Diner en blanc


It is a French tradition to eat dinner in white, as it is translated from French Diner en blanc. It combines sophistication with good food and great wine to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Diner en Blanc events are being held throughout France. There are also dinners in the USA and Canada. You can either organize a diner en blanc event through local associations, tourist offices or other organizations. Or it can happen spontaneously in a flash mob style like those in Paris. The Parisian flash mob diner blanc, which is held every year since 1988, requires that the picnic be high quality. Wine and champagne are not allowed. This social event is extra special because you can only attend if someone has invited you or if your previous attendance is possible.

A Diner en Blanc can be attended by applying to places that advertise it (try your local tourist office). Participants must wear all white to Diner en Blanc. They must also bring a picnic and white napkins. Participants must bring two chairs and a table, preferably in all white.

You might not be able to attend the Diner en Blanc Paris. You have to be invited as it is an invitation-only event. Registering is required. Even registering, it’s only by invitation. It is very private and secretive. Although the date is known, it’s usually June every year. However, no one knows the exact location until the event starts. Lucky invitees receive a text with details about the location. This is so that if you happen to be in Paris on June night and see many people dressed in white rushing around with picnic baskets and tables, you will know exactly what they are doing!

Organisers say Le Diner en Blanc is a concept that “recalls elegance and glamour of court society”, and diners interact knowing that they are part of a truly magical event. Nearly 15,000 people attend each year the aris’ Diner en Blanc. It has been hosted at some of France’s most prestigious locations: Place Vendome (the Eiffel Tower site), Pont des Arts, Place Vendome, Place Vendome, Place Vendome, Place Vendome and the Esplanade des Invalides. This ‘wild’ gathering is tolerated by the Paris police, although they may even wish they could be there!


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