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Enabling a New Analytics Civilization: Q&A with Kyligence CEO Luke Han

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The company was founded by the founders of Apache Kylin and venture-backed Kyligence was founded by venture-backed has dual headquarters located in San Jose, California, and Shanghai, China. In the course of 2018 Kyligence announced an additional round of funding to focus its efforts on improving customer productivity through automating data management and discovery, interaction and insights generation. Luke Han, co-founder and CEO of Kyligence recently spoke about Kyligence’s relationship with an open-source project. He also discussed its goals for the future and where it fits in the larger ecosystem of data management and how it intends to stand out from its rivals.

Kyligence announced an investment of $70 million in the Series D financing round back in the month of April. What are the plans to put the new investment into action?

Luke Han Our investors’ funds will be focused on three areas of. We have first, ambitious plans to to develop and improve our products by increasing the level of automation, through the increased application of machine-learning and AI as well as a complete cloud-based architecture that offers greater adaptability and scale. This stage of smart automation also include continuous efforts to create an outstanding user experience that will simplify the management of data and analytics by extending our expert-level automated suggestions.

What are your goals in addition to this?

LH The second is that we’ll continue to contribute to the open source community through additional contributions for the Apache Kylin project. We will continue to launch new open-source projects which will be focused on facilitating the application and usage machines learning, as well as AI. Thirdly, we’ll accelerate the global expansion of our business with the world’s best go-to market initiative as well as an expanded business development and sales footprint. We will also expand our global ecosystem of partners with the top cloud providers in the industry systems integrators, as well as independent software providers.

“The market for data analytics has evolved from decision-support systems to democratized analytics, an “analytics civilization,” If you’d like. 

For those who aren’t aware of this project. Apache Kylin project, what do they have to offer?

LH Kylin, an open source project of the Apache Software Foundation contributed by eBay in 2014. It is an open-source distributed OLAP platform accountable for delivering reliable and sub-second responses to SQL queries of data at the scale of petabytes. It has received the support of over 1500 companies around the world, such as eBay, Meituan, Baidu, Cisco, Microsoft, Tencent, OLX, and numerous others.

What is Kyligence closely related Kylin? Kylin?

LH Kyligence was founded by the developers of Apache Kylin in 2016. It is an enterprise grade data analytics platform built upon Apache Kylin that runs both on-premises as well as on the cloud. Kyligence has expanded Kylin’s capabilities providing advanced features, such as an AI-augmented engine, cloud-based architecture, as well as numerous enterprise-grade features. By utilizing automation and AI Kyligence helps to make operating data analytics more efficient, simpler and more affordable. Kyligence’s name comes through the combination Kylin as well as intelligence, Kyligence.

What can Kyligence provide to customers that aren’t offered through Kylin on its own?

LH Kyligence is a semantic layer that increases the effectiveness of BI and teams working in data science by providing an centralized, well-managed golden data set across various data sources. Kyligence also offers an integrated SQL as well as an MDX [MultiDimensional expression interface for all downstream consumers, which includes machine learning tools, BI tools frameworks, as well as APIs from other systems.

Kyligence also includes an automated layer that makes recommendations to create and evolve data models based on SQL past data, suggesting improvements for queries that are slow, and performing smart pushdowns for queries that are ad-hoc.

In addition, with a strong and expanding global partner network, Kyligence works with all major cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and others–and BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, MicroStrategy. With Kyligence the data analysts can even analyze and access petabyte-sized datasets using their secret tool, Microsoft Excel, without needing to export or import data to or from Excel.

What is the way in which this technology differ from the one provided by other open free and open source projects?

LH Apache Kylin focuses on OLAP as a generic system, not other specially-designed OLAP systems like the time-series databases. In this context, Kylin is more suited to humans doing analysis work. The most significant distinction is the critical balance between time and space the storage capacity is increased for lower query time, which means less latency. In most cases investing a little in storage for data can help you save money on processing time. Another benefit of Kylin/Kyligence is the vastly improved capacity for concurrency, which allows for a variety of use scenarios that can be reduced to providing data-as-a-services for AI machine learning, machine learning or SaaS infrastructure.

Are there other software programs that are compatible or necessary to be compatible with Kyligence?

LH: Kyligence is already certified with top Hadoop platforms cloud platforms, as well as tools for BI like Tableau, PowerBI, MicroStrategy and even open source tools such as Apache Superset.

Does Kyligence assist in the removal of one of the issues of Hadoop?

LH A majority Hadoop workloads involve data marts as well as data warehouse. Kyligence offers cutting-edge technology to take these tasks off Hadoop to improve effectiveness, efficiency and performance. Today, thanks to Kyligence these workloads can be easily transferred to cloud public platforms or private cloud on-prem with no Hadoop dependence.

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