Dewata 12 Capjikia Com About the website Dewata 12 Capjikia com


There are many websites that offer access to a variety of products and services. Dewata 12 is one such website. This website is relatively new and has very limited information.

This article will discuss the various aspects of the website. We will also attempt to learn more about the website and its offerings.

Let’s start.

Information about the website

This website was made recently on February 10, 2021. We also found an identical Facebook page on the internet.

According to all information available, the group was established by the owner in 2020. It was founded on August 7. Later, this was changed to Capjikia vata 12 Jitu HKG in February 2021.

The group has 6,035 members according to the most recent data

Proposal, a brand new website created in Indonesia, is here. It is difficult to find information online about the site, other than a Facebook page which highlights members and posts. We are unable to confirm this. Members can only access certain posts.

We encourage you to explore.

Looking for updates or information on the website? We are happy to assist you with any questions.


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