Confluence Software vs Jira Software Feature List


Remote work has gained momentum, and online platforms are providing assistance to enable users across the globe. There are several management tools that have emerged to meet the demands of entrepreneurs. It has become easier for entrepreneurs to function through online forums which combine all the apps that are usually needed. Confluence and Jira are two such software and have become well-known in the industry as they supply users who are in search of vigorous solutions. Even though they’re both created by Atlassian, Confluence software vs Jira software reserve their differences. Each software performs different tasks and even complements the other.

Which One to Get: Confluence vs Jira

It is not always necessary to sign up for more than one software if you make an informed decision. Once you have basic knowledge about their features, you can easily decide which one you need to manage your needs. This is a detailed summary of Confluence and Jira:


The central aim of Confluence is to provide clever ways through which users can perform collaborative work efficiently.

·  Templates

Having templates gives you ready-made solutions so that you don’t have to start building your campaigns from scratch. Confluence provides customizable templates for up to 13 categories that include design, business strategy, product management, and IT.

Some templates featured on Confluence include features like Annual Plan One-Pager so that you can quickly share the aims and goals of your company with the rest of the organization. The Vision to Values features lets you create a dynamic plan and strategize your future goals based on  it. If you want to share development details with the leadership, you can use the Business Status Update.

The other featured templates are equally useful when it comes to business planning as well as                organizing multiple aspects of your business through a single software.

·   Sharing

Confluence makes it easy to share information with your team with the integration of tools such as Permissions. With the help of this feature, you can tell your employees across the board the information which is essential. On the other hand, you can also limit access to certain documents for specific members of your team.

You can personalize the feed on your Home page and take a glance at the activity for the most recent updates. Lastly, you can share updates with team members quickly on blogs which can be joined by all of the users.

·   Security

It is of foremost importance to work on a secure system as your company’s data and information are vulnerable. Confluence has maximum privacy and encryption with GDPR and Privacy Shield which ensure that your data is not liable to theft or loss.

You can opt for Atlassian Access which can be used for administrative purposes as well. Atlassian Access combines SAML SSO and two-factor authentication and user provisioning to heighten the privacy aspect.

·  Document Management

Since Confluence is software that focuses on teamwork and naturally ensures that you have access to real-time editing. You can edit files in real-time and leave comments for your teammates to see. You further retain the ability to track the version history of the files.

The notification ability gives you the ability to notify your team members whenever you assign them a task. This can be helpful since it helps everyone stay alert and follow through with the steps without missing out on updates.

Jira Software

Jira is focused on providing solutions for enterprises that are also invested in project development and incorporate multiple characteristics to serve that purpose.

·   Project Management

Jira software has Kanban as well as Scrum board option, so you can manage your projects through a dashboard that fits the needs of your goals. The benefit of using Scrum is that it helps you break large projects into manageable tasks so they can be assigned to the concerned team.

Kanban provides a platform where teams can have a workflow for their tasks so that the members can keep up with the latest developments.

The Roadmaps feature is also quite helpful for managing projects as they contain the history of progress. This makes it easier for any member to contextualize the project as soon as they join.

·  Integrations

Jira tool can access up to 3000+ apps which can be integrated with your project as well. Besides some of the default apps, you can add Aura, TableManagement, Zephyr,, and many others.

There are 37 categories available to browse through, which further makes it easier to access applications that could be more beneficial for the type of project that you are working on.

·   Accommodating Team Sizes

Jira does not only cater to large businesses but can be used by startups as well. Its effortless setup system is able to sustain teams of various sizes so that you can work with 3 or 300 people.

It is established that Confluence project management is helpful in identifying and organizing the tasks that require management. Its main concern is with breaking down the workflow into manageable chunks for the team. On the other hand, Jira is a software through which you can develop products as well as projects for your enterprise. Jira demo can comprehensively give you a step-by-step guide on how you can use the features. Furthermore, you can make use of Confluence as you create your projects on Jira.

Confluence Software vs Jira Software Price

The prices of these management tools depend on the features, but each supports pricing plans for businesses at different stages of their growth. There are three payment plans on each: Free, Standard, and Premium. Confluence has a standard pricing plan that costs about $7 for every user, and the premium is around $14. Furthermore, the Jira tool and Confluence can provide a private quote for enterprises with maximum benefits offered in the plan. They’re both equally cost-effective in the long run, but users will have to pay for the integrations, which may increase the overall price.


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