Dead by Daylight Guide: 7 Best Survivors to Play for Starters


The pandemic allows individuals to explore new things. It unlocks new hobbies and skills that you didn’t think you had. Gaming is one of the majority learned from the pandemic, and it opens an escape world and de-stress, especially for youth. Moreover, Survival games are the topmost played worldwide and on Stream charts. It offers players realistic gameplay that envisions thrill and exciting adventures. 

Dead by Daylight is one of the survival games you shouldn’t miss. Survivors and killers can use up to four perks in their load-out, which provides their characters with unique abilities. Moreover,  Dead by Daylight Killer perks differ from Survivor perks, and it offers unique capabilities according to the character you select. You don’t want to utilize the wrong perks, and this article will cover it up! It will feature everything to know about these seven best survivals. Don’t escape now, and a great adventure awaits.

1. Jake Park 

Jake is suitable for a beginner survivor. He has a color palette that allows him to camouflage on specific maps. Jake is a simple-to-use character, and his abilities enable him to avoid any potential chases with the Killer. He has a calm spirit perk that keeps him under pressure despite hits and attacks—in addition, making no noise while injured is another excellent feature utilizing his perks, Iron Will at the highest tier. It allows him to escape the Killer easily when he’s out of sight.

2. Claudette Morel 

She is a botanist and can heal herself without any med-kits, and she utilizes nearby plants to heal herself and other survivors. You’ve gained BPs in the altruism category when you heal your teammates. At the same time, self-healing gives you BPs in the survival category. Blood points (BP) are essential to purchase survivor and killer perks. 

Claudette Morel’s empathy sees her injured teammates’ auras in the distance. Using this survivor and her perks allows you to get more altruistic BPs by healing others. Her botany knowledge increases her healing speed, enabling her to heal more people with less time. It takes time to earn the iridescent emblem in the survival category, as you will need to heal yourself 10 to 20 times or more.

3. David King

David King offers excellent perks for new players. The Perk We’re Gonna Live Forever and Dead Hard are the best perks from this survivor. It is helpful for starters, as it increases in characters’ level and outmaneuvers the Killer. David King is a fighter and bold survivor, and he also is a protector and high-reward survivor. 

Perk We’re Gonna Live Forever gives him 100 percent healing speed while healing a dying survivor. For instance, you are playing out a protected snare salvage, taking an insurance hit for a harmed survivor, or blinding the executioner to save a conveyed survivor. You will get one token, and each token is equivalent to a stackable 25% reward for all BP gains, up to 100 percent. With this advantage, you can double BP points. 

4. Meg Thomas 

This survivor is an athlete that uses her speed to overtake the killers. Her Quick and Quiet Perk helps jump into lockers or vault over windows, and it doesn’t make noise at all. Not to mention her Adrenaline Perk is insanely powerful too. She can heal an entire health state and runs faster, disregarding her Exhausted status. Meg Thomas is a massive help for starters on running away from the Killer. Activate her Perk Sprint Burst to use this skill.

5. Dwight Fairfield

Dwight is a leader, which allows him and his teammates to work effectively. He might not be brave, but he guarantees that he can survive. His nervousness enables him to avoid any potential chases by simply hopping into a locker to hide.

With his Bond Perk, he can see the auras of his teammates. You can quickly find other teammates and heal them if they are wounded. Making this skill allows you to earn BPs in the altruism category. Dwight has a leader perk, which enables teammates to work faster, and it has a high advantage when he’s around the other survivors. They can sabotage, heal, and unhook more quickly, impacting a great chance of surviving.

6. Feng Min 

If you are looking for a survivor who is excellent at avoiding killers, Feng Min’s the one! Her Alert Perk allows Feng Min to see the Killer’s aura whenever they break a pallet or damage a generator for three to five seconds. It gives Feng Min an upper hand on the Killer’s location for the entire game. 

This survivor boasts the Technician Perk, one that lessens the sounds heard when repairing a generator, and it makes things more challenging for the Killer to locate her.

7. Felix Ritcher 

This survivor is best for repairing generators and rescuing other survivors. Felix’s Visionary Perks allow you to place your generator within a specific radius, making it easy to start rebuilding your generator. The benefits of Desperate Measures are helpful for other survivors as they speed up recovery and unchecking while Felix is ​​nearby.


Final Thoughts 

The real challenge in survival games is choosing the right strategies and team coordination. Each skill is essential and designed for a purpose that allows you to explore the game. Don’t hesitate to try this incredible game and apply your learnings!


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