Expected August Smart Lock Battery Life (Real World results!)


I purchased an August Smart Lock for home one year ago. Since then, I have been changing the batteries.

Battery life of August Smart Lock – Real world results

The expected Smart Lock battery lifespan for all generations is 3 to 6 months in August. However, My real-world experience shows that it is only 1.5 to 3 months.

  • 1st Generation lock Smartlock – Up To 6 Months (more or less 3 months). 2nd generation lock-up up to 3 months (more about 1.5 months)
  • 2nd generation lock-Up to 3 Months (more like 1.5 Months)
  • Both 3rd-generation locks are Smart Lock Pro . – Up to 6 Months (more than 3 months).
  • 4th Generation WiFi (a lot more than 1.5 months)

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Battery life of the Smart Lock 1 August – Real world results 1.1 How does smart lock battery life affect?

1.1.1 Installation

1.1.2 Deadbolt friction!

1.1.4 WiFi signal

1.1.5 August Connect Wi Fi Bridge

1.1.6 High quality battery – Don’t buy cheap!

1.2 Type of battery and number

2 Conclusion

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The estimates shown above assume that the smart lock has been installed correctly, that your WiFi is good, that your usage is average, and so on.

There are many things that can drain the battery and reduce its overall life, no matter what generation.

You can get the most from your battery life if you pay attention to each one during installation.


Although this one may seem obvious, make sure to follow the instructions as written.

A faulty installation can cause the lock motor to work harder, which will result in a dead battery.

Ensure that you have the correct tailpiece adaptor, and that your wing latches are correctly seated.

After installation, give the lock a look. Is this correct? Let’s see how it works. It is very easy to lock/unlock.

If you don’t have the time, you should. You’ll be happy with the results.

Deadbolt friction!

Your August Smart Lock deadbolts into the door frame when it locks.

It’s very important that the strike plate and deadbolt in your doorframe align correctly.

Is there any friction between the strike plate and your door when the smart lock locks? Are you hearing any sounds that indicate the deadbolt may be having trouble getting into the strike plate?

Any resistance will cause the motor to work harder and your August Smart Lock’s battery life will be greatly reduced.

This was something I saw very early in my life.

My door wouldn’t close completely, and the deadbolt was not aligned with the strike plate.

The August Smart Lock was more difficult to open and I had to change its batteries quite often.


Another obvious factor, but how often you use your August Smart Lock batteries can make a difference in the life expectancy of your battery.

7 members of your family will use the door more than 3. It is clear that the impact of the family’s number in the house is significant.

The way that you use the smart lock has a huge impact.

If you have “Auto Lock” or “Auto Unlock” enabled, your smart lock batteries will get more use than if they are off.

These features “know” your location because they use your phone’s smartphone. The smart lock then receives signals from your phone, telling it where you are.

Your phone will notify you when your home is near.

This functionality is only possible with battery power.

You bought the product because you want to use it fully.

Wi-Fi signal

A weak signal coming from your WiFi router can cause the August Smart Lock’s WiFi chips to work harder to establish and maintain a connection.

Poor WiFi signal almost always results in reduced battery life. It’s worth checking that your WiFi is working properly.

A quick solution is to move your router closer to your front door. This will make it easier for the connection to be established faster.

You might also want to replace your router and/or modem or increase the speed of your internet connection.

On your home screen, you’ll see the strength WiFi signal in August Smart Lock.

Consider making changes if it is low.

August Connect Wi Fi Bridge

Most August Smart Locks come with the August Connect bridge, but it may be worth purchasing one if yours doesn’t.

The Connect Bridge plugs into an outlet in your house and acts as a WiFi ‘waypoint’ for your smart lock.

Instead of the lock’s internal WiFi which is powered only by batteries, you will be using the Connect Bridge which is powered entirely by your home.

This will greatly reduce the load on the battery and ensure that the lock lasts longer.

Battery quality – Don’t buy cheap batteries!

Last, consider the quality of your August Smart Lock’s batteries.

Although there are many brands of batteries, some are better than others.

Use good batteries.

Energizer is a top brand, as well as Duracell. These are more expensive, but they’re worth it.

  1. They last longer and cost more.

If your smart lock dies after you’ve purchased batteries from an off-brand manufacturer, you are responsible.

Type and number of batteries required

Depending on which August Smart Lock generation you have, the number and type of batteries you will need will affect the amount of batteries you require.

These are the battery types and numbers required for August Smart Locks:

  • 1st generation locks (Smart Locks) – 4 AA batteries required
  • 2nd Generation Lock – 4 Requires AA Batteries
  • Both 3rd generation lock (Smart Lock Pro) – 4 AA batteries required
  • 4th generation (WiFi)2 CR123A batteries required


August claims that their smart locks last between 3 and 6 month on average, but we have found that the actual battery life is approximately half as long.

These causes can be quite varied.

This could mean that your lock was not installed correctly, or that the deadbolt has become stuck to the strike plate on your door. This can cause the motor of the lock to work harder.

Battery life is affected by other factors than installation. Larger families are more likely to use the front door than smaller ones.

The WiFi signal strength is also important. The smart lock’s battery will be depleted if there is a weak signal.

quickly. August created the Connect Bridge to combat this problem. It reduces the lock’s WiFi load.

It is important to use high-quality batteries! Avoid using batteries from other brands. Stick to the well-known brands. They are popular for a reason.



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