Emergency Glass Repair For Businesses


You need emergency services in case of disaster to keep your business running smoothly. EJH Construction is the right choice for commercial glass repair, regardless of whether your property was damaged by criminal activity, natural catastrophes, or on-the job accidents.

Commercial-Grade Glass Repair Solutions

We offer the innovative solutions that your business requires for commercial installation and repair. These are just a few of the areas that we work in:

  • Exterior windows
  • Glass doors and glass walls
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Interior windows
  • One-way mirrors
  • Security film

If your restaurant, hotel or office has damaged or poorly sealed windows, you can choose our commercial window repair service. For a hassle-free solution, our professional technicians can either replace your windows with energy-efficient models or make emergency repairs. Our years of experience combined with our friendly, reliable staff will ensure stress-free repairs.

EJH offers emergency restoration services for both businesses and homes. These include water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and fire damage restoration. EJH also offers expert mold removal services.

Invest in preventative measures

Get the most recent security measures for your windows to protect your business. Do not wait until an accident happens or a break-in occurs to get emergency glass repair services. Choose one of our durable preventative solutions to protect your investment, and keep you and all your employees safe.

You can easily install security film over your windows. This tough film will protect your windows from breaking. Security film is a great option for protecting your windows from being damaged by flying rocks, golf balls, vandalism or other threats. Security film is a subtle way of protecting your business without changing the appearance of your windows.

Clear security film won’t alter the appearance of your hotel lobby or office building because it is transparent. Security film can do more than prevent emergency window repairs. The thin film will block ultraviolet rays and increase the energy efficiency of your windows. You can heat or cool commercial spaces at a comfortable temperature to keep your energy bills low.

Support and Service Available 24/7

Broken windows or doors at commercial locations are the worst thing. You need professional and fast repair services to restore your business’s location if security measures aren’t sufficient. You want a company that provides 24/7 coverage.

EJH Construction is available 24 hours a days, seven days a week. EJH Construction can quickly handle any emergency glass repair job to save you both time and money. Your business can suffer if you wait for repairs to be completed. Reliable repair services will keep your business running smoothly.

We specialize in emergency glass repairs. Our team can replace or repair your damaged doorway. We can repair or replace damaged locks and bent hinges to make sure your business is safe.

From repairs to renovations

Do not wait until an emergency occurs to call us. We can handle any planned renovations with the same dedication to responsive and reliable services. Our team can help you open up your home and let in more natural light through commercial windows.

Commercial window being replaced

You can make your space appear larger by installing new windows. They will increase the energy efficiency and improve your property’s value. Commercial-grade glass can transform your interior design. Glass walls, doors, and interior windows can make your office feel larger, provide better views, and create a more social environment for your employees.


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