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Cider Security, A Tel Aviv Company That Helps Companies Identify Security Risks In Their DevOps Pipelines, Announces A $32 Million Series A Led By Tiger Global

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Aviv-based security developer develops 32m series of tigers today AppSec Operating Systems provider, Cider Security, emerged from hiding in the wake of an investment of $32 million in A round of funding. Cider Security’s platform will give users the ability to control and orchestrate their the security of their applications and control with a single pane of glass.

With a single application, Cider Security aims to give users a better understanding of the entire life cycle of software development (SDLC) starting from the development phase up to the time of deployment. This includes identifying the risks in the surrounding environment and receiving suggestions for improving the overall security of the organization.

This strategy gives businesses as well as technical and decision-makers with a tool to assist in-house teams gain awareness of security for applications and safeguard against threats that pose a threat to security.

The security risks of app-driven companies

The announcement comes at a time that companies have struggled to reduce the risk of apps in their infrastructure, with research showing that half of the applications are vulnerable to security issues as well as “a totally distinct attack vulnerability.”

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A large portion of these applications are vulnerable because companies are hurrying to develop code in order to get products to market quicker With 48% of companies admitting that they have released vulnerable software and 54% of them admitting to doing it in order to meet a crucial date, and plan to fix the issue with a subsequent release.

In addition, 45% of respondents said that issues were discovered way too late in the cycle of release for them to be fixed in time. Also, the speed of releases makes it harder for developers to protect their apps before deploying.

“The engineering industry has seen an enormous change since the advent of devops as a discipline. More releases are being released and the technology stack is more varied as well as the use of third-party software has grown as manual processes are being replaced favour of automation,” said Cider Security’s CEO and co-founder, Guy Flechter.

“These modifications have had a major influence on security. They have created a variety of new risk categories and opportunities that are exploited by adversaries,” Flechter said.

in 2021 Fletchter asserts that the number of sophisticated hacks as well as security threats that target engineering environments, including the SolarWinds hack and recent revelations of the Log4j vulnerability indicates it is now “an AppSec OS has become essential for organizations to adjust to this changing situation, and also allowing engineers to work swiftly, without making compromises to security.”

The application race to secure

Cider Security is the latest entry into the market for application security estimated at $6.38 billion by 2020 and will likely to reach $15.76 billion in 2026 as more businesses are looking to create and protect their own applications.

The company is competing against many other established companies, among them is Argon, which is a solution for safeguarding the software supply chain. It detects pipeline assets automatically and automatically alerts you to certain events.

It’s important to note it’s worth noting Argon was recently bought by cloud-native app protection company Aqua Security, which raised $135 through Series E Funding in March.

Another competitor is Legit Security, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) -a based solution designed to secure software supply chains, with automatic discovery of pipelines of infrastructure code and SDLC assets, which recently raised $30 million as part of a Series A funding round.

Even though Argon, as well as Legit Security, are addressing similar issues similar to Cider Security, Fletcher claims that his team’s experience in the security of applications is what sets it apart from the other vendors.

“Our solution is basically the first operating system that permits orchestrating and harmonizing security-related activities of CI/CD across the three areas of security for CI/CD — SIP (Security in the Pipeline), SOP (Security Of the Pipeline) and SAP (Security around the Pipeline).


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