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Derik Fein Caught Buying Millions of Instagram Followers – Again!

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Derik Fein is undoubtedly one of the pop industry’s newest voices today. The pop singer, who has been making music for a few years now, has gained an impressive fan following with his new releases.

His fan following has become visible over his social media channels too, but especially on Instagram, where he has more than a million followers. With all these, in detail reports and insights state that the amounts of fans following him on Instagram may not really be as high as it looks.

Derik Fein has been caught buying fake Instagram followers in order to boost the follower count. Some would say it is impossible to tell, unless you are part of the team managing his social media profiles. But specialists disagree.

Did Derik Fein fake his Instagram fan following?

At a first glance, claims seem to be real. It took world-renowned celebrities quite a while to reach their first million followers. Some of the fastest growing accounts include Angelia Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham and Pope Francis.

Getting to a million followers is quite difficult, unless you have this sort of reputation.

Moving on, every marketing specialist knows that you normally get around 10% to 20% likes based on the amounts of followers. You will also get around 1% comments. Taking a look at Derik Fein’s account, he has managed to get about 15% to 20% likes on some posts.

But then, some others score less than 5% in likes, which is unexpectedly low. A single post should get over 10,000 comments. His pictures and videos rarely get over 100 comments. These indicators make it pretty obvious that Derik Fein has actually bought much of his following and likes.

Another clue is the lack of support on other social networks. When someone gets more than a million followers on Instagram, chances are they get at least as much over YouTube, the primary network to advertise their music.

At the moment, Derik Fein’s YouTube account has an “impressive” following of only 13,000 fans, while his videos barely get more than 20,000 likes over a year or two.

As if all these were not enough, his Instagram account skyrocketed to over two million followers within days only, but it went back down to 1.2 million followers within hours.

Derik Fein’s controversies with Spotify

This is not the first time Derik Fein has gotten public attention for the wrong reasons. There are numerous reports regarding Derik Fein’s purchase of Spotify streams over SoChillPanel, a network known for automating social marketing services.

None of these would have emerged if he did not claim his payments back, totaling thousands of USD. Reports from staff popped up all over the Internet, some of them claiming as much as $20,000. The amounts of money claimed back was officially verified by SoChillPanel.

Plus, SoChillPanel did come up with an official statement. Saying that Derik Fein was indeed their client who had their funds charged-back by the artist.

Only time can tell if Derik Fein’s popularity will grow to what he dreams. At the moment, his reputation has been seriously dented because of such attempts to grow overnight – and not necessarily through music, but through bad marketing.

They say any type of marketing is marketing, including negative marketing. But then, this is not the type of popularity an aspiring singer should get, especially while trying to emerge on an over saturated market.


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