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Download Fable 2 PC

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Fable 2 PC Download continues the popular game of the role-playing genre, created by Peter Molyneuxa, an electronic entertainment teacher. Demiurge created a sequel for the Xbox 360 desktop console. Our team made every effort to make it available on the PC platform.

Fable 2 PC Download Review:

Scenario takes us again into a wonderful Albion that is somewhat reminiscent of England. This time, however, the action happens about five hundred years after the fact. First, the time period can be seen in the creation, clothing, and weapons (e.g. firearms). However, the law has also been changed. The virtual universe is not the same as the European middle ages. It is more like the period of colonial conquests.

You start out as a street resident, but with a few luck and completed tasks, you are climbing up the social hierarchy. As we age, our character (man/woman) may get married and have many children. This is the responsibility of your children’s education if you have them. Of course, the right hero has more pedagogical impact that the evil kicker.

The accompanying hero is an important part of the game. He replaces the HUD and card. The guide follows him and barks when he sees something or feels danger. Another option is to completely surrender to death. In Fable 2, there’s no way to die. After a losing fight, scars are visible on the character’s faces, which can have an effect on how other people perceive you.

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