coffee house features a bright colour palette that includes crimson and white as well as chocolate brown. 

The purple elements add colour to the image’s red background and provide a contrast to the white areas.

6. FedEx

FedEx’s simple poster relies more heavily on shapes than colours. It looks like a Christmas tree with holiday presents on top when the delivery boxes are stacked together. Read this article on Marketing Ideas for Events That Actually Work.

7. Dunkin Donuts

This ad is a great example of how to make Christmas more festive for the coffee house and donut shop.

 The light green background and mint green accents make a great backdrop for the chocolate, mocha and cream colours.

8. H&M

This poster from H&M doesn’t use any festive colour scheme or holiday themed-illustrations. 

The ad’s choice of winter clothes is sufficient to give it a Christmasy look. Their logo’s scarlet colour works well in the holiday poster.

9. Ikea

This clever advertisement for a holiday sale shows a small tree decorated with what appears to be a large Christmas ball. 

The image’s simplicity emphasises the idea and the importance of the main image.

10. Hellman’s

The holiday advertisement for Hellman is simple and innovative. The spoon’s mayonnaise marks resemble Santa Claus’ facial hair. 

The image has a festive feel thanks to the red background.

11. Greenpeace

The environmental advocacy group’s poster for public service announcements is funny and creative. This image shows a snow globe that is empty and what appears to be the remains of a snowman.

12. Brasil Airlines

Brazil Airlines’ ad poster features a modern approach to Santa Claus’ gift distribution task. It is reminiscent of cold winter because the majority of the colours are bluish-grey.

13. KitKat

The holiday advertisement for the chocolate brand stays true to its tagline “Have a break, have a KitKat.” It features a fake beard on a chair that suggests Santa is taking a break.

14. McDonald’s

The holiday campaign poster of the fast-food chain features a tall box of fries that looks almost like a yellow Christmas tree.

15. Mercedes Benz

The humour of this ad for the auto brand is what makes it memorable. 

The photo depicts a scene in the Nativity with only three kings, who seem to be the only ones that had reliable transportation to Bethlehem.

16. Old Navy

Old Navy’s holiday posters go beyond the traditional red and green Christmas colours. It uses a combination of pink, babyblue, and white instead.

17. Pizza Hut

Double Sensation Pizza is the holiday special featured on the pizza chain’s Christmas advertisement. 

The image has a holiday vibe thanks to its excellent food photography and the Santa hand, little Elfs, and Christmas tree background.

18. Pringles

This poster shows a dreamy scene in which a Pringles was depicted as a home. The ad’s dark background emphasises the golden colour in the chips.

19. Quality Street

Quality Street’s bright candy wrappers were the focus of this ad. This image depicts scattered candy that resembles a reindeer head.

20. Ramada

The promotional image of the hotel chain for Christmas parties is simple and elegant. 

The poster had one image, which featured a woman with balloons. It also featured a simple font set that is easy to read.

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