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Facebook VP Suggests a Fix: a Prompt Urging Teen Instagram Users to ‘Take a Break’

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“Facebook is working to restore its image following the testimony of whistleblower Frances Haugen,” says Engadget, “including promises to reduce the possibility of harm to teenagers.”

CNN and Reuters as well as Reuters have revealed the following: Facebook Global Affairs VP Nick Clegg declared that Instagram will be launching the “take break” feature to make teens feel more compelled to quit using the website for a period of time.

Clegg did not say exactly when his program would be complete however it is clear that the program was designed to reduce addiction and other harmful behaviors.

The executive added it was expected that Facebook can “nudge” teenagers away from the content in its apps and on its websites which “may not be beneficial to their wellbeing.” He did not provide details on this new method. However, he did suggest that Facebook’s algorithm be “held accountable,” even through regulation should it be necessary, to make sure that the results achieved in reality are consistent with the intention.

The use of nudges and breaks can help reduce exposure to harmful content, however, they cannot completely eliminate the content in question. Clegg’s remarks also reflect the old-fashioned approach employed by Facebook. Facebook is known for its ability to permit regulations, but it only permits regulations it is comfortable with. While the proposed changes may help, politicians may demand more, at least in part, to prevent Facebook from creating the rules of its own.

As per Reuters Clegg, Reuters reports that the reporter “said it was impossible to answer the question of whether its algorithms amplified voices of the people who had targeted Capitol Hill in the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.”

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