Downloading Netflix movies on a Windows PC


This article will show you how to download Netflix movies to your Windows laptop or desktop to watch offline. First, you will need to download Netflix from the Microsoft Store. Netflix doesn’t allow you to download content from a browser.

Netflix is available for download on all Windows 10 versions, including Windows 10 Version 1709 and later.

How to download Netflix on a Laptop

You can download the Netflix app as a gratuity from the Microsoft Store. This is accessible from any Windows 10 computer. To quickly locate the Microsoft Store on your desktop or taskbars, simply type “Microsoft Store” into the Windows search bar.

The Netflix app can be downloaded for free, but you will need to have an active Netflix subscription to begin downloading TV shows and movies.

How to download movies from Netflix to your laptop

Once you have downloaded the Netflix app, it is only a matter of seconds before you can download your favourite Netflix movies and watch them offline.

  1. Open the Netflix app from your computer. You will be presented with a pop-up message with a link to download movies and TV shows if this is your first time signing in to the app.

  2. Browse through the listings and click on the TV show or movie you want to download.

    You can also manually search other categories for movies or TV shows. Be aware that not all movies and TV shows are available for download. If in doubt, use the Download icon.
  3. Click the Download Icon.

  4. After the download is completed, click the Menu icon once more and choose MyDownloads.

  5. Your downloaded TV show or movie should now be listed. To play the movie or TV show, click it.

  6. Tap the Downloaded icon below the content listing to delete a movie or TV series that you have downloaded.

    Smart downloads is an option that’s automatically turned on and allows you to save space by deleting episodes from TV. It will automatically download the next available episode every time you connect to WiFi.
    Smart Downloads can be turned on or off via the My Downloads Tab.

How do I watch Netflix offline?

With an offline connection, you can watch any of the listed movies under the My Downloads tab. It’s important to sign in to Netflix to ensure that you can access the Netflix app without a Wi Fi connection.

You can only access the My Downloads tab when offline. You’ll get the following notification if you attempt to navigate to another menu:



Why can’t I download movies on Netflix?

You may experience problems downloading Netflix movies to your computer for a variety of reasons.

Downloads are available on all Netflix Plans, but the number of devices you can have them on depends on the plan you subscribe to.

  • Basic plan: 1 device
  • Standard plan: 2 devices
  • Premium plan: 4 devices

To start downloading movies to your laptop, you will need to delete devices that are linked to your Netflix account if you have reached your device limit. Here’s how:

  1. Register to Netflix using your browser
  2. Click Account by hovering over the dropdown menu at the top right.
    Netflix has a limit on how many downloads you can make per device. You will need to remove titles if you have exceeded this limit to free up space for new titles.

Can I download Netflix movies to my MacBook?

Netflix does not support downloading movies or TV shows to be viewed offline on Macs. This is because there is no Netflix app for Mac. You have two options: Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp or stream Netflix from iPad or another iOS device using AirPlay.

You can download movies from Netflix to your Mac or iPad for more information.


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