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Does Labor Shortage Lead To More Accidents And Injuries At The Workplace?

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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous places to work, so many people leave their jobs and find work elsewhere. Every year, millions of people quit their jobs after being injured on their worksite or due to the growing number of accidents. This has created a shortage of skilled workers, which in turn has increased the likelihood of accidents. 

The labor shortage in the construction industry has indeed reached a crisis point. If you were injured at the construction site while working, you might be able to get compensation for your losses. A lack of skilled workers on the job site can lead to severe mistakes, causing accidents. Speak to a construction accident lawyer in Vermont today. 

Why are construction workers quitting their jobs?

In earlier times, construction workers used to quit their jobs because of low wages. However, modern workers are quitting due to entirely different reasons. These include the following: 

  • They feel burnt out or bored due to the monotony of the job. 
  • Employees slowly start to care about their happiness and livelihood rather than money. 
  • The technical and online world allows them to explore new growth prospects.
  • More and more income-making opportunities are coming into the market, and changing careers is no longer as complex as it once used to be. 
  • The risk of injuries and accidents is great, and employees do not find the pay worth it. 

How does a shortage of labor put the workers at risk?

Nowadays, there is a lack of experienced construction workers in the market, which not only affect the quality of work but removes the possibility of passing good skills to new workers. Previously, when new workers were hired for the job, older and more skilled workers were paired up with them to transfer specific skills and preserve them in the company. 

However, many skilled workers have retired, and a lot of them moved to other safer industries before they could teach new workers. They took the industry knowledge with them, and what was left behind were new and unskilled workers with no senior to look up to. 

When skilled workers leave the industry, the new employees are left with an increased risk of injury due to inexperience, burnout, and insurance concerns. A construction site injury can cost anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no one wishes to deal with that. If you were injured, speak to an attorney today.

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