Disney Plus does not work on Samsung TV (It is Most Likely Because of This!)


Samsung smart TVs provide many streaming apps such as Disney+. It is one of the best benefits. What happens if Disney Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV?

There are many quick and easy ways to fix this problem. These are the steps to take to get Disney Plus working again.

Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

If Disney Plus is not working on your Samsung TV, you must power-cycle it. Wait at least 60 second before you unplug your TV from the wall. After the TV has unplugged from the wall for at least 60 seconds, you can hold down the power key for another 30 seconds. After the timer expires, turn your TV on again.



1 Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

Unplug Samsung Television From Wall

1.2 Factory reset your Samsung TV

1.3 Find out if Disney Plus servers are down

1.4 Get the Disney app

1.5 Reset Samsung SmartRemote

1.6 Test your Wifi router

1.7 Update your Samsung TV

2 Conclusion

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Samsung TVs can be unplugged from the Wall

This is a quick fix that you may not be aware of. The best way to get Disney Plus working is to unplug your Samsung TV’s wall socket.


Before you plug it in, wait at least 60 second.

You can unplug the TV for 30 seconds and then find the power switch on the Samsung TV. It is important that you only hold the power button of your TV, and not your remote.

This will reduce the remaining power and allow your TV to soft reset. This is not the same as turning on/off the remote.

After the 60 second time limit is over, connect the TV again to Disney Plus.

It’s great! It’s great!

Factory reset your Samsung TV

If power-cycling is not working, you can attempt a factory restart.

Press and hold the Home key to reset your Samsung TV’s factory settings. For older models go to Settings >General >Reset

Your security code (“0000”) will display the initial setup screen.

If you lose your TV’s pin code, your remote can reset it.

You can use the remote control to activate the following buttons after the TV has been turned ON. It will reset the PIN number to “0000”.

  • The Samsung Smart Remote/Remote Control can be used to control volume, volume-up, volume-down, and return.
  • Standard Remote Control: Hold down the button > Volume up > Press Return > Volume down > Press RETURN

Allow your Samsung TV to re-connect for a few minutes after it has finished restarting.

Most likely, Disney Plus will have to be reinstalled. It’s possible it will work again.

Find out if the Disney Plus servers are down

If Disney Plus doesn’t work on your Samsung TV, you should make sure that the Disney Plus servers aren’t down.

It is possible but it does not happen very often. You can also check if Disney Plus has been down on other devices, like your smartphone or laptop.

In such instances, you will have to wait for the servers to come online again. Follow the platform via social media such as Tweet to be notified by Disney Plus. Visit Downdetector to find out more.

If Disney Plus isn’t down on your Samsung TV, these steps will help you diagnose the problem.

Install the Disney app

You can try installing Disney Plus again if none of the above solutions work.

Navigate to the Samsung TV home screen and locate your Disney Plus App. Navigate to Apps then click the Settings button at upper right.

Turn on your Samsung TV after turning it on and off. The Apps section can be accessed from here.

You should immediately check it out by looking at some videos. This should have worked!

If your app is always loading, or buffering, then you need to move on to other solutions.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub is basically an app store that you can customize for your TV.

Smart Hub reset erases all data in your account and restores factory default settings.

To get started, click Settings If Settings is not available, you can use the Menu button to access it.

Next, navigate to Support and then Self-Diagnosis. Click the Reset Smart Hub button. Click it.

You will need to enter the PIN number for your TV. If you have never set one before, the default will be “0000”. After entering the PIN your Smart Hub settings are reset.

After you have reset your Smart Hub, you will need the Smart Hub to be reinstalled.

Make sure you have Wi Fi enabled

You may experience problems with your router or Disney Plus on your Samsung TV. You should make sure you check your smartphone as well as other Wi-Fi devices.

Your router may not work properly if they don’t communicate.

After unplugging it for a while you can plug it in again. It will take a while for the router to reset before it can connect with Disney Plus.

Slow connections may make streaming video to your TV challenging.

If that fails, you may also try an internet compatibility test. To get a stronger connection, move your router closer towards your Samsung TV.

Call the customer service number to get assistance if your internet connection is not working.

Update your Samsung TV

It can cause serious problems if your Samsung TV’s OS is out of date. To fix this problem, check for updates to the Samsung TV OS.



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