Distressing Truth About Property Management Fees In California


The average monthly property management fee in California is $150.

There are many property managers in California, but the market has been dominated by a few large national companies.

Property management fees can be a significant expense for tenants, but they have been increasing steadily over the last decade.

What is a Property Management Fee?

A property management fee is a fee that the landlord charges the tenant for managing and maintaining the property. The fee covers services such as collecting rent, preparing monthly statements, inspections, and repairs.

A property management fee is typically calculated by multiplying the amount of rent by a percentage. This percentage varies depending on the location and type of property being rented. For example, in California, this percentage can be between 2% to 7%.

What are the Different Types of Property Management Fees?

There are two types of property management fees in California that you will need to pay. The first is a one-time fee that is the equivalent of a security deposit. This fee is paid upfront when you sign the lease or rental agreement with your landlord and it will be refunded to you at the end of your tenancy agreement. The second type of property management fee is an ongoing monthly cost that will be charged for every month that you are renting the property from your landlord.

Some landlords also charge a third type of fee called an occupancy cost which can be charged in addition to either one-time or monthly fees. These fees are charged when tenants occupy their rented homes after they have signed their lease or rental agreement with the landlord.

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How to Avoid Hidden Fees from Landlords and Tenants

A landlord is not required to disclose any of the following fees in a written lease agreement:

– administrative or processing fee

– pet deposit

– key deposit

– nonrefundable application fee

– credit check fee

– security deposit, which is refundable if the tenant moves out without owing rent or damages.



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