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New York City’s cyclists are exposed to many dangers. Citi Bikes may make matters worse. People who choose to use Citi Bikes, a popular alternative to riding a bike, run the risk of being injured by defective equipment. This is in addition to the risks associated with dangerous drivers, large buses and poor road maintenance.

Although there are not many statistics on the number of Citi Bike-related accidents in New York, there have been some notable deaths in recent years. In September 2018, a Coach USA bus ran over and then killed a Citi Bike user. A second fatal accident occurred in April 2019, when a UPS driver hit a Chelsea real estate agent bicycling, who later died of his injuries.

Citi Bike accidents can lead to injuries and even death. Citi’s electric pedal-assisted, pedal-assisted bikes were recalled shortly after launch due to a series of accidents that resulted from excessive braking force on their front wheels. Riders fell over their handlebars, causing facial injuries and broken bones.

You may be able to pay your medical bills if you are injured on a Citi Bike, or were injured by a Citi Bike rider. An experienced Long Island Citi Bike accident lawyer will help you file your claim. This will allow you to identify all potential liable parties and ensure that you don’t have to pay the entire cost of your injury.

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New York City Citi Bike Accidents: Causes

Citi Bike is New York City’s officially owned bike-sharing program. For a small fee, visitors and locals can rent bikes from stations. In exchange for unlimited rides, members can pay an annual fee.

Citi Bike has approximately 13,000 bikes in total. There are stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. According to the company’s most recent monthly report, riders made more than 1.9million trips in May 2019, covering a total distance of over 3.5 million miles. Most trips were made by company members, 143,000+ annually.

There are many possible injuries that can be caused by these trips. While some of these incidents can be attributed to rider error, or unavoidable circumstances – many others are caused by negligence.

Collisions between Cars, Trucks and Buses

NYC bike riders are constantly at risk from heavy and large vehicles. The city has been criticized for not taking action to address the issue of cyclist deaths. One of the most persistent complaints about NYPD and other agencies is that they don’t hold negligent drivers accountable.

A simple side swipe or tap may be all it takes to get a vehicle to pull a bicycler under its tires. Drivers of larger trucks and buses are expected to be more cautious. They may not follow laws about yielding, safe distance or avoiding cyclists.

Defective Citi Bike Product Design

Bicycles are not an exception to the rule. Every year, thousands of personal injuries are caused by defective products. Citi Bike relies on the safety of its bikes from manufacturers. These vehicles could have design or manufacturing defects that pose a risk to riders’ safety. Manufacturers are liable in New York for injuries that result from the correct use of their products.

Citi Bike Negligence

Citi Bike can be negligent and cause injury to riders. A serious accident can result from a bike that is not maintained or inspected for safety issues. Citibike has the right to investigate the role of Citi Bike in the accident and to determine if the company took reasonable care to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

NYC Infrastructure Neglect

NYC’s infrastructure is managed by many federal, state, municipal, and county entities. In the event of a serious accident, any number of these departments and agencies could be held responsible if they create unsafe roads.

Citi Bike Pedestrian Accidents

Citi Bike riders may be responsible for accidents due to their own negligence. A Citi Bike rider can cause an accident that results in injury to a pedestrian, cyclist, or other vulnerable person.

How to file an injury claim after a Citi Bike accident

You should immediately seek medical attention after an accident for any injuries. You should notify the police if your accident caused serious injuries to pedestrians, vehicles, or pedestrians. Citi Bike asks that all incidents be reported within 30 days to them. This is required if the victim of an injury wishes to file a claim against Citi Bike.

Bicycle accidents with other vehicles are usually covered by the vehicle’s No-Fault policy. Within 30 days of the incident, cyclists can file for reimbursement of medical bills and lost wages.

If you have no insurance, or are struck by a driver without insurance, or hit-and-run, injury victims can apply for their uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage (SUM).

In the case of serious injuries or other qualifying circumstances, a third-party liability claim might be possible. These policies usually offer greater coverage for a wider range of damages, such pain and suffering.

With the help of a Long Island Citibike Accident Lawyer, you can recover all your damages

An experienced Citi Bike Accident Lawyer in Long Island will help you uncover all legal options to maximize your chances of securing the maximum amount possible under the law.

Your attorney will help you determine if certain parties, such as Citi Bike Corporation or the City of New York, could be held responsible for your injuries through a negligence claim. Your attorney can file a lawsuit if your claim is denied. This could lead to a trial before a jury.



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